KaijuKings P2E NFT Game: Everything You Need To Know

Launched last year, KaijuKings has been touted as the next CyberKongz. After all, it is more than a mere PFP project—$RWASTE tokenomics and Kaiju fusing are already part of the project’s ecosystem. Now, KaijuKings is gearing up to expand its ecosystem by adding a P2E game. 

KaijuKings will soon release its initial P2E ecosystem. Credits: KaijuKings

KaijuKings P2E mechanics: Scales, Staking, and Alpha Passes

First up, one of the main highlights of KaijuKings P2E mechanics is staking. In staking, you lock up your Genesis or Baby Kaijuz NFTs in exchange for tokens and other rewards. Once locked up, you won’t be able to sell, list, or transfer your NFT. By staking your Genesis or Baby Kaijuz NFT, you can generate $SCALES, KaijuKings’s new token.

While each Genesis NFT can generate 15 $SCALES per day, each Baby Kaijuz can produce 5 $SCALES per day. You can also use Mutant Kaijuz to generate 2 $SCALES per day. However, you don’t need to stake the mutant for this. Once generated, you can claim your $SCALES at any time. But, in the case of Genesis Kaijuz, during staking, you won’t be able to produce any $RWASTE token. 

Now, why exactly are $SCALES important? $SCALES are essential to creating a new token called DNA. 

“Your mutants will have the ability to upload their DNA to create something beyond the monstrous forms that we see before ourselves,” KaijuKings wrote in a blog post. In the future, you can use the DNA alongside Baby Kaijuz to create an element that will serve as a component in one of the KaijuKings games. 

Apart from this, you can also use 300 $SCALES to create an alpha pass. Basically, an alpha pass is a tradeable NFT that grants access to the project’s alpha channels on Discord.

Additionally, Scientists, who first made their debut in the Mutant Kaiju campaign, are making a comeback in the new Kaiju ecosystem. These Scientists are another important element in the DNA extraction process. KaijuKings will reveal the mint details of Scientists during the P2E system launch. 

Monster x Monster is KaijuKings’ upcoming P2E NFT Game. Credits: KaijuKings

The initial P2E ecosystem to release soon

KaijuKings will release the initial P2E ecosystem, made up of $SCALES, DNA Extraction, and Scientists, in the next 2–4 weeks. During this period, the team will also develop a new KaijuGame, Monster x Monster. The turn-based battle game will feature Kaiju monsters battling each other. DNA, as one of the components in the game, will help you in acquiring stronger monsters. 

“Monster x Monster will additionally offer in-game purchases in fiat currency, in which some portion will be allocated to purchase and burn available $SCALES in the ecosystem,” KaijuKings added. “This mechanism will allow for Web2 experiences to fuel and support our Web3 experiences.” 

KaijuKings is aiming to launch the P2E Monster x Monster game in late 2022 or early 2023. Clearly, KaijuKings’ P2E ecosystem is one of the most elaborate ecosystems to come out in recent times. Surely, the team has some tall orders to meet. How they deliver on their many promises will make or break the project in the coming months.


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