Jiuyou Zhenjing mining equipment is always damaged

⑴DNF ancient worn-out damaged equipment

Ancient giant swords are worth tens of millions haha

⑵ What to do if the bloody martial arts sets are damaged

, there is a shortage of flowers, Wen Xiaoyu, click on the 2 NPC quests, there is a repair of martial arts equipment and a repair of all martial arts equipment, you can click whichever you want to repair
Repair a single piece WX equipment is deducted 25 points WX

⑶ Why can’t my mining bricks be equipped on the Purcell number

There are two possibilities: 1. The computer is too stuck, log in again
2. It’s expired, go to mechanical disrepair, below

⑷ All the equipment in the Demon Domain is damaged, what should I do if the wear and tear is zero

Hello, the Demon Domain equipment has zero wear and tear and needs special repairs, you need to go to The mines required by the mine mining system outside Lei Ming are very easy to dig. Thank you for adopting

⑸ Why is the file of Diablo 2 1.10 always corrupted?

This is normal. Change the device, but it is not recommended, because there is still a risk, it is best to bring a little symbol and it is completely OK! If you want, I can send it to you

⑹ How to repair the damaged equipment of Perfect International

The praise is coming to my bowl!

Find the corresponding NPCs (blacksmiths, craftsmen, pet managers, dealers), as long as they are selling NPCs, they can select their product list, click the list to view the corresponding maintenance, the attached picture (the old picture is the old one) But the function is the same), just choose the full repair directly If it is damaged, how can it not be damaged?

Do you want Golden Ant to pay for it? ? I forgot the location…I can only tell you that on the trail up the last town Kara, the iron armor gun is more expensive and has a few thousand experience and 15000. It is better to bring smoke bombs and iron bombs to brush. Every time I go out, everyone will bring an extra gold armor because the monster’s attack is too high and far exceeds your defense
If the character level is high, it will only drop blood and not damage the equipment

⑻ Road What should I do if the equipment of Nia Wars is damaged

Hello LZ
It is really depressing that the equipment is broken by force
First of all, I would like to express my sympathy for your experience
But it doesn’t matter
The only way is to use RMB to buy the Goddess Blessed Restoration Stone in the mall
This kind of stone does not matter how many levels of weapons
How much it is strengthened
How much light is strengthened
As long as you use
It will restore to the state before your weapon is crushed
It is not very expensive
After buying it, go to the item extraction area of ​​the mall under the backpack to get it
And then Go to the place where you strengthen
Find the old man to fix it
The above~
I hope it can help you
I wish you a happy game

⑼ QQ Three Kingdoms Equipment What should I do when the damage cannot be repaired “

Generally speaking, repairing gems can repair mission equipment. Until now, there is no equipment that cannot be repaired with repairing gems, unless it is opened in the mall now. The acceleration reference and necklace. If you mean why can’t repair these two, the current Three Kingdoms has not launched the feasibility of repairing these two equipment, but I think it may be released in a while, if not, players will I won’t let the Three Kingdoms go, because some people rush in to buy these two kinds of equipment. If they can’t be repaired, it’s a bit unreasonable.

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