It takes 61 years for a single machine to crack the private key of a bitcoin wallet

A. How long does it take to crack a bitcoin wallet

It depends on your level of cracking, and a person with high ability may only take tens of minutes.

B. What is the private key of a bitcoin wallet

In order to make it easier for newcomers to understand, she will use some metaphors, although it is not rigorous, it will be better understood.
The private key is like your bank card password
The bitcoin wallet address is like your bank card
As long as you have the bank card and password, anyone can withdraw money from the ATM.
The bitcoin wallet address is public, which means that everyone else has your bank card, so at this time your bank card password (private key) becomes very important!
Once your key is leaked, others can transfer your bitcoins away.

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C. What should I do if I forget the password of the Bitcoin wallet

Use brute force cracking, provided that you must remember the password phrases you have used for this wallet, such as I must have used abc , I may have used 321, etc., it is possible to succeed, if the wallet address is not yours, even if you exhaust the energy of the sun, it is impossible to crack it. Regular companies can come to sign the agreement to crack the service.

D. What is the format of the private key of the bitcoin wallet

The private key of the bitcoin wallet is a string of codes, very long, not 12 words, let alone ( 1, 34 strings).

E. What should I do if I forget the password of the bitcoin wallet

The common countermeasures for lost private keys, passwords, etc.:
1. Delete the wallet by mistake
This is the same operation as me. What should I do if I encounter this kind of thing? In fact, as long as you remember the private key, download a wallet again, import the private key into it, and reset the wallet password.
2. The mobile phone is missing or broken
If your mobile phone is accidentally stolen or broken, as long as the private key or mnemonic is still there, you can download a wallet again and put the private key (or mnemonic) and enter it, just recreate the wallet.
3. The private key is forgotten, but the mnemonic (or json file) is still there
If your private key is lost, but the mnemonic or (or json file) is still there, then you don’t need to Worry, the mnemonic can help you retrieve the private key,
4. The private key is forgotten
The wallet is not deleted If you forget the private key, but the wallet is still on the phone, this is very good Once done, you just need to log in to the wallet with the password and back up the private key again.
5. I lost the private key, password, and mnemonic
Sorry, no one in the world can help you!
6. Forgot the password or entered the wrong word
This is the same as we usually log in to some other apps. If we forget the password or enter the wrong password several times in these apps, just click on the forgot password and retrieve it again. Back to the decentralized wallet, we need to use the private key or mnemonic to import the wallet to reset the password!
7. Forget the mnemonic
Import the wallet with the private key, just back it up again !
8. Forgot keystore
If your wallet is not deleted, this is the same as your private key, but the wallet is not deleted, just log in with the wallet password and back it up again; but If your wallet is deleted or uninstalled, you need to use the mnemonic or private key to import the wallet and back up the keystore again!

F. Forgot the password of the 30btc bitcoin wallet, please crack it. Is bitcoin safe?

I forgot the private key and can’t figure it out

G. Can bitcoins be stored in an offline-generated wallet

Hello, there is one question in your question Several key points need special attention, and I will explain them as follows:

  1. “download a bitcoin wallet software” in your description: this step is worth being careful, first of all your The purpose is to make a Bitcoin paper wallet offline, so what you want to download is actually [Bitcoin Offline Paper Wallet Maker], and these tools are mixed, and some of them are even very risky, so what kind of [paper wallet maker] should you choose? ? It must be an open source (that is, the source code is completely open) [secure Bitcoin offline paper wallet] production tool that has been recognized by everyone for many years. After many years, it has experienced the test of time. Internet search and comparison, it is recommended to search for [Secure Bitcoin Offline Paper Wallet], to learn more about the comparison, be willing to spend time.

  2. It is right to “unplug the network cable” to make a bitcoin offline paper wallet offline. At this time, it is true that the computer where you make the paper wallet is completely isolated from the entire Internet. This is the meaning of offline, and you don’t have to worry about it, because the wallet address and private key of Bitcoin are just a certificate, and Bitcoin is not really going to be put into this wallet (this is completely different from the real wallet , which can be learned from the Internet), Bitcoin belongs to��Which wallet address is only recorded in the public books on the Bitcoin blockchain network. Therefore, the Bitcoin offline paper wallet you generated can be used with confidence. The key point is that you really put the Bitcoin offline paper wallet. The private key address of the wallet is copied on the paper, and it is guaranteed that there is no mistake, and the public key is saved in order to receive bitcoin transfers from others. Then, at this time, the bitcoin offline paper wallet you generate will be fully obtained from the bitcoin network. ‘s admitted.

  3. Your problem description mentioned that “I wrote down the public key and private key with paper, then smashed the computer into a smash, and burned the host screen with fire”— —In fact, this is completely unnecessary. As long as you unplug the network cable during the process of making a Bitcoin offline paper wallet offline, and no one can peek at your screen, then as long as you choose the safe Bitcoin offline paper wallet tool, you will get The wallet is safe. Of course, the most important thing is that you should store the note with the private key of the Bitcoin offline paper wallet in a fireproof and waterproof safe. As for the computer you use to generate the Bitcoin offline paper wallet, you don’t need to smash it, you can at most destroy the hard disk. The secure Bitcoin offline paper wallet tutorial searched earlier has detailed instructions on how to do the follow-up processing.

  4. Finally, the operation of transferring money to the Bitcoin paper wallet generated offline is no different from transferring money to any other Bitcoin address. It is carried out in the entire Bitcoin blockchain network and needs to wait, but this is the confirmation process of the entire network.

I hope my answer can help you, it is recommended to fully study and understand before operating.

H. How to view the private key of the bitcoin wallet

The private key of the bitcoin wallet cannot be viewed online. The real wallet is to download core or classic if bitcoin exists on the platform , then you can view it.

[Description of Bitcoin wallet private key]:

1. Wallet encryption refers to the automatic encryption and storage of the wallet that stores the private key. Bitcoin official client supports wallet encryption since version 0.4.0. Encrypted wallets will prompt you for a password every time you make a payment. If the password is wrong, the client will refuse the payment.

2. If you replace it with the earliest backup wallet (wallet.dat), you can still trade normally. Taking into account the principle of Bitcoin, it should also be concluded that as long as there is a private key (wallet), you can prove that you are the legal owner of the wallet, regardless of whether the wallet (the core is the private key corresponding to an address) is Whether it is encrypted or deleted, it cannot be denied.

3. When backing up your bitcoin wallet, you should also pay attention to the existence of the bitcoin payment change mechanism (for example, if you send 50 btc of a complete 100 btc to an address, the system will send the 50 btc to the other party’s address, and 50 btc back to a new address on your client, which won’t show up directly in your address list).

4. After sending 100 bitcoins to other addresses or using 100 different addresses to receive bitcoins, please back up the wallet again, otherwise the returned and received bitcoins will be permanent. lost. In addition to encrypting wallets, users can also generate offline paper wallets and brain wallets by themselves.

I. Will a bitcoin wallet have a new key for one transaction?

No, the address can be fixed, but some people may send bitcoins to others in order to improve security Create a new wallet and send from the new wallet. In addition, creating a new wallet address is free and can be created indefinitely.


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