Introduction to Mining Legends for Beginners

Ⅰ How easy is it to dig out the gems of the gods in the legend of Oki (the one with the lamp, point to a direction)

I then, according to my guess, use the lamp in the middle area (a few The middle of the black block) has a 10% chance

Ⅱ About the mining problem of the legend of the stars

The easiest way to see if there are players selling secrets Silver ore, buy it directly and then hand in the quest. When your level is high enough, you can mine it yourself.

Ⅲ How to play the legend of mining for beginners. Personal experience and early development strategies

Mining legend novice preliminary development strategy:

1. (In the early stage) blue and white miners will be used, and high-quality miners will be available soon;

2. It is recommended to raise two teams, one is a pure gold miner team to brush money and diamonds. Gold miners only need to raise 5, and the level does not need to be fully upgraded, one mine is enough; the other Only output team to fight boss, output team with full miners, all three-star + full level;

3, pay attention when playing demon crystal, when the progress bar reaches between the letter D and i, the advertisement can continue for one life Played;

4. When the mysterious cave is opened to the death miner, it must be “can’t sell”, and “don’t rush to rise to the star”, in the later stage, the devil crystal is all depended on the death miner, one counts as one;

5. The formula for returning collectibles in the early stage is not lost: the total bonus of the collection = “at least half” of the cost of recovering diamonds. Box miners with blue quality and above are all opened by advertisements (20 diamonds will be given to watching advertisements, and it is too wasteful to use advertisements to open whiteboards with 5 diamonds).

Ⅳ How to upgrade the mining skills of Stardust Legends

Mining stones can be upgraded. Generally, you can only mine iron and copper at level 1. . The information is in your character information.
It is best to search the distribution location of the ore. I only found the Hauni Small Diameter copper vein coordinate distribution:

Ⅳ Mining legends how to hire miners

The beginning of the game is a novice guide, and will give you a partner to mine with you, this partner and we are Employment relationship, so we can fire him or upgrade him. We will also have a skill that can dig more gold, this skill can be used every ten seconds, and then the gold coins we mine can be upgraded to our partners, so that they can mine faster and mine more .

This game is introduced here, in fact, it is almost finished, but what I want to say is that this game is actually very suitable for players who like casual games for the elderly, because the personal experience Or this kind of game that doesn’t require us to operate, is our true love. Other games simply don’t work for me, so if you play this game too, let’s be an honorable miner.

VI Game Raiders of Legend of Dragon Slayer

1. Mining of Legend of Dragon Slayer
Mining is a very good way to make money, find an empty spot , click mining, and it will continue to mine. The main thing is to prepare enough backpacks, you can dig when you are free, and you can get unbound gold coins by selling ores.
2. The Legend of Dragon Slayer Training Field
The martial arts field is a good place for you to hang up and practice martial arts. Here, you only need to find a training monster, click attack, and you can achieve online hang up leveling, easy and simple!
3. Legend of Dragon Slayer and Battle Warriors
Warrior Warriors can brush daily quest levels, generally 4~5 times, you can brush to level 7 or above. After completing the quest, choose triple the experience reward, so that Maximum optimization experience gained. However, it seems that the daily tasks will increase with the level, and arrange to go to other maps, remember to bring enough medicine!
4. The Legend of Dragon Slayer Collector
The Collector only needs to collect 3 mushrooms and 3 red lanterns per mission, but as long as we make good use of the backpack space and bundle the herbs, we can bring There are a lot of herbs.
5. Hidden quests in the legend of dragon slaying
There are hidden quests in the game. Any artifact such as blood drink, Wuji, etc. can be obtained through mysterious quests. As for how to trigger the quest, just It can only be discovered by the player. People need face, trees need bark, and players of Dragon Slayer Legend also need good equipment to have a bright face. Players who have witnessed the nuclear bomb-level power of the Butterfly Set and Redemption Set will have a strong desire for the equipment. But if you compare the two sets of equipment just now with other high-level divine equipment in the game, you will be defeated immediately. Therefore, teach everyone, where to fight the dragon slaying legend equipment, and create your own magical equipment by yourself.
The reincarnation system is a special gameplay in the legend of dragon slaying. Players who have the courage to break through themselves and try new characters will rush to try it out. No matter from the first to the third rank, or from the mage warrior to the Taoist priest, the advanced suits of each character after reincarnation are more handsome than other equipment. led by another character, I believe players will have a brand new fighting experience!
In the legend of Dragon Slayer, whether you are a non-R or a big R, whether you are a rookie or a veteran, whether you are a boy or a girl, whether you are tall, rich, handsome or short and poor Frustration, both handsome and powerful equipment will have an irresistible attraction to you. Under the protection of the divine outfit, your battle process will be much simpler than others, but who can realize that the road before your divine outfit is also full of thorns. As long as you have the courage to fight, the dragon slaying costume belongs to you after all! Maybe everyone has such an illusion in their hearts that they are a cynical hero who travels south and north, and draws a knife to help each other in the face of injustice… .Now “Legend of Dragon Slayer” has a chance for you to be a hero! As long as you dare to face the bleak life and dripping blood, you are a well-deserved hero! “Legend of Dragon Slayer” bravely breaks through the heavens and a battle of the world Waiting for you!
The entrance of the NPC in the “Legend of Dragon Slaying” is located near 114,160 Longcheng (below Zhan Wushuang). Bravely breaking through the sky is a manifestation of strength and courage. If you are a man, go through it !Brave leaderboard, like the character donation leaderboard, can get damage multiplier bonus, and the specific bonus is determined according to the player’s highest number of levels!
“Legend of Dragon Slayer” is The game of the brave, it is said that the heaven and the earth have just opened, there are nine levels of talent, and each level is guarded by heavenly soldiers. If you want to climb the nine levels, you must go through layers of examinations, defeat every level of guards, and obtain his order. Card.
Everyone can enter 2 times a day for free, and each level is limited to 5 minutes. If it exceeds the limit, they will be automatically returned to the city. Kill all monsters in each level to enter the next level. The difficulty of the level will vary according to the level. Increase as the level increases. You can also refresh the record, and reset the number of the last level to zero, so that the BOSS encountered in the previous level can be played again.

Ⅶ Which one to choose for mining and destroying the core cave of mining legends

Next time, I will write down all the questions I ask you and come here Ask, just go back and forth on those questions, it’s not difficult

Ⅷ Stardust Legend Mining Route

No map has an edge, if you find it This map has the ore you want, then you can circle around the edge of the map to mine the ore in a cycle.

Ⅸ How to equip mining tools with mining skills in the legend of the zodiac! ! Ask everyone.

It’s very simple, first buy a tool, you must be equipped with a weapon, just use it as a weapon and equipment!

X Stardust legend mining problem

Can’t mine tin mine? No, it’s because your level is high and you have no experience in mining – you can go to Wacker to mine mithril. It’s a 4J mine for 60J equipment!


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