Is it reliable to invest in mining on the Internet?

⑴Is it reliable to book a mining machine online to mine bitcoins

. . The model proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto is based on more ideal assumptions. Of course, many academic models are like this. When they are tested in reality, they often encounter challenges from various practical problems. I haven’t read Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper in detail, but speculation should not be considered in it. But speculation is important to the issue we are discussing. At present, in China, do you have any better investment/speculation methods? Real estate speculation? is regulated. shop? The investment is large, and Wanda’s shop is not bad. Stocks? If I remember correctly, according to statistical experience, 80% of people lose money, and only 20% of them actually make money. Own business? It’s very tiring. It’s better to speculate money quickly. Still, civil servants look good. After 20 years, if you are lucky, there is a 1 in 100,000 chance of being promoted to the bureau level, and then the reward will come. . . Is it my turn? At present, I think that most of the investment in Bitcoin is speculation. The usb mining machine is not expensive and the return is low. It belongs to the kind of Xiaolu Yiqing. Butterfly miner, bounced for a long time. What about futures miners? It looks really good, “Avalon chips will arrive in three months, the first batch of goods will be delivered… According to the current return, the 320 model can mine 52 btc a month (mining income calculator)” Assuming that the seller promised each All conditions can be met. I got the mining machine at the beginning of September, and then I can mine a few btc a month (you can calculate it, considering the emergence of a large number of computing power~), how is the quality of the mining machine (big factory’s) Things are often broken, and after-sale is said to be good), it is necessary to assess the risk. —— At this time, I prefer to be a conspiracy theorist. With the funds that have been pre-sold, I will first assemble the 640 model row machine, rent a workshop, and dig a few months to form a scale. The advantage is that when the delivery is agreed, it is said that the chip of Pumpkin Zhang has not arrived yet. Anyway, it has been stated on the page that the delivery depends on the arrival time of the chip. Who knows the specific details? In other words, it is to raise funds first, dig deep and earn a vote. This strategy is much faster than working hard and selling mining machines to get money. Why not do it, no matter how complicated the business model is? To make money? ! Besides, are the current miners sustainable? If so, selling mining machines is of course a long-term business. However, this is not selling computers. Because there are fewer and fewer bitcoins, more and more people are mining, and less and less btc is allocated to individuals. Unless your mining machine computing power continues to grow, you will be eliminated. So from the initial cpu mining, to graphics card mining, to the generation of special algorithm chips, and then someone took over to manufacture special mining machines, and then there will be newer technologies to eliminate the former. Therefore, only the miners who run at the front can make money, and the latter can only eat the scraps, and then lose money later. There are a lot of people who say Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme, I don’t think so. Ponzi scheme is very old, it is to brag that you have a project with fast and considerable returns, and use the “membership fee” or “investment” of the latecomer to give the “return” to the first comer. After the scale increases, the later “investment” is not enough. The previous “return” was issued, the capital chain broke and ran away. But Bitcoin is a good thing and a creation. Its value comes from people recognizing its value and using it. Over time, it will become a universal virtual currency for the network, and human progress, isn’t it? However, as I said at the beginning, now domestic people are speculating and hyping. Those who invented the new version of mining technology first, developed them into products, such as chips and mining machines, and sold them to miners. The miners had no vision to buy chickens that could not lay eggs. This is not a Ponzi scheme. The problem is that the mining machine is of the nature of futures, and the constraints are all beneficial to the seller, and mining bitcoin is a race against time. When you get the mining machine, can you still get your money back? It feels like a scam in front of you, like a Ponzi scheme. Whether it is mining or trading, only a few people are making money. It’s just a personal opinion, everyone thinks independently and takes risks independently.

2 Is mobile mining reliable? Is mining profitable?

Of course this thing is not reliable. Others use graphics cards to mine and use mobile phones to mine If so, you won’t even be able to earn back electricity or data charges.

⑶ Is it a scam to make money through network mining?

Make money through network mining, in short, it is investment. It attracts the If the user invests, the website will not lose money? Obviously it is unrealistic. If you really want to do it, it is recommended to go to a regular large-scale website. I have been running the first egg network, and it feels good. It is completely different from the mode of mining websites. Withdrawals are received on the same day.

⑷ What is online mining worth investing in?

There are many ways to make money online, but network virtualization, a seemingly profitable project, may also be a network trap, so we need to��Be careful. Online mining can be said to be a very profitable investment and financial project, and this online mining project is very popular abroad, so it is a recommended earning opportunity. Online mining software is more reliable. Smartx smart map, WGC and Rambo sharing. These are several new platforms, so making money by mining online is real. The best method is mining, which is relatively inexpensive.

The mailboxes of 100,000 Internet users are suspected to be controlled by hackers and used to send spam. Accounts and passwords for the associated mailboxes may have been compromised or stolen, and there is a risk of further theft or phishing attacks. Due to the huge number of mailboxes involved and the leakage of important information such as passwords, the security of mailbox users’ personal information is seriously threatened. Improve the ability to deal with major security emergencies; the Department of Communications of Fujian Province and Hebei Province held cybersecurity knowledge training courses to further improve the relevant knowledge level of cybersecurity managers and practitioners in the industry; China Software Evaluation Center assisted Henan Unicom to conduct cybersecurity drills and training.

⑸ Is it reliable to rent a mining machine online to mine bitcoin?

It is also possible to rent it,

It is just to find a good owner, the online is not very reliable
It’s better to build a mining machine by yourself

⑹ Is it reliable to invest in a mining machine, withdraw U coins, and pay dividends?

This is a scam, don’t believe it, all these coins are currently MLM.

⑺ Is it true that mining makes money?

It is true that mining hangs up, but there are many people who hang up on the market, so don’t hang up.

⑻ Is online mining real?

Online mining is real, that is, traffic mining.

⑼ My friend has made a lot of money investing in bitcoin, is it credible?

It is credible, as long as he buys low and sells high, he will definitely make money, but bitcoin The risk is too great, weigh the funds in your hand to see if it is strong, if you only have a little money, don’t touch it. Especially in bitcoin futures, you may not have a penny left in an instant, and you may even owe money before you close your position.


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