imtoken wallet download android version, imtoken wallet download

imtoken wallet download Android version, imtoken wallet download, bitcoin wallet is a general term for all cryptocurrency wallets. At present, there are dozens of cryptocurrency wallets in the world according to incomplete statistics. Let’s learn about imtoken wallet download Android version together, imtoken wallet download.

What is imtoken wallet and imtoken wallet features:

imToken is an influential mobile light wallet.
It aims to provide users in the blockchain field with a safe, easy-to-use, and powerful digital asset management tool.
The imToken wallet supports ETH, BTC, EOS, Cosmos and other multi-chain assets, and the DApp browser takes you to explore the infinite possibilities of the decentralized world.

One identity, multi-chain management
Manage multiple blockchain wallets through one digital identity, say goodbye to confusing management tools;
The new architecture supports ETH/BTC/ EOS/Cosmos and other multi-chain assets;

Safe transactions, within reach
With the help of blockchain smart contracts, currency exchange can be completed directly on the mobile terminal without trusting a third party.

imtoken wallet download Android version, imtoken wallet download
imtoken wallet download Android version, imtoken wallet download

private Key self-sustaining security management
The private key is encrypted and stored in the sandbox file system of the mobile phone to fully ensure asset security;
Provides a variety of private key backup strategies to prevent loss and theft;
Wallet is identity Protect data privacy
The wallet account based on public and private key cryptography can become your sovereign identity in the digital world;
Personal data is encrypted with the private key of the identity and stored in a decentralized storage network;

DApp application authorization interaction
Using smart contract technology to build a distributed application browser;
Using digital identity, you can independently authorize and interact with third-party DApps without having to repeatedly create accounts

Then how can I download the imtoken wallet in China? If you want to download the Android version of imtoken in China, you only need to download it through the Google App Store, or through the imtoken official website;

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