Internet Cafe Mining Case

『One』How long is the sentence for stealing mining in Internet cafes

Three years in prison for stealing mining in Internet cafes.
Virtual currency does not have the same legal status as legal tender.
The details are as follows:
1. The quantity is difficult to meet the needs of market transactions. The Bitcoin program sets a maximum quantity limit, which is the reason why it can maintain and increase its value. It is precisely because of this that it is destined to be difficult to play the function and role of currency;
2. When the Bitcoin wallet is first installed, it will consume a lot of time to download historical transaction data blocks. During Bitcoin transactions, it takes some time to confirm the accuracy of the data, and the transaction is completed after the interaction with the network is confirmed by the entire network;
3. The price fluctuates greatly due to the intervention of a large number of speculators, resulting in the price of Bitcoin exchanged for cash Ups and downs like a roller coaster.
Article 285 of “Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China” The crime of illegally trespassing computer information systems in violation of state regulations and trespassing computer information systems in the fields of state affairs, national defense construction, and cutting-edge science and technology shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or detention.
The crime of illegally obtaining computer information system data and illegally controlling computer information system violates state regulations, intruding into computer information systems other than those specified in the preceding paragraph or using other technical means to obtain data stored, processed or transmitted in the computer information system, or Whoever illegally controls the computer information system, if the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention, and shall also or only be sentenced to a fine; if the circumstances are particularly serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years, and shall also be fined.
Providing programs and tools for invading or illegally controlling computer information systems Provide programs or tools specially used for invading or illegally controlling computer information systems, or provide other people with illegal and criminal acts of invading and illegally controlling computer information systems knowingly Procedures, tools, and serious circumstances shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
If a unit commits the crimes mentioned in the preceding three paragraphs, the unit shall be fined, and the person in charge and other directly responsible personnel who are directly responsible for it shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the respective paragraphs.
Article 286 The crime of sabotaging a computer information system violates state regulations and deletes, modifies, adds, or interferes with the functions of a computer information system, causing the computer information system to fail to operate normally, and the consequences are serious, to be sentenced to not more than five years. imprisonment or criminal detention; if the consequences are particularly serious, the sentence shall be fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years.
In violation of state regulations, the operation of deleting, modifying or adding data and applications stored, processed or transmitted in the computer information system, with serious consequences, shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
Deliberately making or spreading computer viruses and other destructive programs that affect the normal operation of the computer system, with serious consequences, shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph.
If a unit commits the crimes mentioned in the preceding three paragraphs, the unit shall be fined, and the persons in charge and other persons who are directly responsible for it shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph.

『Ⅱ』Is it illegal to mine in Internet cafes?

The supervision of virtual currency mining is still being refined and upgraded. Following Inner Mongolia’s comprehensive acceptance of petitions and reports on virtual currency “mining” enterprises, and the State Council’s Financial Stability and Development Committee deploying a crackdown on bitcoin mining and trading, on the evening of May 25, the Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission once again issued “On Resolute Crackdown and Punishment of Virtual Currency” Eight Measures for “Mining” Behavior (Draft for Comment)
Judging from the eight measures for virtual currency “mining”, it can be said that a “seamless” attack has been achieved. It has not only issued an “iron order” for industrial parks, data centers, self-provided power plants, etc. to provide venues and power supporters, but also deterred the “mining” actors of big data centers, cloud computing companies, communication companies, and Internet companies. The accountability measures include accountability, cancellation of various preferential policies, withdrawal from the Inner Mongolia Electric Power Multilateral Trading Market and even revocation of value-added telecommunications business licenses. According to Xiao Sa, director of the China Banking Law Research Association, the introduction of eight measures in Inner Mongolia has implemented my country’s policy of cracking down on virtual currency “mining”. Virtual currency “mining” consumes high energy and emits large carbon emissions, which is not conducive to the realization of my country’s environmental protection goals. At the same time, in the past, companies often used the country’s preferential electricity and free electricity policies to mine and steal national interests in disguise. The eight measures this time explicitly crack down on such behaviors, which fully safeguard national interests and are of practical significance.
Fintech expert Su Xiaorui also said that the suspension of the virtual currency “mining” project in Inner Mongolia was a strategic move based on the background of the “14th Five-Year Plan” energy consumption dual control. The eight measures this time fully reflect the resolute attitude of the local government, and the various entities targeted and the corresponding punishment measures are very clear, including but not limited to revocation of licenses, transfer to agencies, etc. The prohibition of “mining” in Inner Mongolia has long been expected, and corresponding cleaning and rectification work has also been carried out before.
NotableThe point is that due to its small size and strong concealment, it has also found a living space for “mining” for retail investors. At present, there are still many individuals and businesses, including Internet cafe operators who use computers equipped with high-performance graphics cards to “mine” and speculate coins at the same time; in addition, there are also some businesses that operate graphics cards and hard disks. After “mining”, the hard disk sales business was affected, so the merchants began to study “mining” and speculating on their own.
In response to this phenomenon, unlike the previous crackdown on companies involved in the “mining” related industrial chain, the eight measures this time include Internet cafes and relevant individuals who engage in virtual currency “mining” behavior. Among them, if there are virtual currency “mining” behaviors in Internet cafes and other entities, the competent department shall suspend business and rectify them in accordance with laws and regulations; for relevant enterprises and relevant personnel who have virtual currency “mining” behaviors, they shall be included in accordance with relevant regulations. Untrustworthy blacklist.

『San』Is it useful to report to 12315 for mining in Internet cafes

『4』 Many Internet cafes in Guiyang use idle computers for mining Under investigation, why is “mining” illegal.

Online mining consumes a lot of energy and carbon emissions, contributes little to the national economy, and has a limited role in promoting industrial development and scientific and technological progress. In addition, the production and transaction risks of virtual currency are prominent, and blind and disorderly development is not conducive to promoting high-quality economic and social development. According to related reports, there was a professional mining enterprise under the guise of data business. The average monthly electricity consumption was 25 million kWh, while the annual tax payment of the enterprise was only 250,000 yuan. These companies are like greedy beasts with their mouths open, constantly devouring China’s precious energy resources.

The main reason we crack down on providing services and mining is money laundering. Originally, each citizen had only $50,000 a year in foreign exchange, but now with Bitcoin, we can buy and sell dollars indefinitely, which also makes tracking money laundering more difficult. In the process of trade, money laundering is the most serious.

『Wu』How to report mining for Internet cafe owners

Abstract Hello, please directly call the market supervision bureau or 12315 to report.

『Lu』About the website Cafes and Internet cafes mining, do Internet cafes make money from mining?

If the graphics card is above 960, it will automatically stop when someone gets on the machine, and it will automatically mine when you get off the machine, but don’t dig now, the mining is already in trouble!

『柒』Is it illegal to mine in Internet cafes?

Legal analysis: The main bans of the state are those large mining farms that are subsidized by electricity fees, and those mining farms use local cheap wind power in the Northwest Hydropower mining causes the loss of electricity resources. Personal mining is a personal freedom and is not expressly prohibited. When you surf the Internet in an Internet cafe, you are equivalent to purchasing the right to use a computer, and it is no problem to use it for mining. However, the mining income should not cover the network fee, otherwise the savvy Internet cafe owners will mine by themselves. There are also some Internet cafes with high-profile graphics cards. The boss will install a background mining program. When you surf the Internet, you will be mining in the background unknowingly. You can think of mining in Internet cafes, and there is a clever idea of ​​an electrical appliance store. You can look at this report, people who roll wool are everywhere.

Legal basis: Article 20 of the “Banking Law of the People’s Republic of China” does not allow any unit or individual to print or sell token tickets to replace RMB in the market.

『渌』Is computer mining illegal?

A computer that is in normal use is illegally controlled and “worked” for others, but users don’t know it. It turned out that the computer was implanted with a mining program and a mining monitoring program. As long as the monitoring program detects that the CPU utilization rate of the computer is lower than 50%, the mining program will start silently in the background, and consume a lot of CPU and GPU of the controlled computer. Resources and power resources, continuously mine virtual currency, and transfer these virtual currencies to the controller, so as to withdraw cash and make huge profits.
Recently, Weifang Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Security Detachment, together with Qingzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, under the guidance of the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Public Security Department, and with the assistance of the security team of the Tencent Guardian Program, implemented the “Clean Network 2018 Special Project” of the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Public Security Department. “Operation” deployment requirements, successfully cracked the “1.03” extraordinarily large case of illegal control of computer information systems by the Minister and Director, 20 criminal suspects have been arrested, 11 have been released on bail pending trial, and 9 have been approved for arrest.
After investigation, Dalian Shengping Network Technology Co., Ltd. developed mining monitoring software and integrated mining programs, and illegally controlled more than 3.89 million computer hosts across the country to advertise value-added income through the development of offline agents. A computer host silently installs the mining program. During the two-year period, more than 26 million DGB coins (“Gebitcoin”), DCR coins (“Desay coins”), and SC (“Cloud Coins”) coins were mined, with a total of more than 15 million illegal profits.
It is understood that although the illegal control of computer information systems is not uncommon, the number has reached such a large number, and the realization of virtual currency through the new method of implanting a silent mining program is relatively rare in the country.�

The game plug-in hides the mining Trojan program
On January 3, 2018, the Weifang Public Security Bureau Network Security Detachment received a report from the Tencent Guardian Program security team, saying that Tencent Computer Manager detected a The game plug-in hides a Trojan program, which has the function of silent mining in the background.
“Mining is to obtain digital currency-virtual currency rewards through a large number of computer operations. This process requires relatively high computer hardware configuration. The host often runs under high load for a long time. The damage to the computer is enormous.” The police handling the case introduced.
The police handling the case said that the criminals usually research the virtual currency with low difficulty in the market in advance, illegally control the user’s computer host through cloud computing and graphics card cloud computing business, and implant the mining program of this virtual currency When mining, the user is unaware of this. As long as the computer is turned on, the mining program runs silently in the background. After mining a large amount of coins, it is quickly transferred to the controller to realize cash withdrawal and make high profits.
According to preliminary statistics, the Trojan program infected hundreds of thousands of user machines. After receiving the case, the Cyber ​​Security Detachment of the Weifang Public Security Bureau quickly researched and judged the clues of the case, extracted samples of plug-in Trojans through the Internet, and found the Trojan exchange group established by the Trojan developer. The preliminary investigation found that the developer of the Trojan program was in Qingzhou City. The Cyber ​​Security Detachment of the Municipal Bureau notified the Qingzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of the case, and the Cyber ​​Security Detachment of the Municipal Bureau and the Qingzhou Municipal Bureau set up a special team to investigate the case.
The task force identified the identity of the group owner as Yang Moubao. Through investigation, it was found that Yang Moubao firstly established a number of plug-in discussion groups and shared plug-in programs in group files; second, he used his identity as the moderator of “World Internet Cafe Forum” to upload plug-in programs containing Trojan horses to “World Internet Cafe” The forum is for netizens to download; the third is to share and download through the network disk.
On March 8, the task force formulated a detailed arrest plan and captured Yang Moubao at home.

『Jiu』 About 20% of Internet cafes in South Korea are closed to dig bitcoin, how hot is bitcoin?

Since this year, the price of bitcoin has skyrocketed. ”, breaking through the $50,000 mark, and once rose to $58,335.10 per piece.
In the past week, Bitcoin has staged a rare “roller coaster” market. On the 22nd and 23rd, for two consecutive days, the price of Bitcoin dropped sharply, falling below US$50,000, a drop of more than 15%, and more than 500,000 people were liquidated. On the 24th, Bitcoin rebounded and closed at $49,705.33 per piece, up 1.78% on the day. On the 25th, as of press time, the price re-stands at the $50,000/piece mark, at $50,254.44, up 1.17%.
At present, the market value of Bitcoin is 936.6 billion US dollars, which has reached 10% of the market value of gold, accounting for the first market value of listed companies in the world. > “The occupancy rate of Internet cafes is still not high. It is less than 50% of the working day. When the computers are idle, they mine.” Wang Xi owns two Internet cafes in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, with nearly 200 computers. He has been mining since September last year. , Wang Xi has credited more than 200,000 yuan.

The mining in Wang Xi’s mouth refers to the use of a computer equipped with a high-performance graphics card to obtain a certain amount of virtual currency according to a specific algorithm program. Currently, the main mining is the world’s second largest digital currency, ether. Square.

“Mining is definitely the best choice within the scope of limited resources.” On May 13, Internet cafe owner Zhang Li (pseudonym) bluntly told the Times Weekly reporter that he should always take the option in the future. The normal way of operating Internet cafes and mining.

In the opinion of Zhang Li and Wang Xi, mining in Internet cafes is because the existing mining resources are sufficient, so the risk is relatively small, but it does not mean that mining has zero risk. Whether it is a mining equipment or a graphics card that has been doubled, there is a risk that it will be difficult for beginners to pay back.

“Mining” in Internet cafes has become a trend

With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the Internet cafe industry is no longer as beautiful as the PC era, especially under the impact of the epidemic.

“Because of the impact of the epidemic last year, Internet cafes have been closed for a long time, and the flow of people is not particularly large. It has only improved a little recently. As far as I know, most Internet cafes in the entire urban area of ​​Nantong have chosen mining. “Wang Xi admitted that Internet cafe mining has become a trend in a short period of time.


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