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❶ What company is idg

IDG: Technology media marketing and data services company.

IDG is the first technology media marketing and data service company to enter China. Since the establishment of the Sino-US joint venture “Computer World” Weekly in Beijing in 1980, IDG has published more than 60 joint ventures and cooperatives in China. A variety of newspapers, magazines and websites covering computer, electronics, communications, fashion and consumer.

IDG Group was founded in 1964 and is headquartered in Boston, USA. At present, there are subsidiaries and branches in 90 countries and regions around the world, with 13,640 research experts and editors, using modern information processing and transmission methods such as e-mail, database, telex and online services to establish a fast and efficient. A comprehensive worldwide information network.

IDG’s business:

The main business covers market research, forecast reports, holding academic reports/market analysis meetings/product exhibitions, providing Proposition and orientation consulting services, etc. Its subsidiary IDG Capital, established in 1992, is one of the earliest American venture capital companies to enter the Chinese market, and is mainly engaged in early-stage venture capital. The subsidiary IDG Aiqi Exhibition Co., Ltd. is committed to the organization of professional exhibitions and conferences, and has introduced several successful IDG exhibition series to Asia, including ComNet, LinuxWorld, Wireless World, etc.

❷ How to become an LP of PE/VC such as IDG Capital, Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners China, CITIC Industrial Fund, etc.

Libai Investment E-Bag Washing, Rong Venture Capital LeTV, HNA Hao When the planes fly there, the money will be scattered, etc… When making foreign investment, the company also has many ways to choose, in general, there are two ways: set up an internal war investment department to directly use the company’s money to invest, cooperate with FOF, The government guidance fund and other VC/PE companies jointly set up industry funds.

The most important thing in equity investment is to choose a professional private equity fund institution and understand the invested companies. Past successful investment cases are the most powerful proof to measure the professionalism of private equity fund institutions. , of course, you should also go to the China Fund Industry Association to inquire about relevant compliance information; for the company information you want to invest in, if you want to know the specific situation of the company, you have to investigate it yourself. After all, the fund company only tells you part of the information, you can check it online. And on-the-spot inspection of the internal development of the company!

❸ Is it true that someone is doing a job of claiming that IDG capital venture capital company platform to brush the flow order for app big capital?

A website that cheats money, when placing a large order, The money cannot be withdrawn. The account was frozen and I was cheated of 250,000. There are 350,000 in the big capital account that cannot be withdrawn. Don’t believe it. They post bills every day and those people are trustees.

❹ What projects does IDG Capital mainly invest in and how about this institution?

I have seen an interview with IDG Capital before, and they value artificial intelligence as a high technology
I didn’t talk to them I have been in contact with them, but looking at their evaluations on SexyVC, there are mixed reviews.

❺ IDG Capital or Redstone Capital which is better

A good horse needs a good saddle, and a good project requires good investment.

❻ What does IDG mean in the stock market

IDG is primarily a company.
International Data Group (IDG for short) is the first American technology information service company to enter China. IDG Capital is a professional investment fund focusing on the Chinese market, with a total fund size of US$2.5 billion under management. It has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley, and Stone. IDG Capital focuses on leading companies with first-class brands in the fields of consumer goods, chain services, Internet and wireless applications, new media, education, healthcare, new energy, advanced manufacturing, etc., covering start-up, growth, maturity, Pre-IPO At various stages, the investment scale ranges from millions of dollars to tens of millions of dollars
IDG Capital was established in 1992 and entered China in 1993. So far in 2018, a total of 17 companies have been listed. In this year’s environment, IDG Capital has The rate of investment in China was slower than in previous years, with a total of 126 projects invested, a slight decrease from last year.
From consumption upgrades to healthcare, from the initial stage of entrepreneurship to the Pre-IPO stage, the well-known IDG Capital covers all aspects of China’s Internet/high-tech industries. Excellent investment performance was recognized and ranked fourth.
From the perspective of specific investment, in the field of semiconductors, IDG began to expand globally ten years ago, and has invested in: RDA, the first RF chip company to enter the international market, Huacan Optoelectronics, the world’s leading optoelectronic semiconductor chip company, and China Micro Semiconductor, a semiconductor equipment manufacturer that has achieved zero breakthroughs in China’s etching technology. In the direction of smart travel, IDG has invested in NIO and Xpeng Motors, autonomous driving companies and ZOOX, and supply chains with the industrial logic of “new energy vehicles-smart travel-autonomous driving”. On the Heduo technology (assisted driving hardware and software), wide stool technology (high-definition map), Alte��Automotive ODM), Luminar (high-performance lidar), Beixake Photon (high-cost lidar), etc. In this year’s “to B” service field, which has become increasingly popular in the “cold winter” of the market, IDG started its layout as early as 2011. From the front-end interface, to optimizing project cooperation, to back-end security, testing, statistical analysis, etc., it systematically invested Look for leading companies in the industry chain such as Steel Network, Fenxiangpinke, Kingsoft Cloud, and Tongdun Technology.
In the future, IDG Capital will deploy corresponding M&A funds on the track of each industry, covering high-growth industries. In addition to holding and participating in leading companies, IDG Capital will also acquire control rights of some suitable listed companies to create autonomy A stronger investment, financing, management and withdrawal platform. But Xiong Xiaoge also made it clear that IDG Capital will not be involved in the field of residential real estate whether it is investment or mergers and acquisitions.
When IDG Capital operates cross-border mergers and acquisitions, it often acts as a financial investor to find a suitable industrial investor in China, that is, a leading enterprise in a specific field. Through the complementary advantages of the two, the merger is completed. This has a higher success rate than the direct cross-border mergers and acquisitions of ordinary A-share companies. At the same time, its full-stage investment perspective also has obvious advantages in industrial layout and industrial upgrading. “

After 2015, IDG will make adjustments to the early years “every project must be voted through by the investment committee”, and projects at different stages and amounts will match different decision-making models. Taking the VC stage as an example, investment A project with an amount of less than 20 million RMB can be finalized if a partner agrees and is willing to undertake more management affairs in the project.

❼ What is the origin of Idg Capital

IDGVC, Formerly known as American Pacific Technology Venture Capital Fund – China (PTV-China), it was established in 1992 by the world’s leading information technology service company – International Data Group (IDG). IDGVC’s investment focuses on the Internet, information services, software, communications, Network technology and high-tech fields such as bioengineering. To date, IDGVC has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in China’s booming start-up companies. In October 1998, the International Data Group and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China signed a memorandum of cooperation in Beijing. According to this memorandum , IDGVC will invest US$2 billion in China’s high-tech enterprises within seven years to support the development of high-tech industries in China.

❽ I recently read that IDG Capital has invested a lot in China’s Internet finance sector, and which companies have they invested in? .

Yes, I saw that many units in the financial industry have popped up recently. Will this be confidential? We have no news. If you want to have this business, you can ask them Provide these documents to know.


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