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① How to know what the label of your Kuaishou account is

In layman’s terms, the label is the label of the field you want to do, for example: when you like food, like it often When you comment on the video of food, the system will give you a label of food, which we can’t see, it’s recorded in the background.

The role of tags is to help the system distribute videos to people with the same tags. Of course, a video can have multiple tags. For example: if the tag of your video is mother-son chorus, then your video will be pushed to users with the same tag as singing or mother-son.

You can also use the all-purpose hot label: #kuaishou# #Thanks to the platform of the fast hand# #Thanks to the fast hand to send the popularity# #Thanks to the fast hand I want to be popular# #Support the positive energy of the fast hand# #爱官爱爱官爱 Popular #

Kuishou supports logging in to a Kuaishou account on different devices at the same time. So we can use two mobile phones to log in to a Kuaishou account: one mobile phone to play the charts in the live broadcast room of the big anchor, and the other mobile phone to start the live broadcast. Kuaishou account transaction.

When we swipe gifts from other people’s live broadcast rooms to the top 3, they will appear on the list of ta live broadcast rooms. There are many benefits of listing live broadcasts, which can attract fans of big anchors to watch their live broadcasts.

Kuaishou Internet celebrities often interact with each other, and this interactive ecology can be used in the early stage of operation. Those who sell women’s clothing can find anchors who are men’s clothing, shoes, children’s clothing, and leather goods, and recommend each other together to guide fans’ attention.

Many people will ignore the same city page in Kuaishou, that is, people who are close to you will see your works in the same city area. Therefore, publish your works in the densely crowded downtown business district. Also a good choice. Kuaishou account transaction.

② Can I receive express delivery from high-risk areas bought on Taobao?

You can sign for it, but it is recommended to disinfect it first, and then put it in a well-ventilated place for two days. Three hours or a night, go to open the next day.

The virus will not move and spread with the package and express, so the express package can be received.

When receiving the courier and facing the courier, a certain distance must be ensured, not only the courier, but also the distance of more than one meter five in the communication between people. Where conditions permit, the courier can be Store the package in the courier cabinet to avoid direct contact with the courier. When individuals go out to pick up the package, they must be well protected, wear a mask, and then go out to pick up the courier. Wear a mask and sterilize the outer packaging of the returned express package.

Precautions for high-risk areas

For those who enter overseas and return to insurance in medium and high-risk areas in China, they should cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in isolation and health management. Once symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and fatigue appear, you should go to the nearest fever clinic or designated medical institution immediately, and take the initiative to inform the doctor of the 14-day activity track and contact history. Wear a mask throughout the journey to the doctor, and try to avoid taking public transportation as much as possible.

In order to avoid infection, it is a wise choice to reduce or not use public transportation. You can take safe travel methods such as cycling, driving or walking. When traveling by public transportation such as subways and buses, you should wear a mask at all times.

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