Just make a blockchain mobile phone

1. Is the blockchain mobile phone real or hyped? What is the difference between blockchain mobile phones and ordinary mobile phones

The current successful “eye-catching” blockchain mobile phones are more just gimmicks. However, today, when the growth rate of smartphones is slowing down and the homogenization competition is serious, the blockchain mobile phone has successfully opened up a new and differentiated market segment, and the real blockchain mobile phone is also worthy of the industry’s expectations!

2. What is HTC blockchain mobile phone for?

Hello, blockchain mobile phone is nothing more than blockchain technology, so what does blockchain do? , I will give you a general overview next. Blockchain is an important concept of Bitcoin. It is essentially a disintermediation database and serves as the underlying technology of Bitcoin. A blockchain is a series of data blocks that are associated with cryptographic methods. Each data block contains the information of a Bitcoin network transaction, which is used to verify the validity of its information (anti-counterfeiting) and generate the next block. So there is “mining” – referring to the process of mining virtual currency in the virtual network and storing it in the transaction later. Therefore, with “money”, “thieves” will naturally appear, so the blockchain mobile phone came into being as a virtual currency wallet.

3. What is the difference between blockchain mobile phones and ordinary mobile phones

Ordinary mobile phone functions have blockchain mobile phones, but there are many blockchain-related mobile phones in blockchain mobile phones. Functions, such as security encryption, market monitoring and other functions, if you want to buy a blockchain mobile phone, you can pay attention to the recent triangular mobile phone, which is very good.

4. What is Xiubao blockchain mobile phone? Some people buy it. Has it ever been

Xiubao Technology is a subsidiary of Datang Network, so it should be very reliable.
Their family has been making blockchain smart hardware, and the blockchain travel mobile phone released in the summer is also quite impressive.
This blockchain mobile phone is their new product line, launched to test their blockchain operating system with real users and in a real environment.
At least 2 yuan per day is actually equal to the “remuneration” that the user receives as a part of the testing system. In addition, there are still many tasks in this blockchain system that will be rewarded, which will be given in the end. Users who bought this Xiubao blockchain mobile phone.
On the whole, it is still very reliable. After all, there is Datang Network behind it, don’t worry~

5. What is the difference between HTC blockchain mobile phones and ordinary mobile phones

This blockchain mobile phone is called Exos, and the price is expected to be around $1,000. In the future, the mobile phone will be considered to have mining capabilities. The specific details of the mobile phone have not been announced yet. I think the difference from ordinary mobile phones is that one can mine and the other can’t.

Chairman Wang Xuehong came out to take charge of HTC’s business. For several years, he has been seeking the company’s transformation. At the previous shareholders meeting, Wang Xuehong said that HTC will fully sprint into VR, AR, 5G, AI, blockchain and other technical fields , among which VR content leads the world, and has taken the first step of successful transformation. In this transformation strategy, blockchain mobile phones are also very important. The word Exos stands for “Exodus”, which means new life and will become the focus of HTC’s future.

Chen Xin, an executive in charge of HTC’s blockchain business, said in an interview with the media before his birthday that the HTC Exos mobile phone is expected to come out before the end of this year and will become the world’s first blockchain-enabled electronic wallet It supports the two core functions of Digital Scarcity (digital rarity) and Data Provenace (data traceability) of electronic wallets.

According to him, the purpose of HTC’s blockchain mobile phone is to protect copyright and user privacy. After using the Exos mobile phone, users can obtain personal identification and control over digital content, which is also HTC’s choice for smart The reason why mobile phones are used to expand the blockchain ecosystem, after all, smartphones are one of the most private products out there.

As for mobile phone mining, Chen Xinsheng said that HTC expects to launch a cold storage technology that does not rely on the network in 12-15 months to further enhance the security of the Exos mobile electronic wallet, and then consider mobile phone mining. .

According to Chen Xinsheng’s statement, HTC Exos mobile phones will protect user privacy and copyright with the help of the decentralization and traceability of blockchain technology, and focus on security, privacy and other selling points. What’s the price? HTC has not announced the relevant content yet, but from the information mentioned in Chen Xinsheng’s interview, the Exos mobile phone is priced at around $1,000, which is obviously the main high-end market.

6. Is there a ranking list for blockchain mobile phones?

According to statistics, from 2018 to the present, several smartphone manufacturers have developed blockchain smartphones, and This trend is still intensifying, and even many well-known traditional smartphone manufacturers have entered the market one after another to develop and develop blockchain-related smartphones.
In January 2018, Candy Mobile United first released the� Fruit “Creation Edition” blockchain mobile phone. The phone integrates the functions of a blockchain wallet and a miner. However, this mobile phone does not mine digital cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether, but “candy points”.
In March, Changhong developed the R8 Kirin, a blockchain mobile phone. This phone features the same mining function as the Candy “Genesis Edition” blockchain phone. In the same month, Lenovo Mobile released the Lenovo S5, a blockchain mobile phone. This mobile phone does not focus on the most popular “mining” function, but promotes the concept of “digital encryption wallet”, in order to make payment more secure.
In May, Blacture, a company founded by Zippie and Pras Michel, launched a blockchain smartphone for the US market. The mobile phone mainly draws on the decentralization characteristics of blockchain technology. Based on the mobile operating system of Ethereum, it brings blockchain services to smartphones, so that anyone can use blockchain-based services easily and intuitively. , to provide the public with a seamless and controllable user experience that puts the blockchain within reach.
In simple terms, the biggest difference between blockchain smartphones and ordinary mobile phones is that blockchain smartphones can be directly mined on mobile phones, can be used as a cold wallet, and can be used in regular functions such as payment. Blockchain technology.
For investors in cryptocurrencies, blockchain smartphones are really an attractive selling point. If the user experience is poor or useless, the blockchain smartphone is just a gimmick to attract people’s attention. Whether it is blindly rubbing hot spots or technological innovation can only be verified by time.
Blockchain is the core supporting technology of the digital cryptocurrency system represented by Bitcoin. The core advantage of blockchain technology is decentralization. It can realize point-to-point transactions based on decentralized credit in a distributed system where nodes do not need to trust each other by using data encryption, timestamps, distributed consensus and economic incentives. Coordination and collaboration, thus providing solutions to the problems of high cost, inefficiency and insecure data storage that are common in centralized institutions.
The application fields of blockchain include digital currency, token, finance, anti-counterfeiting traceability, privacy protection, supply chain, entertainment, etc. The popularity of blockchain and bitcoin has led to the registration of many related top domain names. , had a relatively large impact on the domain name industry.

7. Can’t you bring a mobile phone to work on the blockchain?

You should be able to bring a mobile phone to work on the blockchain, but this should require placing the mobile phone in a specific Place, this should be where you work, this should be a cloth that is not allowed.

8. What is a blockchain and what is a blockchain phone

The concept of blockchain is so popular! Will blockchain technology become a new trend?

In recent years, the development ecology of blockchain has been gradually improved and enriched. Industry insiders believe that with national policy support, extensive attention and financial support, blockchain technology can achieve gradual and stable progress. Although the upward prospect of blockchain technology is broad, it is necessary to maintain a normal mind.


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