Is the domestic Binance unable to register?

Binance is the digital currency exchange with the largest asset ranking in the current currency circle, and it is also a digital currency exchange that is deeply loved by investors. Binance Exchange can also provide users with various types of transactions, which can meet the various trading needs of investors. Whether you are a novice in the currency circle or an old person in the currency circle, you can find the service content that suits you in this exchange. With the popularity of digital currency, more and more people want to invest in the currency circle. Many domestic users like Binance Exchange very much, but because of the rigid regulatory policies, many investors heard that domestic Binance cannot After registering, can domestic Binance really not be able to register? Let’s talk about it below.

Can’t I register on Binance in China?

On October 13, 2021, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced that in response to the local government’s regulatory policy requirements, Binance C2C will open at 24:00 on December 31, 2021 ( East Eighth District time) will be removed from the CNY trading area. At the same time, Binance will conduct an inventory of platform users. If users in mainland China are found, their corresponding accounts will be switched to the “withdrawal only” mode, and users will only be able to withdraw, cancel orders, redeem, and close positions. Binance issued the above announcement, but according to observation, although Binance does not support the registration of mainland mobile phone numbers, you can use foreign email + vpn to register, registration requirements:

·Must be connected to VPN to ensure global Mode; verify global strategy method: enter ip through Baidu search, if it is displayed as an overseas ip, it proves that the opening is successful

·You must use a foreign mailbox to register, otherwise KYC will not pass (such as: outlook, hotmail, gmail, Sohu mailbox, if there is no mailbox, you need to register first.)

Domestic Binance registration process

1. We can go to the mobile app store to download an outlook mailbox or web version registration mailbox ( Note: You must use a foreign mailbox to register, otherwise KYC will not pass, it can also be a hotmail, gmail mailbox)

Second, open outlook and Create an email account

Third, open the Binance official website ( and select the email address to register.

Is Binance Exchange reliable?

Binance is currently one of the three largest virtual currency trading platforms in China. The exchange can still be used normally. Judging from the 24-hour trading volume of the Binance exchange, the number of listed coins, the charging fee model and the platform’s reputation, the Binance trading platform is relatively reliable.

As a leading enterprise with fruitful achievements in the blockchain industry, Binance also enjoys a good reputation internationally. While expanding rapidly within three years, it has not forgotten to give back to the society and help social welfare undertakings. Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, in the field of encryption, every hot spot is inseparable from Binance. From platform coins, to mining pools, contracts, to public chains and DeFi, Binance seems to be able to step on the big trend every time. At the key point, perhaps Binance itself is the creator of the trend.

Binance is also the world’s largest robotic digital currency trading platform and the world’s leading exchange. The reason why Binance is called world-class is that when looking back at Binance, the giant in the blockchain industry, people will always think that this is a new force that has only been established for more than three years, and it is still a fledgling force when it enters the international market. The plump chick has become a phoenix in nirvana after returning to its homeland. The Binance app is a safe and stable virtual digital currency trading client application. Changpeng Zhao, the founder of Binance, said that Binance has always attached great importance to security and compliance issues, and each platform must work towards 100% compliance. Binance has very strict risk control and cooperates with many regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

The above is a specific elaboration on the issue of whether the domestic Binance cannot be registered. With the liquidation of exchanges, many investors are very worried about the issue of deposits and withdrawals, but it is difficult to completely prohibit deposits and withdrawals in the currency circle. The exchange is a very competitive track, even if some exchanges really In this sense, deposits and withdrawals are completely prohibited, and many other exchanges will take their place. It is understood that the method of deposit and withdrawal on Binance Exchange has only been slightly adjusted, but from the point of view of user experience, it is hardly affected.

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