Kidnapping if converted into Bitcoin

『One』Someone sent me an English email to blackmail me for bitcoin, what should I do

call the police. If you receive a similar email, directly pull the sender into the blacklist, and report the email, so that you will not receive such emails. In addition, if the email address is available, you can set a receiving rule and set a sensitive Words, and then do not accept such emails, you can help avoid such emails, do not click any of the links above to avoid account hacking.

If the content of the threat of extortion and extortion is violence, the perpetrator claims that it will be carried out in the future; and the threat of violent content of kidnapping is carried out at that time and on the spot. The perpetrator of extortion does not kidnap the victim to hide and control, while kidnapping is to kidnap the victim to hide and control.

(1) If kidnapping is converted into bitcoins for extended reading:

Constituent elements of the crime of extortion:

1. Subjective elements

This crime is subjectively manifested as direct intentional , must have the purpose of illegally extorting other people’s property. If the perpetrator does not have this purpose, or the purpose of asking for property is not illegal, for example, the creditor uses certain threatening language in order to collect the unpaid debt, urging the debtor to speed up the repayment, etc., it does not constitute the crime of extortion. .

2. Object requirements

The object infringed by this crime is a complex object, which not only infringes the ownership of public and private property, but also endangers the personal rights or other rights and interests of others. This is one of the distinguishing features that distinguish this crime from the crime of theft and fraud. The object of this crime is public and private property.

『Ⅱ』How to view the kidnapping of Bitcoin CEO

The invisible and intangible Bitcoin may make people rich or lose money overnight, or it may make people worry about their lives .

The British Daily Telegraph quoted Ukrainian media reports that on Tuesday, December 26, Pavel Lerner, the CEO of the British Bitcoin exchange EXMO, was kidnapped after leaving his office in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and was taken by a gang. The masked man was dragged into a black Mercedes Benz.

After the above news came out, an EXMO spokesperson told the Daily Telegraph that they are doing everything they can to speed up the search for Lerner and welcome all clues from the outside world. EXMO’s business is running as usual, and all users’ funds Absolutely safe.

I hope everyone can deal with bitcoin issues rationally.

『Three』As a representative of virtual currency, how crazy was Bitcoin in the past

Bitcoin can be said to be the ancestor of virtual currency. It was launched at that time. When it was launched, the value of bitcoin was very low. One dollar could buy more than 1,300 bitcoins. At that time, a programmer in the United States exchanged 1,000 bitcoins for two pizzas. This thing is still often ridiculed by everyone. Many people are saying that if his bitcoins could stay now, he would have been a billionaire already. But who knew back then that Bitcoin would generate so much value in modern times? Since very few people knew about Bitcoin at the time, there was no hype. And at the time, Bitcoin did not have any economic purpose, it was just used as something to exchange for game equipment.

Now the world uses a lot of electricity to mine bitcoin every year, because the cost of these electricity is very high, and the market value of bitcoin is fluctuating. So the benefits obtained by mining bitcoins are very small.

『4』 Is the rich businessman in Hong Kong kidnapped asking for bitcoin?

Yes, he asked for 11 million bitcoins, which shows that virtual currency is the trend of the future economy.

“Wu” Bitcoin has become a new means of money laundering crime, what are the classic cases

The search for Bitcoin on the Internet has been going on continuously, and its price has been fluctuating and rising, And has broken through multiple barriers such as 30,000 US dollars, 40,000 US dollars and 50,000 US dollars. It has become the most popular investment contract in virtual currency circles, but due to market volatility, liquidations occur almost every trading day for larger reasons. The sheer amount of money involved has left some investors completely uneasy. Of course, for those traders who have made profits many times, they will naturally make a lot of money and their personal wealth will grow. So, when investing in virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, there is some happiness and sadness when the market fluctuates sharply.

In addition, although the current price of Bitcoin has been rising, there is still a lot of controversy in the market. Many financial institutions have a negative attitude, seeing it as a speculative asset rather than a currency due to its lack of utility. Value support, with some caveats at the same time. In addition, India is about to impose a ban on cryptocurrencies, and other countries are not very optimistic about the prospects of virtual cryptocurrencies, and some criminals use them.Therefore, there are many uncertainties in the future market trend.

『Lu』What if the bitcoin trading platform goes negative.

Hello, as long as you don’t borrow money for speculation, the worst result is that the market price of the currency is infinitely close to Zero, will not fall into negative. If you borrow money then you can’t tell.

『柒』 had kidnapped hostages to extort bitcoin before, is it possible that he will regret it?

I don’t think they will regret it, unless they are desperate at that time. Do this, and many people will not regret what they have done. After all, it has been done, and regret is useless.

And these people just want to get a sum of money, and then be able to go abroad and live a good life. And they can also live more comfortably, if they didn’t ask for Bitcoin at the time, if the amount of money they extorted was relatively large, it would be easy to find out. After being discovered, what awaits them is legal sanctions. Staying in the prison infinitely, and some bad eyes will follow them, everyone will despise them. Therefore, their future life will be very bad. In this way, they will find that blackmailing Bitcoin is actually a good and safe way, so they will never regret what they have done.

『渌』 Why ransomware “kidnapped” Bitcoin

The reason for this ransomware attack is not directly related to Bitcoin itself, and the industry is worried about Bitcoin will be “demonized”. The reason why the hacker asked to pay the ransom in Bitcoin was because of its various advantages in global transfer and remittance, and thus became the selected payment method.

『玖』Bitcoin has become a new means of crime, do you know why?

Bitcoin This kind of crime is usually related to the crime of underworld organized crime, illegal fund-raising crime, corruption and bribery crime, drug crime and other crimes. Since the source of the money is unknown, the above-mentioned crimes are laundered through Bitcoin to legalize the illegal income. deal with in order to evade the attack of the public security organs.

I. What is Bitcoin

Although the transaction and supervision of Bitcoin is more troublesome, the judicial authorities have taken countermeasures, in which the procuratorate is required to deal with the money laundering through Bitcoin found in the case handling. If there is any situation, the People’s Bank of China should be notified in a timely manner, feedback clues, and put forward opinions and suggestions, which will help enrich the anti-money laundering supervision model and improve the supervision measures.


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