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(1) Is the meeting between Mark Mino and Jack Ma real? I heard that Mark Mino, the founder of vpay wallet, wants to cooperate with Jack Ma

At least I have two meeting videos!

(2) Is the ABS blockchain and the Vpay international payment platform a partnership?

Don’t be silly ABS is from Frank’s company. Look at the announcements from Franko. A clarification announcement was issued on the official website, “It is said that Franco has never participated in VPAY, ABS blockchain crowdfunding and other related matters. Without the authorization of our company… and used our company’s partnership with DingTalk to force the change. Logical relationships, bending factual reports, and having a great impact on all parties involved.”

㈢ Why do you say that the blockchain is Jack Ma’s natural enemy

No one has verified what you said, and Ali Baba itself is also a pioneer in the research of blockchain technology in China

㈣ What is the vpay blockchain project and is it related to bitcoin? How does vpay make money and how does it work?

For this A few years ago, we Chinese bought the original shares of sitetalk. At that time, it was very good, and we really couldn’t find any loopholes. In the face of a borderless instant translation chat platform, the original shares will skyrocket once listed. Chinese people just want to make a fortune and buy a lot of them, but what happened? In the end, they didn’t have a single feather. Those who bought it felt that they would have hundreds of thousands, millions, and tens of millions in a short period of time. The more money, the richer it becomes when it goes public, and how many people were looted at that time.
Besides, I won’t say anything about vpay today, but just explain my own point of view. I have also heard people tell me about vpay. I just want to ask the great gods a question. The sharing economy is good, and the cashback on consumption is also good. Well, it’s good to return points for consumption, and points to exchange for goods. Our Chinese things are like this. You say something that you don’t know about that country, how come we Chinese and our Chinese have less good things after getting China? I ask you investors to think about a question. Those who do pyramid schemes never admit that they are doing pyramid schemes, and those who sell watermelons never say that their watermelons are not sweet, that children do not think their mothers are ugly, dogs do not think their families are poor, and their children are incompetent. It is also a treasure in my heart. So what you choose is always good.
Let’s put aside the good or bad of v-pie, let’s consider a question first. What v send consumption back to you is money in the end! Or virtual currency? This is understandable and must be clarified. Then, does the virtual currency have to be joined and purchased by future generations to achieve circulation? The result is definitely yes! Let’s assume a question, if there are 1.6 billion people in China, and everyone buys virtual currency, (to realize your dreams all recognize this thing) 1.6 billion people use V-pie, what is the result? The result is that when you have virtual currency, do you still need virtual currency? In the end, can virtual currency replace RMB to buy things? Who do you sell your virtual currency to if you have virtual currency? Are virtual coins real money?
If China only has 100,000 people to use it again, and these people will not use it in the future, what about the virtual currency of these 100,000 people? Can it be realized? In the end, once no one enters, the result will come out, rich in numbers and poor grandpa Mao.
There was also a game about planting apples 🍎 the same is true. I don’t know how many people participated. The Chinese people say that the hype is not enough. As long as foreign shit arrives in China, it may be more expensive than jewelry. . In the early stage, I also bought apple trees. The apple trees will bear apples. One apple costs one dollar, and how many apples can be exchanged for one apple tree. A series of numbers, everyone just thinks that the more trees I plant, the more apples I harvest, and the more I earn, I always ignore a problem, you don’t find someone to sell the apples to, if no one does, you don’t want the apples Plant a tree, I will give you apples directly. The question is how do you realize your apples? I just want to make money, but I don’t even think about where the money is going to come from or where the money comes from.
V pie is just virtual currency and does not represent RMB. Now it is possible to trade, all rely on pulling people’s heads. Once there are no heads, it is all virtual currency. You feel that no matter how rich you are, no one will recycle you. Just like the gang of apple trees who are now holding an account and receiving tens of thousands of apples a day, what can you sell to? Can you eat them? Who will recycle in the end? Isn’t it still a newcomer who relies on development? Without the RMB, those are nothing.

(v) Jack Ma restarted the confidential project 19 years ago, what is this project?

This project is the AntChain Trusple platform.

In fact, this project can well solve the connection between enterprises and enterprises, better develop each other’s business, and improve the development of domestic business level. And no harm. One of Jack Ma’s projects has easily solved many problems for many entrepreneurs over the years. More and more small and medium-sized enterprises have joined this platform, hoping to bring more convenience to everyone.

㈥ Is the ABS blockchain and Vpay international payment platform a partnership?

Don’t be silly
ABS is from Frank Company, look at peopleAnnouncement from Home
Franco issued a clarification announcement on his official website, “It said that Franco has never participated in VPAY, ABS blockchain crowdfunding and other related matters. Without the authorization of our company, the premise is Next…and use our company’s partnership with DingTalk to forcefully change the logical relationship and bend factual reports, which will have a great impact on all parties involved.”

㈦ Is vpay digital assets a scam?

It’s a complete scam: 1. The current version is only in Chinese and English. Since it is an international platform, there is no Japanese and Korean version. Any bank card or address is a platform of the Chinese model. 2. UID is also our code. Now it is only 6 digits, which means that there are not many people and up to 100,000 people are using it, and the UID and the last 4 digits of the mobile phone are used for transfer. 3. The products in the mall are all domestic products, not foreign products, and most of the products are from the same merchant. There is no port for merchants to enter the platform. 4. Who do you sell to when your balance reaches a million. Only available for sale online. Summary: Now what we see is just a copy of the domestic trader, but the server is placed abroad.

㈧ Ma Yun’s confidential project was restarted 19 years ago, what is the project?

International trade and financial service platform. This project is closely related to blockchain technology, so it can only be done today when blockchain technology is relatively mature.

㈨ Is Vpay a scam?

vpay has always made up stories, directed and acted to deceive some middle-aged and elderly people. Now, self-talk, CITIC has stated that the web link means that vpay can really make up hateful things, and it also uses ABS to rub Jack Ma’s popularity. ABS has nothing to do with Ma Yun. From the beginning, this ABS is a rotten thing that vpay made by himself, borrowing the name of Ma Yun Nonsense, there are still so many people who believe me are also convinced, really have a hand. It should be said that there are too many liars and not enough liars.

㈩ Ma Yun’s confidential project restarted 19 years ago, which project is it?

Ma Yun’s confidential project restarted 19 years ago, which is a new international trade and financial service platform Trusple. Trusple’s name comes from “trust made simple” (because of belief, so it is simple). It is a confidential project formulated by Jack Ma in the early days of his business to solve the problem of international trust. After 19 years, it relies on new technology to complete the design.

On the afternoon of September 25, Jiang Guofei, Vice President of Ant Group and President of the Intelligent Technology Business Group, revealed when he released the Trusple platform at the Bund Conference, “The Trusple platform uses blockchain technology to restart our internal business 19 years ago. A confidential project that solves the problem of trust between buyers and sellers in international trade.”

“Similar to the original intention of Alipay to launch secured transactions, Trusple is also to solve the problem of transaction trust, the difference is that, Due to the outstanding characteristics of blockchain technology in solving complex process trust, Trusple better fits the needs of solving international trade trust.” Jiang Guofei said.

(10) Jack Ma’s abs blockchain vpay extended reading:

The wife of Hubei Xianning Glass Factory attends the Global Financial Conference

Yuan Jing from Xianning, Hubei took the stage to speak as the first user of the Trusple platform. Just a few days before the opening of the Bund conference, she sent a single crystal glass product to Mexico through Trusple.

Yuan Jing’s glass products factory is located in Luguo Village, Henggouqiao Town, Xianning, Hubei Province, where the factory helps poor households achieve employment, get rid of poverty and increase income. As Yuan Jing has been engaged in foreign trade for a long time, Yuan Jing has an office in Yiwu, and all the glass products produced by the Xianning factory are sold abroad.

In September of this year, as the first user of the Trusple platform, she sold the company’s main crystal jewelry to Mexico, and received the payment the next day. In the past, the transaction time alone often took a week.

In the past international trade process, the products produced by Yuanjing factory basically paid 30% down payment, 40% after seeing the bill of lading, and the remaining 30% was paid to the customer entirely by credit line. It is agreed that the money will be called in 1-2 months.

If the customer’s goods are not sold well or for other uncontrollable reasons, Yuan Jing faces the risk of not being able to recover the full payment. Due to the low profit of the product itself, once there is a risk of default, these years will be in vain.

“We’ve always been used to this method, but we didn’t expect technology to bring new models.” Yuan Jing said, “At that time, Ali came to me and said whether to try it or not, but I didn’t know what it was. Blockchain, but I believe in Alibaba. If you think you can try it, try it. When you think about the international trade situation this year, the appearance of Trusple is definitely a surprise.”

“Through Trusple, as long as you sign with the bank With a good agreement, customers only need a few steps.” Yuan Jing said, with blockchain technology, there is no need to worry about international buyers not paying the balance.


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