Illuvium Share Details Of What Their NFT Drop Will Look Like

Gaming studio “Illuvium” has teased the public with details regarding its upcoming NFT drop. Branded as an RPG NFT battler, players will fight for ETH while collecting “Illuvials” to add to their deck. To provide a “fair launch” Illuvium has said early supporters will receive no special treatment regarding early bonuses or whitelist spots. At the present time, the open beta’s anticipated release is scheduled for Q1 of this year. Fans wait eagerly to immerse themselves in this new open world.

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Illuvium NFT Game Details

As a player, you will find yourself scouring through the open world of Illuvium in search of raw materials and the infamous Illuvails. Illuvials possess unique stats & classes with strengths and weaknesses varying from the next. Your team’s synergy is your responsibility; matching strengths and compensating for weaknesses means life or death on Illuvium. Players can earn in-game rewards in the form of ILV through competitions and tournaments or by completing PVE quests. Additionally, the in-game “marketplace” “Illuvidex” will allow one to acquire resources from captured Illuvials to be used in-game.

“Illuvium Zero” NFT Mini-Game

Illuvium zero is a mobile mini-game allowing players that buy land to interact with the main game. Designed to function as a base building game, “paid land” will produce resources used in the main game. With 100,000 plots of paid land available, 20,000 plots are to sell via Dutch auction.

What Is ILV The Illuvium Token?

ILV, an ERC-20 token associated with Illuvium, provides three main functions:

  1. Governance: ILV will provide voting power
  2. Liquidity mining: Staking ILV returns a yield in the form of ILV, allowing the user to receive a share of vault distributions.
  3. Vault distribution: By staking ILV, the user will earn passive income in ILV, funded through in-game fees and purchases. 100% of revenue from the game & sales will be distributed among ILV stakers.

 While ILV remains unneeded for gameplay, the token benefits players looking for an edge on Illuvium. Therefore, ILV remains the most sought-after token among players.

What is $sILV?

Designed as an in-game currency for things like travel and shard curing. Earned by staking ILV, $sILV’s price will be the value of ILV for in-game spending. Furthermore, $sILV will not be a form of currency in player-to-player transactions. 

Where Do I Buy ILV?

For the best price, the Illuvium studio suggests going to the official liquidity pool on SushiSwap. Though the token is available on other exchanges, you might find yourself paying extra, according to the team at Illuvium.

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