Is it possible to make money without mining electricity bills now?

『One』Is it still profitable to mine?

Bitcoin computing power continues to rise today
According to BitInfoCharts data, the computing power of the Bitcoin network continues to rise today. Although Bitcoin was temporarily unable to break above the $10,000 price after falling in February, the continuous increase in computing power over the past few months means that miners are increasingly interested in mining.
In addition, whether mining makes money or not is related to computing power. The higher the computing power, the higher the income. Personal mining is definitely not making money now. It needs a mining pool of a certain scale. The computing power platform, you can pay attention.

『II』 You don’t need money for electricity bills. How much money can you make in a day when you mine bitcoin with a high-profile computer.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which is made in RMB, USD, EUR, etc. , bought with real money, invested like stocks, not mined by computer

『三』I don’t need money for electricity bills here, can I mine now?

We can Partnerships

“4” It is difficult to make enough electricity bills for computer mining in one day, how to make money

Use the graphics card with the maximum computing power, such as 1080
Or RX580 can mine as soon as possible to save power, the batch should be large, and find remote areas with cheap electricity prices.

『Wu』 asks the question of bitcoin graphics card mining, can I display such a display, can I make money from mining without paying for electricity?

Your graphics card Mining efficiency, I do not make comments.
It may be possible to mine, but the efficiency is extremely low.
Those miners are only a few, a dozen, dozens of high-end R9 series graphics cards, HD79XX graphics cards, 69XX graphics cards to mine, only efficient.
You don’t dig it like this. It’s the truth, don’t mind.

『Lu』 If you don’t need money for electricity, how much profit will you make from mining?

It depends on which currency you mine, the average is btc, eth, ETC, zec, According to the current difficulty, it takes about 11 months for a mining machine to pay back the electricity without paying the electricity fee.

『柒』 Ask for advice on mining, the company’s electricity bill, no money

in Just hang up the software under the bitcoin official website,, the network experience address, hope to adopt

『渌』 Now mining is still valuable I mean how much can I earn if the fee is enough to pay the electricity bill?

It has no value, now no one wants the mining machine, the virtual currency has been declining, and a lot of resources are monopolized , stop mining

『鎖』 If you don’t need money for electricity, can you enter the mining business?

Now there is a cloud mining machine mining project that does not require electricity Yes, but the free cloud mining machine can only be used for one month. . . . . .

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