Is the universe unary or dual?

①The problem of “unity” and “duality”

On the issue of the unity of the world, it is the point of view that all things in the world have a common essence or a unified origin , that is, to recognize the unity of the world, which is called monism. Both materialism and idealism recognize the unity of the world and believe that the world has only one origin. They are all monistic philosophies, but on the question of what the world is unified in, there is a fundamental The opposition of materialism monism believes that the world is unified with matter, and idealist monism believes that the world is unified with spirit, and they are two fundamentally different world views. Materialist monism is also fundamentally opposed to dualism. Dualism denies the unity of the world and believes that the world has Two parallel and independent origins: one is matter and the other is spirit. Dualism is an incomplete philosophy that shakes between materialism and idealism and sees spirit as existing independently of matter Therefore, it will eventually turn to idealism.

Monism and dualism: The so-called monism and dualism refer to two different philosophical viewpoints in dealing with the relationship between body and mind. Materialism is actually a unified thing, but what is the unified subject is different. Materialist monism advocates matter, while idealism advocates spirit. Dualism regards the two as two different entities, or Treat them as separate, or explain their interaction on the basis of acknowledging the connection between the two. Both monism and dualism have their own reasons, but also their own difficulties. Ideal monism lies in the so-called Whether the soul is the heart, and if not, would not be contradictory? If so, what does the soul leave the body to go to? The materialist monist view seems more obvious and consistent with common sense, but because the existence of the heart is completely denied, there are also some problems: how does matter itself perceive As for themselves, how can people distinguish the atoms they are aware of from other atoms? The main difficulty of dualism is that since mind and body are two completely different things, how are they connected by the relationship between body and mind? What is it?

② What does universeism mean in the fifteenth year of Wanli?

Universeism is the concept relative to the multiverse, that is, the universe is a Chaos as a whole.
The multiverse theory proposes that our universe is part of a larger cosmic system and is surrounded by other universes. Since scientists are almost certain that gravity exists in all dimensions and universes, they believe they can use gravitational waves to detect parallel universes.

③ What is a one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, three-dimensional world exists in the universe?

1-dimensional: indicates the length
2-dimensional: indicates the length and Width
3-dimensional: Indicates length, width and height
ACGN industry-specific terms
The “dimension” referred to in Japanese ACGN works usually refers to the fantasy world in the works and its various A collection of elements. For example, a world with rules and order that is completely different from the reader’s existing world, such as the world in which magic or Gundam exists, is often referred to as “another dimension world”, or simply “another dimension”.
In addition, virtual characters traditionally expressed in flat media, such as characters in comics or animations, are often referred to as “two-dimensional space” because of the nature of two-dimensional space [actually less time dimension]. Dimensional characters”, characters that are different from reality (three-dimensional space [also minus the time dimension]). However, characters created with three-dimensional computer images are called “2.5-dimensional characters” because they are in a virtual world and have a three-dimensional concept.
Three-dimensional dolls and other objects should be the third dimension from the physical definition, but because they are usually three-dimensional based on the characters of the second dimension, or emphasize their virtual nature, they are sometimes referred to as Called “2.5-dimensional characters”
Based on the above etymology, those who only have interest or feelings for the virtual characters appearing in ACGN, but have no interest in the opposite sex in reality, are called “two-dimensional world”. Residents”, and those with severe cases are jokingly referred to as the two-dimensional prohibition syndrome.
All in all, one element can be regarded as a line, two elements can be regarded as a surface, and three elements can be regarded as a three-dimensional space. Although the word “dimension” has a clear substitute in Chinese to express its meaning, it has been circulated and used by a considerable number of people due to the subtle influence of culture on people.


Three-dimensional space (also known as three-dimensional space, three-dimensional, three-dimensional), in daily life, can refer to the three-dimensional space composed of length, width and height space. And the term “three-dimensional space” used in daily life often refers to the three-dimensional Euclidean space. In cosmology, it refers to length (length, width, height), temperature, and quantity. For a long time in history, three-dimensional space has been recognized�� is a mathematical model of the space we live in. Physicists at the time believed that space was flat. Since the twentieth century, the discovery of non-Euclidean geometry has opened up other possibilities for the properties of actual space. The birth of the theory of relativity and the corresponding mathematical description: Minkowski space-time treats time and space as a four-dimensional continuum as a whole. Three-dimensional is a term used in the ACGN subculture for people and things in the real world or based on the real world. Opposite of “two-dimensional”.

The first dimension is the space, the point, the second dimension is the world of animation, only the length and width can be accurately positioned, that is, the plane you see, the 2.5 dimension is the simulation doll created according to the third dimension , but it is not true, it can also be said to be 3-dimensional, but specifically speaking, it does not belong to 3-dimensional, and that it is 2-dimensional, it is not considered 2-dimensional, it can only be said to be 2.5-dimensional. The 3rd dimension is the world we live in now, a world composed of length, width and height, three-point positioning,

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④ What is the duality of the universe?

There are two sides, positive and negative, right and wrong, bright and dark, all of which are binary.

⑤ Is the universe a multiverse or a parallel universe

Parallel universe, also known as multiverse theory, says that there may be more than one universe in this world, but existence There are many different, parallel, non-interfering universes; and sometimes things in these different universes can come to other universes through certain channels (ie “wormholes”).
Paradox/ The contradiction lies in:
The word [universe] contains: all things in the world. If there is another universe in this world, then the word universe cannot contain: all things in the world, so this is contradictory.
In fact, parallel universes/multiverses describe “different time and space”, or: this universe may exist in different time and space, but there is no different universe (because that is a fundamental contradiction with the concept of universe)
So the most accurate description should be: This universe may have many parallel [time and space]
From “Complete Collection Natural Civilization X-Files”

⑥ Dimensional Universe and Pluralism What’s the difference between the universe

The dimensional universe is on the same plane as the current universe, while the multiverse is on multiple levels

⑦ Ask Buddhist predecessors. Does Buddhism ever point out that the universe is a dualistic opposition?

Buddhism says that all things are idealistic. We are ordinary people, so we have the distinction and attachment of life and death, you and me, and material and spirit. In fact, in the realm of Buddha, there are all things in the universe. Everything is oneself, what is the duality of opposition? This state is very interesting, and it is not something we ordinary people can understand and discuss now. Our current goal should be how to get rid of life and death. Without reincarnation, everything is futile.

⑧ Is there any evidence that the universe is dualistic?

In critical theory, duality is a pair of opposite theories, and they usually end with in the form of classes. In structuralist theory, the theory of binary opposition is a very powerful tool for explaining the basic human thought, culture and language. On the contrary, poststructuralists believe that binary opposition is not the most basic organization of human thought, but only the artifact of Western thought.

⑨ Does Buddhism point out that the universe is a duality?


Buddhism is a non-dual way, that is, there is no duality , the two sides do not stand, and the middle way does not exist.

Master Jingkong—Comparatively two, Buddhism is the only method, and the second is not Buddhism

1 The second type of wrong knowledge is called Seeing while seeing means relative concept. The opposite of me is people, the opposite of big is small, and the opposite of long is short. This is a misconception. Let’s think about it, which of the six realms is not living in relative concepts? It’s too hard to figure this out.

2 Relatively two, the Buddha Dharma is the only method, and the second is not the Buddha Dharma. The Buddha said that the second is a wrong concept, and the second is not a correct concept. We distinguish between ourselves, right and wrong, and each other, all of which fall into the second. This question needs to be thoroughly studied and experienced in the Mahayana Sutras. If you really need to understand the unique method, then you are very fortunate. If you understand it, you will see it through.

3 After seeing through, to truly let go of the two, that is, to let go of the two; after letting go of the two, you will enter the door of non-duality. As long as there are two, you decide that you are in the Six Realms or the Ten Dharma Realms, and you cannot enter the One True Dharma Realm.

4 A true practitioner has a pure heart, and a pure heart is one; second, the heart is not pure. There are people and I, right and wrong, how can the heart be pure? How can equality be possible? We talk about true cultivation, and see you here in Kung Fu.

⑩ How to understand the multiverse�It is understood that there is more than one universe, and is the multiverse the collective name for each universe?

Each universe has its own specific space, and the gap between each parallel universe has no space and time.


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