Is the blue chip chain a blockchain?

1. Which sectors are the stock market divided into?

It is roughly divided into three sectors: industry sector, regional sector and concept sector, with roughly 90 categories.
1. The A-share sector includes agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, the B-share sector includes mining, the C-share sector includes the creation industry, the D-share sector includes electricity, heat, gas, water production and supply, and the E-share sector Including the construction industry, the F-share sector includes wholesale and retail, and the G-share sector includes transportation, warehousing and postal services.
2. The I-share sector includes information transmission, software and information technology services, the J-share sector includes the financial industry, the K-share sector includes the real estate industry, the L-share sector includes leasing and business, and the M-share sector includes scientific research and technology In the service industry, the N-share sector includes water conservancy, environment and public facility management.
3. The O-share sector includes residential services, repairs and other service industries, the P-share sector includes education, the Q-share sector includes health and social work, the R-share sector includes culture, sports and entertainment, and the S-share sector includes comprehensive 90 category.
I. Concepts: Lithium battery, military and aerospace, new energy, low-carbon economy, scarce resources, circular economy, Internet of Things, smart grid, railway infrastructure, gold concept, 3G concept, equity incentives, fund positions, asset injection, spin-off and listing, rare earth permanent magnets, polysilicon and other concepts.
II. Industry sectors: Financial industry, jewelry industry, steel industry, furniture industry, oil industry, highways and bridges, automobile industry, transportation, medical equipment, hotel, tourism, real estate industry, commercial department store materials, foreign trade, food industry, textile industry, electric power industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, media, entertainment, chemical industry, coal industry, construction Building materials and other industries.
3. Regional plates: Heilongjiang Province, Xinjiang plate, Jilin plate, Gansu plate, Liaoning plate, Qinghai plate, Qinghai plate, Beijing plate, Shaanxi plate, Tianjin plate, Guangxi plate, Hebei plate, Guangdong plate, Henan plate, Ningxia plate, Shandong plate, Shanghai plate, Shanxi plate, Shenzhen plate, Hubei plate, Fujian plate etc. area.
Expansion information:
1. There are 19 major categories and 90 secondary subcategories in the Chinese stock market. The stock market sector is divided into two categories: industry sector classification and concept sector classification. Under each major sector, there are several small sectors.
2. Industry Sector Classification The official classification of listed companies by the China Securities Regulatory Commission has clear classification standards; there is no unified standard for concept sector classification, and there are methods of geographical classification and listing time classification.

2. Bit 110: What is “Coin Reform” and the Coin Reform Pilot Area

On July 5, 2018, FCoin issued an announcement on the launch of the currency reform pilot zone, and since then “Coin change” has become a popular word in the circle, and FCoin is also actively taking action and promoting this measure. Maybe many friends have seen FCoin’s announcement, but still don’t understand what the so-called “coin change” is going to do, so it is necessary to explain.
According to the content of the announcement, FCoin’s main board brand has been upgraded, and the upcoming “Main Board C” will be positioned as a “currency reform” pilot area, that is, to promote existing mature products or enterprises to complete the “currency reform” through tokenization transformation. ” and listing transactions.
Subsequently, FCoin released the preparatory announcement for the currency reform pilot zone, which mentioned that the goal of the currency reform pilot zone is to create a new form of super-large token economy with blue-chip characteristics. Scar Y builds value investment confidence in the new world of blockchain. At the same time, support the currency reform pilot zone to first face three types of projects: 1) the tokenization transformation of large-scale Internet platforms; 2) the tokenization transformation of large-scale real industries; 3) the global token economic innovation projects, especially the Belt and Road Global Digital Economy + token projects, as well as major innovation projects in the global infrastructure of the token economy.
Simple understanding, currency reform is to carry out the transformation of the token economy, and use this to support the real economy.
More specifically, in the real economy, such as traditional enterprises, platforms or enterprises with mature products and applications, they embark on the road of token economy through “currency reform” and complete the blockchain transformation of the real economy. Currency reform can help companies that have not been able to go public quickly to raise funds, and it can also promote the substantiation of the existing cryptocurrency market and eliminate false and air projects. At the same time, tokenization is more conducive to actively embrace supervision and help the development of the blockchain economy under the premise of legal compliance.
In addition, it should be noted that “coin change” does not mean simply issuing coins, nor simply adding points or equity on the chain, nor does it mean blind decentralization. It is different from the previous thinking of the currency circle. is different.
The currency reform currently lacks a mature methodology as a guide. At the same time, it also faces uncertain policy risks, and it will also deal with the obstruction of vested interests, so the difficulty of currency reform is not small. FCoin is preparing to launch a currency reform pilot area, the purpose is to explore and complete the “currency reform” and create a more efficient financial system.

3. How to use 10,000 yuan to earn 60,000 to 70,000 yuan within two years by buying financial investment and other means

��You need 100% of your annual investment ability, which is generally not called investment but speculation. It doesn’t take two years to speculate, two days is too much. It is recommended to go to Macau to block the size of the field. If you win two games in a row, you will change from 20,000 to 80,000, and the success probability is 20%. But it’s also better than blindly rushing into the stock market, crude oil futures, foreign exchange, and the like.

4. How to choose digital currency

Three points should be considered: popularity, innovation, operation mode and team.

Popularity: Undoubtedly, in the cryptocurrency circle, Bitcoin and Litecoin are the most famous. Even if there are many shortcomings, they still have the most players and the highest deposit amount. Large, it is not easy to be controlled by the dealer. Of course, the relevant infrastructure is relatively complete.

Innovative: Dogecoin is popular because it caters to the Western small-amount reward culture. The reason why Fuyuancoin can become the leader of the new generation of encrypted digital currency is because its main It is the currency business circle, which is an applied encrypted digital currency.

Operation mode: For example, the operation mode of OneCoin has been exposed as a pyramid scheme. Although Yuanbao Coin has been criticized a lot before, the operation team will not abandon it. Yuanbao Coin is still a domestic currency. ‘s leader.

5. What are the characteristics of the bull market’s rising process

The following are the characteristics of the bull market’s rising process. Half-time and second-half, the first half of the bull market is driven by economic and policy factors. Therefore, in the first half, we need to choose industries with faster economic recovery and industry stocks supported by national policies. We must be responsive and specific. Rotation sequence: small and medium-cap stocks that have accumulated funds in place → second-tier blue-chip stocks → large-cap blue-chip stocks.
2. The first half of the bull market ended with the pull-up of large-cap stocks, and then entered the mid-term correction stage. The mid-term correction was mainly due to the fact that after a round of pull-up in the market, most stocks had more than doubled. The profit margin achieved is formed by the inability to continue to increase or the intention to continue to go long and then to sell at a high level. Once the shipment is completed, the market will continue to be suppressed, and individual stocks will also fall one after another, causing most retail investors to get stuck. Such as May 30, 2007 and August 5, 2009. The magnitude of the mid-term correction is generally around 20%, but it will not exceed 25%. On May 30, 2007, the correction was 21.5%, and on August 5, 2009, the correction was 24.1%. If the market only fell by 10% to 15% During the period, it was only a short-term correction in the process of pulling up the broader market, and it was not a problem. For example, it fell by 15.1% on January 25, 2007. The time for the mid-term correction is at least one month, and some are as long as half a year, such as June 30, 1999. Most of the mid-term retracement patterns are double peaks, that is, M patterns, and most of the right peaks are lower than the left peaks. Therefore, the end of the first rebound after the sharp drop is the best time for retail investors to get out, which is usually called the “uncovering wave” or “escape wave”.
3. After the mid-term correction, the bull market entered the second half. After a long period of adjustment in the mid-term correction, most of the retail investors who were stuck at the high level began to cut their meat, while the new main force re-entered the market and started to build positions at the low level. When the new main force accumulated funds, the second half of the bull market began. In the second half of the bull market, the number of account openings in the stock market soared, the index soared and plummeted, and sometimes there were more than two mid-term corrections, making it more difficult to make money. The second half of the bull market has four obvious characteristics:
A. The rotation between sectors is getting faster and faster. The rotation of second-tier blue-chip stocks is the main one. It is difficult to grasp the hot spots, and there is a lack of real index leading large-cap stocks.
B. The speculative atmosphere is stronger. It is very common for individual stocks to perform one-day market prices. The rising cycle is getting shorter and shorter, and the continuity is poor and unpredictable.
C. The differentiation of individual stocks is serious, the big bulls can’t lead the calfs, and many investors earn the index but do not make any money. Reprinted from Melaleuca Financial Network.

6. Is MEP a scam?

Many people are still alive with Qubu, it’s fun, there are still people playing, and GEC is still appreciating as a benchmark. It is believed that many and many anti-fraud public accounts are all navy remarks, and they are not credible.

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like In the picture above, some people even blamed the secret. In 2017, GEC was only 7 cents a piece. And now there are thousands. But unfortunately, in 2017, I haven’t written a public account, so it’s not that I have delayed the money for the gamblers. At that time, you could make money by buying bitcoin, you could also make money by buying a house, and you could also make money by buying a lot of blue-chip bull stocks, such as Maotai. Even now, there are many investment channels, so why play a scam?

There are countless articles on the Internet revealing that GEC environmental protection currency is a scam. Many people see that GEC currency is rising. Some people who have played it regret it. It’s a scam, why doesn’t it fall after three years?��, can it appreciate in value?

1 As the city moves to the countryside, it is secretly promoted, and fresh blood continues to increase.

Let’s take a look first, the MLM “GEC Environmental Coin” is targeting Henan villages

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In less than 3 years, GEC Environmental Coin has successively developed members in Yunnan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions, advocating that “GEC price will surpass Bitcoin”. GEC, which is in intraday trading, has also been regulated from $0.01 to $200 in three years. Today, the program has begun to recruit members in some rural areas in Henan. ​

Three years of secret promotion has now appeared in Henan
At present, from the 2 million registered users officially announced by GEC, its scale has exceeded the capital market that swept the world and crashed and ran away. PlusToken. The initiator of GEC, “World Environmental Entrepreneurship Foundation”, was classified as an illegal social organization by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Civil Affairs as early as June 2019.

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World Environmental Entrepreneurship Foundation is listed as an illegal organization

In fact, since 2017, mainstream media have continuously exposed the project’s scam attributes, but the promotion of the project has been from Yunnan, Yunnan, The Jiangsu-Zhejiang area gradually shifted to inland areas.
Cities have a lot of people who read and know a lot, so it’s not easy to fool around. Now this kind of MLM funds are madly infiltrating all small cities, towns and villages.
Brainwashing members of the two environmental protection coins become crazy, pushing each other up the price, throwing money to buy coins:

▋ One of the crazy members: selling blood to buy coins

In the circle of GEC coins, there is a heroic story that is talked about with great relish, and there is a “women hero” who sells blood to buy coins!

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It really is a heroine…

▋ One of the crazy members: Divorced with his wife to buy coins

There are also people who have been opposed by their wives because of being a GEC, and divorced their wives directly:

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▋ Crazy Member: Sell Factory to Buy Coins

There are people who don’t do business, sell the factory to buy coins, and continue to advertise for GEC in the circle of friends by the way:

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Do you think they are crazy?

Their friends and family feel the same way:

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And the mother who was engaged in GEC cut off the mother-daughter relationship:

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Someone’s relative said “even the death penalty”:

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Someone’s relative has sold a house for this:

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Three items Reducing spending, various strict rules have been introduced:

GEC has the strictest banning regulations in history:

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If you do not log in for 30 days, you will also be banned…

Once you are banned, the inside All assets are frozen and cannot be taken out!

Does it sound unheard of and unreasonable?

Some people joked that you spent dozens of dollars to buy bitcoin for N years and then found out that you became a multi-millionaire. And if you spend tens of millions to buy GEC environmental protection coins, and you do not go online for 30 days, it will be cleared! Ha ha ha ha. how real.

Fourth, the player is very humble and can only solve the block:

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Various methods restrict users from selling coins, and project parties manipulate prices to attract newcomers.
​The above points are the reasons why the green coins can live for 3 years. The most terrifying thing is that they actually went deep into the small cities of the seventh and eighth tiers, went deep into the countryside, fooled the elderly, sold houses, took out coffin books, and even had tuition fees for students! What a shame!

As long as you can keep your feet on the ground and think about it, where so many people make money in environmental protection coins, where does the money come from? What services does Ecocoin provide? Without a complete business activity, investing money is gambling.

If one day, the coin collapses, these crazy people will become poor people, and this is the hate of these poor people.

7. Which stocks have been growing gratifyingly recently

Jinyi Technology, the leader of ETC, has a daily limit a few days ago

8. Can greed make a little money?

Not being greedy in stocks and making a little money are contradictory. And what is small money, what is big money, it is difficult to define. 10,000 yuan earned 10 yuan is 1/1000th profit, 10,000 yuan earning 100 yuan is 1% profit, 10,000 yuan earning 1,000 yuan is 10% profit, 10,000 yuan earning 10,000 yuan is 100% profit One hundred profit.

You say that earning 10% a year is big money or small money, do you still want to earn 20%, 30%, 40% after earning 10%? ,or more.

So you have to set a goal of earning money, and also how much time to earn so much time.

For example, the most reasonable one is to earn 10% per year, 30% or 50% in three or five years.

With the time target and income target, you also need to determine how much money you want to invest, 10,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan, or more than 1 million yuan. Can you guarantee that this money will not be used for three or five years?

The most important point is how long you can endure losing money. Can you keep believing that you will make money if you lose more than 50%?

The above will be confirmed later. Just buy some stocks.

You can choose big blue-chip stocks, which are generally not delisted and pay dividends every year. It will rise one day.

For example, even if you buy at 10 yuan, as long as it is not a one-time purchase, you only buy half or one-third of the money, and when it falls to 5 yuan, buy ordinary or three. one part. If you drop four yuan and buy one third, your cost is (10+5+4)÷3=6.67 yuan. After two years of decline, it still rises to nine yuan, which is equivalent to earning more than two yuan per share two years later. , there are also more than 20% of the rate of return. Much better than a deposit bank.

The same buy from 9 yuan to 5 yuan, that is, the cost of 7 yuan, and there are opportunities to make money.

So the key is to buy less at high points, double the funds for a 10% drop, and quadruple the strength for a 20% drop. If you stick to it for a year or two, you will always make money.

Be sure to buy big blue chips, not hot stocks, because your starting point is to make small money for a long time. It’s not that you can earn 10% in three or five days. This way you won’t make a lot of money, but at least you won’t lose money.

Don’t listen to those people who say that you can’t make a fortune by investing in stocks like this. You make money through luck, and one day you will lose it with your strength.

9. Can blue chip coins be listed in 2020?

Blue chip coins should be trading coins developed in the name of blockchain technology.
Blockchain technology is very useful, but blockchain coins are really useless at all. This kind of currency has almost been played badly. The previous blockchain coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have been used in China. Issuance and trading are prohibited, and no new blockchain coins will be listed and traded in the future, unless it is an underground sneaky face to a specific group of people.
Don’t have any illusions, this is another form of fundraising and financial management.

10. How many sectors are there in the stock?

What is the stock sector?

Stock sector refers to certain companies that have certain relevant elements in the stock market, and the sector is named after this element. Effective and reasonable classification of listed companies can help investors better focus on a certain industry, field or individual stock. Especially when investors make investment choices, a reasonable sector division can enable investors to more efficiently observe, compare, and analyze the business layout, operating conditions, financial conditions and other fundamental information of the same type of listed companies. important basis for investment decisions.

Common stock sector classifications

Industry sectors

According to the “Guidelines for Industry Classification of Listed Companies” issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission in 2012 (CSRC Announcement [2012] No. 31) , the China Securities Regulatory Commission will announce the results of the industry classification of listed companies at the end of each quarter, dividing listed companies into: A agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery; B mining; C system.D: Electricity, heat, gas and water production and supply; E Construction; F Wholesale and retail; G Transportation, warehousing and postal services; H Accommodation and catering; I Information transmission, software and information technology services J Finance; K Real Estate; L Leasing and Business Services; M Scientific Research and Technical Services; N Water Conservancy, Environment and Public Facility Management; O Resident Services, Repairs and Other Services; P Education; Q Health and social work; R culture, sports and entertainment; S comprehensive, a total of 19 categories, and 90 sub-categories. For example, as announced in the “Industry Classification Results of Listed Companies in the Third Quarter of 2019”, the listed companies included in the oil and gas extraction industry under the B mining industry include: Blue Flame Holdings, Wosch Co., Ltd., Sinopec, PetroChina, Intercontinental Oil & Gas and Guanghui Energy.

The basis for the classification of listed companies by the China Securities Regulatory Commission is: 1) When the proportion of the operating income of a certain type of business of the listed company is greater than or equal to 50%, it will be classified into the industry corresponding to the business; 2) When the listed company is listed If the proportion of the company’s operating income from one type of business is greater than or equal to 50%, but the income and profit of a certain type of business are the highest among all businesses, and both account for more than 30% of the company’s total income and total profit (including this number), then The company belongs to the industry category corresponding to the business; 3) If the industry ownership cannot be determined according to the above classification method, the industry classification expert committee of listed companies shall determine the industry ownership of the company according to the company’s actual operating conditions; if the ownership is unclear, it is classified as a comprehensive category.

In addition to the industry classification of listed companies announced by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, some institutions or stock software will also release their own industry sectors.

Regional plate

Regional plate is divided according to the location of listed companies, such as: Beijing plate, Shanghai plate, Shandong plate, etc.

Concept Sectors

Concept Sectors do not have a unified standard. They are divided by various common elements of listed companies. The elements can be regions, performance, technology, institutions, policies, etc., for example:

Classified by region: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Plate, Yangtze River Delta Plate, Xiongan New Area Plate, etc.;

Classified by Technology: Blockchain Plate, 5G Plate, AR Plate, VR Plate, Artificial Intelligence Plate etc.;

Classified by policy: new energy sector, free trade zone sector, Belt and Road sector, rural revitalization sector, etc.;

Classified by performance: blue chip sector, ST sector, etc.;

Classified by index: CSI 300, SSE 50, CSI 500, etc.;

Classified by investors: Social Security Heavy Position, Institution Heavy Position, Fund Heavy Position, QFII Heavy Position, etc.;

Classified by hot economy: new retail sector, online finance sector, IoT sector, e-sports sector, etc.

In addition to the above types of sectors, there are also different sectors divided by various concepts or characteristics, such as: Chinese prefix sector, yesterday’s daily limit sector, equity transfer sector and so on. Concept plates are often hot topics in market hype.


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