If you are not connected to the Internet, you will be mined

① Will 4g network mining be checked?

Legal mining will not be checked. Bitcoin mining is legal in China.
Mining means that users download software with a personal computer and then run a specific algorithm. After communicating with a remote server, they can get the corresponding bitcoins, and these people involved are called miners, and they are not as we imagined. So black-faced, and usually dressed up clean, looks no different from ordinary people.

② Does hard disk mining require a network?

Hard disks cannot be mined,
Typical mining generally uses graphics cards or CPUs without hard disks
Because the hard disk does not participate in the calculation, it only stores the mining software

③ Recently I heard that entering a bad website, hackers will use our mobile phone to mine or something, and the bad website that automatically pops up I click Go in for a second and then back out, is it mined?

It’s not as magical as I thought. . Bad websites these days generally teach people how to gamble. . How to fight or something. Often there are links to gambling sites in it. . tempt you to gamble. . No mining or anything. . After exiting. Restart the phone. . Basically normal. .

④ What should I do if the server is mined?

What did my buddy get mined for? Go report it. When the traffic ore was very popular before, my server was also hacked unscrupulously and became a broiler. Then I went to find his information, took screenshots and reported the traffic ore, and it helped me deal with it. If you see what you have been charged with, go to them to deal with it.

⑤ Will mobile hotspot mining be found?

The benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom
Mining refers to the process of using computer hardware to calculate the location of bitcoins and obtain bitcoins . During mining, virtual currency transactions need to be confirmed, and complex operations are performed during the transaction process. Miners use computers to perform these operations, and then receive virtual currency rewards. On September 24, 2021, 11 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Notice on Rectifying Virtual Currency “Mining” Activities,” stating that it is strictly forbidden to add new virtual currency “mining” projects, and to speed up the orderly exit of existing projects. At the same time, virtual currency “mining” activities are also listed as eliminated industries.

⑥ Can mining be done when the network is disconnected! Such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc! Can mobile phones mine Litecoin? Where to download!

Mining requires networking and takes up a lot of resources. Mining uses professional high-profile computers. It is very difficult for ordinary computers to run mining machines, and the software for buying a mining machine is expensive. I advise the landlord not to use it for mining if you don’t want the computer to retire. No, let alone the phone. .

⑦ Will wireless network mining be checked?

Will wireless network mining be checked
It can be checked if the wireless router or AP has a record.
Server, when users visit web pages, their browsers get infected, turning their computers into miners.
Utilize public wireless networks to inject mining scripts into the browsing session of any user connected to that access point.

⑧ Mining will be discovered by telecommunications companies

Not sure, the campus portal website of China Telecom Jiangsu Branch (pre.f-young.cn) provides the “E-Surfing Campus Client” for download. ” is implanted with a backdoor virus, which can accept remote commands from hackers, use a poisoned computer to brush advertising traffic, and also release the “Monero” miner virus for mining. After the user installs “E-Surfing Campus Client”, the speedtest.dll file will be automatically released in the installation directory, which is the body of the virus. All operations such as downloading and releasing other virus modules are performed by this file. After the advertisement brushing module is executed, it will create a hidden IE window, and then start to read the cloud command, and simulate the user to operate the mouse and keyboard to click on the advertisement in the background. In order to make users not aware of this situation, the sound card played in the advertisement page is also blocked.
Another virus mining module, after analysis, found that it was mining “Monero”, which is a digital virtual currency similar to “Bitcoin”, with a price of about 500 yuan per stick. When the virus module starts “mining”, the CPU resource usage of the computer soars significantly, resulting in poor computer performance and increased heat generation. At the same time, the computer fan will also run at high speed, and the computer noise will also increase. In the end, it was also found that a Chinese Calendar with a signature of “China Telecom Co., Ltd.” also had the backdoor virus. Generally speaking, there should be no problem with the signature of a large enterprise company such as telecommunications. It is indeed a bit strange that the virus was implanted this time, but there is no result as to how it was implanted.
Bitcoin Introduction:
1. The issuance and transaction of Bitcoin is achieved through mining, which is minted at a definite but constantly slowing rate. Every new block is accompanied by a certain number of new ratios from scratchBitcoin. Many people overseas make a living by mining, but it is not allowed in China. At present, the relevant departments are taking a severe crackdown on this content. If you use a computer to mine at home, if you don’t use a lot of electricity, you will generally not be investigated by the power supply bureau; if the power consumption is serious, or there is electricity theft, you may be investigated by the power supply bureau. At that time, it will not only be as simple as being fined, but also possible to bear criminal responsibility.
2. Industrial Internet platforms and smart devices have become important targets of cyber threats. According to the monitoring of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, in the second quarter, a total of 22 industrial Internet platforms in my country provided services. There were 656 cyberattacks against these industrial Internet platforms originating from abroad, involving Beijing, Chongqing, Hunan, and Inner Mongolia. and other regions; 115 new vulnerabilities in industrial control systems, involving 71 products of Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider Electric and other brands; there are more than 527,000 controlled IP addresses in my country infected with malicious programs of industrial Internet smart devices, and they are affected by There are 13 botnets with more than 10,000 IP addresses.

⑨ Does bitcoin mining require internet access

It uses a P2P network mode, which requires internet access

⑩ wifi will leak the internet Record?

Yes, there is information leakage.

In the phishing WIFI environment, if a netizen logs in to Weibo, the hacker can easily hijack the netizen’s Weibo account by using the session mechanism existing on the Internet, and not only can browse the netizen’s private messages and encrypted photo albums as the owner , you can also perform operations such as posting and deleting Weibo.

And if a netizen makes online shopping after accessing WIFI, hackers can also directly enter their online shopping account to check the netizen’s purchase record, personal contact information, home address, etc.

(10) Unconnected will be mined for extended reading:

Related notes:

1. Use WIFI hotspots in public places with caution. The WiFi provided by the official organization and has a verification mechanism can be connected and used after being confirmed by the staff. Other public WiFis that can be directly connected and do not require authentication or passwords are more risky, and there may be phishing traps behind them, so try not to use them.

2. When using WIFI hotspots in public places, try not to conduct online shopping and online banking operations to avoid leakage of important personal sensitive information or even bank transfers by hackers.


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