Kushen cold wallet 199 yuan

A. Kushen cold wallet, a digital currency artifact circulating on the Internet, I don’t know the calendar, but I’m afraid it’s not safe. Now use the netizens of Kushen cold wallet to talk about your experience

It took more than two weeks! One of the Kushen cold wallets is hardware and the other is a connected APP. Its private key does not touch the Internet. As you know, those hackers who do not touch the Internet will not be able to steal your digital currency! In addition to these, it also has an information function. You will not miss the information of major digital currencies. I just swipe it in the morning and evening, which is very convenient. The most amazing thing is that it also has a digital currency coin fork solution, which can be solved by scanning the code, which is great!

B. What company is the Kushen cold wallet? Is it reliable?

The Kushen cold wallet is launched by Beijing Kushen Information Technology Co., Ltd. This company is mainly a professional company that provides blockchain digital currency security storage solutions. After using the Kushen cold wallet, I feel that the safety factor is still very high, and I personally think it is more reliable.

C. Where is the value of the Kushen cold wallet

The value of the wallet itself should also be included in the amount of theft, that is, the total theft The amount is the sum of the wallet’s value and the amount of money in the wallet.

D. Will the private key of the Kushen cold wallet come into contact with the network?

No, the communication of the Kushen cold wallet is connected by scanning the QR code Yes, it does not contact the network at all, so the
private key
has always been disconnected from the network, and the
safety factor
is very high.

E. Is the Kushen cold wallet cost-effective?

I think it is very cost-effective to spend 3,000 yuan on one. After buying it, you will not be afraid of your own digital currency. If you lose it, especially if you have a lot of coins in your hand, you can consider getting one.

F. Kushen cold wallet BCHC ranking

Poverty limits my imagination

G. Recently, I heard that the Kushen cold wallet is very nice, so I spent money to buy one. Will the Kushen cold wallet continue to be upgraded?

Don’t worry about this~, I learned from the official website that they are If you do not upgrade the Kushen cold wallet, you will continue to upgrade the online APP, which is the software that is particularly convenient for querying data. SO, you can use it with confidence!

H. Kushen points are so hot now, if Kushen cold wallet does crowdfunding, I really want to do it, but I don’t know if they have it

You still give up! They don’t have a crowdfunding program. The partners of Kushen cold wallet are all famous enterprises

I. Are there many people who use Kushen cold wallet? Is it good?

There are many people who are mining They all bought a Kushen cold wallet. For security, this product is a combination of hardware and software. The hardware ensures safe storage, and the software can query real-time storage.

Koshen Wallet provides blockchain asset security solutions. The private keys of digital assets based on digital signatures do not touch the network, avoiding the risk of private keys being stolen by network hackers. The Kushen wallet needs to be used with the hardware cold wallet, and the two transmit information through the QR code picture or NFC function.

But some users said that if the Kushen wallet is lost or broken, and the mnemonic, private key, or the seed password and payment password of the Kushen wallet were not backed up before, these bitcoins are equivalent to ” lost” because they can no longer be used. Decentralized wallets, while having absolute control over encrypted assets, also require users to bear the risk of loss or leakage of mnemonics, private keys or passwords.

Once there is a problem with the device, you need to contact customer service as soon as possible, and when you get a new wallet device, you only need to import the private key, or mnemonic, or related password, and you can restore the previous wallet , get back the original assets. So, be sure to make backups.

(9) Kushen cold wallet 199 yuan extended reading

When using Kushen wallet, you need to pay attention to the following issues:


1. Kushen Wallet adopts Hierarchical Deterministic (HD for short) technical solution, which will randomly generate a seed password according to the user’s environment, and set a payment password, double password protection, combined by the seed password The payment passwords jointly generate private keys of different currencies.

2. The seed password is not stored in the wallet device in plain text, but is encrypted and stored with the payment password. Therefore, even if the wallet hardware device is lost, others cannot directly obtain the private key. Based on this, it is recommended to set a strong Level payment password.

3. You must have both the seed password and the payment password to control the assets in the wallet. If you lose your seed password or forget your payment password, you will never be able to get your assets back.

4. PleaseThe seed password must be backed up and kept in a safe place, never show it to others, never enter it in any web page, it is recommended to copy it on paper, do not store it electronically, and do not copy it to the clipboard (some software will access the clipboard), Also don’t save on internet-connected devices.

J. Will it be very troublesome if I lose the Kushen cold wallet?



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