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A. What are the recommendations for domestic bitcoin contract platforms

The concept of bitcoin (Bitcoin) was originally proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto on November 1, 2008, and was introduced in 2009 Officially born on January 3, 2019. The open source software designed and released according to the ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto and the P2P network built on it. Bitcoin is a virtual encrypted digital currency in the form of P2P. Peer-to-peer transmission means a decentralized payment system. Unlike all currencies, Bitcoin is not issued by a specific currency institution. It is generated by a large number of calculations based on a specific algorithm. The Bitcoin economy uses a distributed database composed of many nodes in the entire P2P network to confirm and record all transactions. And use the design of cryptography to ensure the security of all aspects of currency circulation. The decentralized nature of P2P and the algorithm itself can ensure that the value of the currency cannot be artificially manipulated by mass-producing Bitcoin. The cryptography-based design allows Bitcoin to be transferred or paid only by the true owner. This also ensures the anonymity of currency ownership and circulation transactions. The biggest difference between Bitcoin and other virtual currencies is that its total amount is very limited and it has a strong scarcity.

Warm reminder:
1. According to the notices and announcements issued by the People’s Bank of China and other departments, virtual currency is not issued by the monetary authority, and does not have legal compensation and mandatory currency attributes. Currency in the true sense does not have the same legal status as currency, cannot and should not be used as currency in the market, and citizens’ investment and trading of virtual currency are not protected by law.
2. The above explanation is for reference only. Before investing, it is recommended that you first understand the risks of the project, and have a clear understanding of the project’s investors, investment institutions, on-chain activity and other information, rather than blindly investing or Into the fund by mistake.
3. Investors should not substitute such information for their independent judgment or make decisions only based on such information, which does not constitute any investment operation.
Response time: 2021-11-18, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank for the latest business changes.

B. What domestic bitcoin exchanges support contract trading

The best bitcoin exchange for domestic contracts is OKEx, which is good because of the wind The control is very safe, and there is a security deposit. You don’t have to worry about losing money after liquidation. The loss is just a little margin.

C. Which exchanges are better for contracts?

The cryptocurrency derivatives market will explode in 2020. According to the “April 2020 Perpetual Contract Market Analysis Report” recently released by Tokeninsight, the total trading volume of major exchanges for digital asset contracts in the first quarter of 2020 reached US$2,104.8 billion. Futures contracts have become the new darling of cryptocurrency exchanges. With the entry of more and more derivatives exchange players, the contract business, as the most important existence in the derivatives market, has now become a battleground for exchanges.
Since the first contract exchange Bitmex was launched in 2014, up to now, according to Coingecko data, a total of 27 digital currency exchanges around the world provide contract trading services. The data does not complete the statistics of the contract market, and there are still hundreds of contract exchanges in the country.
How to recreate the myth of the contract?
In September 2019, Binance launched perpetual contracts. This move seems to have disrupted the market position of the three contract giants Bitmex, OKex, and Huobi.
Speaking of the Big Three of traditional contracts, I have to mention BitMEX. This old-fashioned exchange was once the world’s largest bitcoin contract trading platform. With the advantages of good market depth and low transaction fees, it has been at the top of the global exchange for a long time just relying on contract trading. On the evening of May 19, BitMEX suddenly went down, and investors were unable to perform normal operations for more than an hour. The last outage occurred two months ago. Although BitMEX is still at the top of the contract exchange field, its halo has dimmed compared to its peak. Repeated outages and successive court proceedings have made many users suspicious of it, and it has also added uncertainty to the future of the platform.
According to the latest data from the cryptocurrency derivatives analysis company Skew, BitMEX ranked fourth with US$2.17 billion in the exchange’s 24-hour BTC contract trading volume ranking, followed by Huobi, OKEx and BitMEX. An, the trading volume was 4.08 billion US dollars, 3.93 billion US dollars and 35.4 US dollars, of which the number one Huobi was nearly double that of BitMEX. It can be seen that the old contract exchanges Huobi and OKEx are still performing well. Only three months after the launch of perpetual contracts, Huobi ranked first in terms of transaction volume, which is inseparable from the hidden value behind Huobi Group, such as global compliance, mining pools, public chains, and HT. However, on the other hand, Huobi and OKEx did not seem to be going well when faced with the “312 exam”. For a time, problems such as plugging in, downtime, unplugging the network cable, and inability to close positions swarmed, and even the headquarters appeared.rights events. Like BitMEX, customers of both exchanges are questioning whether this is a form of “bullying”? In the face of extremely high transaction volume and industry reputation accumulated over the years, how should Xiaosan choose?
In September 2019, Binance Capital acquired the cryptocurrency derivatives platform JEX, and the A/B dual contract was launched in parallel. Almost at the same time, BitMEX’s official Twitter also pointed the finger at Binance for “plagiarism”. From opening margin trading, to futures and options, Binance is following the path of contracts. The journey of Binance’s entry into the contract seems to be not going smoothly: a series of scandals such as intentional pin insertion, K-line optimization, and early liquidation have also erupted. But these still can’t stop Binance from taking a share of the traditional contract giant’s intraday trading volume, ranking third in terms of transaction volume.
Good depth, large user base, and strong professionalism are the advantages of first-tier mainstream exchanges. On the other side of the coin, such as Bitmex’s overly professional user interface, many new retail investors and novice users are shut out. At the same time, KOLs, big Vs, and local communities with strong volume capacity have resolutely invested in emerging exchanges such as Bybit, Bitget, and FTX due to low commissions and low handling fees.
How do second-tier exchanges break through?
Faced with the uncertainty of first-tier giants, will second-tier contract exchanges be the last choice for users? In the first quarter digital asset derivatives trading report released by Tokeninsight, Bybit, Bitget, FTX,, etc. all performed well. These second-tier exchanges believe that “users will vote with their feet” in continuously enhancing their strength and improving their products and services.
For a long time, Bybit’s image in the circle is more like an “overseas player”. According to official data, most of Bybit’s users are located in Europe, of which the Asian market only accounts for 20%. In addition, Bybit performs well in product experience and other aspects, and the product interface is clear, which can give users a better visual experience. Recently, its relevant person in charge said that it is necessary to vigorously develop the domestic market, but there are currently few Bybit contracts, and the competition in the contract market in the Chinese market is fierce and customer needs are diversified. let us wait and see.
Bitget started making a name for itself in the contract world this year. Because of its super user experience and customer service, it has attracted a large number of novice users and has a good trading depth, so it is called a “dark horse of contract trading” in the circle. The recently launched one-click copying product has been widely praised because it mainly solves the two-way pain points of users and traders. It is especially suitable for novice users and can play contracts without any threshold. Retrieving the evaluations that can be referred to on social networks, Bitget did not experience any downtime in the two extreme market conditions of last year’s “9.25” and this year’s “3.12”. The fly in the ointment is that although the forward and reverse currencies are complete, Bitget only has isolated positions and not full positions, and some users are not used to it. This place is also a big factor in the development of Bitget.
The emerging exchange FTX was established in 2019. According to data from the well-known data website Skew, the daily trading volume of ETH futures jumped to an all-time high of $245 million on February 28, an increase from $162 million on February 25. 51%. Behind the gorgeous trading data, the CEO of FTX was caught in a scandal of misappropriating the exchange’s client assets, which also dragged FTX into a negative quagmire. According to relevant data, most of FTX’s customers are from quantitative institutions, and the operation interface also stays on the PC side, and the APP version has not yet been launched. For most domestic retail investors who are accustomed to the mobile Internet, inconvenience is one of the biggest problems.
It is not difficult to find through comparative analysis that in order to tap more novice users, second-tier exchanges often pay more attention to user experience and improve service quality. Some third-tier exchanges are also staking their positions in the contract market, and there are also some gambling exchanges taking advantage of the ignorance of novice users about the currency circle to bet with users for profit.
Counterfeit exchanges abound. How to keep your eyes open?
The author believes that in the contract transaction, there is no need to shop around, only a few issues need to be considered: whether the platform is formal, whether the funds are safe; whether the product is easy to use, whether it conforms to one’s own usage habits; Whether the platform can keep the principal. At present, there are hundreds of contract exchanges in China that have not yet surfaced, and many unknown exchanges hide various black methods and black sickles, which are hard to prevent for customers.
The author strongly recommends that users only choose among first- and second-tier exchanges. Contract exchanges other than second-tier exchanges are still full of various risks and uncertainties.
In the past few years, there were many illegal trading platforms in China that used private disks and users to conduct gambling transactions. At present, these people have moved to the currency circle. Under the guise of digital currency, they do not really provide users with a matching trading platform, but make bets with users. If the platform makes a lot of money, they will continue to operate. If the platform loses a lot, they will not pay the profit for various reasons, especially serious. situation, may choose to run away.
This kind of communication�The product design of the firm is usually simple and rude, and it is easy for users to get started, but there is often the risk of running away, and the user’s funds are not safe; the depth is not enough, and the spread between buy 1 and sell 1 is large, which increases the user’s transaction cost; withdrawal is slow, and withdrawal fees High; there is the risk of controlling the disk, the premium with the spot fluctuates high and low, and there are often problems such as pin insertion. The author also learned that many platforms on the market will soon change their names and logos after cutting off their customers, and continue to swindle and deceive. Many customers follow the so-called teachers and big brothers to enter these platforms, and they are deceived again and again and lose their money. For example, the IOAEX futures exchange released an announcement that it was hacked and disappeared without a trace. There are many other fake futures exchanges in this one-shot-for-one-shot.
Therefore, users should learn to keep their eyes open and identify such black exchanges. For example, when choosing an exchange, you can ask whether the other party can connect to the API port. Generally speaking, mainstream exchanges can do so; another, you can compare the real-time transaction price of the contract with the premium of the spot on the mainstream exchange, and there will be a premium for market transactions. With good depth of trade, the premium will be low, the probability of pinning down, and so on.
The author believes that 2020 is still a year of competition. The competition in the contract market continues, but the last laugh must be an exchange that is compliant, honest, and respectful of users. For our novice users, it is a wise move to do a good job of research and then invest.

D. Which exchange is better for contract trading

Basics of bitcoin contracts

Bitcoin contracts refer to the fact that there is no need to actually own bitcoins A contract that can also be traded. It is very different from currency-to-currency transactions, which must be physically held in digital currency.

Bitcoin contracts allow you to predict Bitcoin price movements and hedge risk. This way of trading means you are investing in price trends, not the asset itself.

When trading Bitcoin contracts, you can decide to go short or long. Choosing to go long indicates that you expect the price of Bitcoin to rise. On the other hand, choosing to go short indicates that you expect the price to fall.

Leveraged trading

You can choose to trade with high leverage, which is a feature of Bitcoin contracts. Using leverage means that you do not have to invest 100% of the transaction amount when trading contracts. Instead, you only need to deposit an initial margin, which is only a fraction of the total contract value.

Leveraged trading allows you to have a large exposure with a small amount of money while managing risk.

Perpetual Contracts

Although there are many different types of contracts, this article focuses on perpetual contracts. As the name suggests, these contracts have no expiration date. Traders who use perpetual contracts to go long or short can hold their positions indefinitely, unless the contract is liquidated, which means they will not lose more than their initial margin.

In perpetual contracts, Bitcoin is priced based on a specific index price. Index prices are based on the average price of Bitcoin across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitcoin contracts have become a very popular trading tool. Contract trading opens the door for many traditional investors who are not ready to allocate funds to digital assets but still want to benefit from attractive price volatility.

To open Bitcoin contract trading, you need to find an exchange that offers contract trading. The AAX platform, in a compliant and secure environment, provides you with bitcoin contract trading services.

E. What is a bitcoin contract? Which one is better for bitcoin contract trading

Don’t touch the contract, don’t touch the contract, don’t touch the contract.
The risk and addiction of the contract are too great. On the 12th, 10 billion yuan was liquidated in one day. Imagine that most people go bankrupt because of this. To tell the truth, it is better to play with contracts than to manage money. Now that the market is so sluggish, isn’t it fragrant to get interest from stable financial management? At present, the wealth management supermarket of (AEX), Binance’s Binance Bao, and Yubibao of ok have better feedback from the market. Among them, the wealth management supermarket of A.ex. (AEX) has a debt transfer function that other platforms do not have. , the user’s capital turnover will be more flexible.

F. Why OKEX can become the largest exchange in Bitcoin contract trading

The contracts of OK, Huobi and BitMEX are really good, but other The performance is average, such as options, spot, etc., obviously not as good as bitoffer

G. What futures contract exchanges does Bitcoin have

As a friend said, Most exchanges of futures contracts will be stuck. Once it starts to fluctuate, it is often impossible to close the position and can only wait for the liquidation. Therefore, many people are reluctant to play contracts now, and the risk factor is too high. In contrast, options are on the rise. Take bitoffer’s upcoming bitcoin options as an example. There is no margin, no handling fee, no liquidation, and the risk is controllable!
OnlyThese advantages have already won the contract, including the profit, which is a higher level, and there is basically no profit if the contract leverage is not opened high. And options do not need leverage, but also achieve the effect of leverage, up to a thousand times leverage. For example, in bitoffer’s options, the current price of Bitcoin is 8500 points. You think it will fall in the next hour, so you open a 1-hour put option and consume 5 USDT. Sure enough, within 1 hour, Bitcoin fell by 500 points, then 1 hour When the option expires and settles, you get 500 USDT income, and your principal is only 5 USDT.

H. Is the Bitcoin contract the best of OKEX?

Yes, OKEX’s Bitcoin contract has the longest history, the best technology, and the best technology in the currency circle. consensus.

I. Why those bitcoin contract exchanges can achieve zero allocation of contracts

This is related to their management mechanism and buy-in and buy-out mechanism, This belongs to financial knowledge. Generally, they have zero contract allocation anyway, which may have a lot to do with their management mechanism


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