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(i) Which is the most popular blockchain community at present?

I know of a “Zanbi”
There are more content in it,

㈡Yes Which are the better blockchain communities, the blockchain is very popular recently, and I want to learn.

Here is a tutorial Blockchain tutorial

㈢ Is the blockchain community the same as the blockchain forum?

Different communities belong to the community asset forum belongs to The attributes of the places of communication are different

㈣ Those domestic blockchain communities are relatively popular

When I first started learning the blockchain, I was at a loss to get into various communities, and WeChat groups There, Jianshu, Nuggets, csdn, various readings, but I think the more professional ones are Babbitt, Ethereum Chinese website, understand the basic knowledge, and a forum called LookBC, which specializes in blockchain, which is quite good. There are many, various white papers, and the information is very active and highly active. I basically read it from there now

㈤ Where are the more popular blockchain communities in China

Zambi community You can read

㈥ “Blockchain Community Operation Manual” pdf download to read the full text online, please ask Baidu network disk cloud resources

“Blockchain Community Operation Manual” (Wan Xiaoyan ) E-book online disk download for free online reading


Extraction code: scfa

Book title: Blockchain Community Operation Manual


Author: Wan Xiaoyan

Publisher: Machinery Industry Press

Publication Year: 2019-3

Pages: 180



This book discusses how the blockchain community operates. It first outlines the definition, development history and value of the community, and then introduces the community forms in different periods; then focuses on the blockchain community, including community governance, incentives, and ecology, shares operational strategies and skills, and looks forward to the future based on this. Organization; Finally, an in-depth analysis of four classic cases of BTC, ETH, NEO, and EOS was conducted. The whole book contains a large number of practical methods and tools, suitable for developers, operators and investors in the blockchain field to read and reference.

About the author:

Wan Xiaoyan

DIPNET community initiator, personal IP expert, serial entrepreneur, 16 years of marketing experience. He used to be the market leader of the Internet project of a large domestic listed company and the chief marketing officer of a smart hardware company. Domestic early user operation practitioners and researchers, successfully operating multiple communities. The current Chief Operating Officer of Token Technology. MBA of China University of Political Science and Law.

Sun Hang

Worked in the Policy Research Center of China Energy Research Association and has many years of investment and research experience in the energy industry. Since 2016, he has started to study blockchain technology, focusing on its implementation in the fields of industry, energy and environmental protection, and created the first domestic studio focusing on energy black technology – “Energy Chain”.

Wang Zheng

DIPNET Community Director, Researcher of the Token Finance and Blockchain Technology Research Institute, Chief Expert of the special lecture on “Traditional Enterprises Applying Blockchain Technology to Transform Hundred Cities”, Dedicated to blockchain technology evangelism and application consulting for traditional entrepreneurs. Provided lectures on blockchain application for government personnel and entrepreneurs in Beijing, Ningbo, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Hohhot and other places, as well as China University of Political Science and Law, Ningbo University and other universities.

㈦ Where are the more popular blockchain communities in China?

BitcoinTalk Chinese area and Reddit Bitcoin area are two of the more popular blockchains in foreign countries forum.
Home of Babbitt and Bitcoin in China is a well-known information website.
(Bihui digital currency trading platform) is an attempt of the domestic “blockchain + crowdfunding” project.
Nasdaq is a leader in blockchain applications

㈧ What are the better projects operated by the community of blockchain projects, I want to learn.

INE Zhilian Ecology, with the operation instructor of the Ali Department, Baimei Daxia. Some time ago, MOAC and FileStrom went to study there. The COO of INE, Bai Mei, was originally from the Ali department, but he has a lot of leverage in operations. After switching to INE, he has created a legend of a bear market dark horse in the blockchain industry. If you want to learn, go to his interview: Textbook Blockchain Operation

㈨ What are the blockchain community service agencies

High-dimensional space
As a third-party standardized and process-oriented in the domestic blockchain industry The service company, the team is composed of a number of senior practitioners. The core members have 3 years of blockchain and 6 years of brand incubation planning related qualifications, and have completed an angel round of financing with a valuation of 35 million yuan, funded by Chubei Capital, Block Planet, Chainstar Capital and other joint investments.
In view of the current market situation, High-Dimensional Space starts from “white paper writing”, “community formation”, “recognition”�� Training”, “Conference and Event Planning”, “Airdrop Candy”, “Website Construction”, “Media Matrix”, “Road Show Competition”, “Investment and Financing Matchmaking”, “Publicity and Promotion” and other product service lines, not only for new On-chain projects and enterprises provide a complete set of on-chain solutions, and also escort major mature blockchain projects in terms of technology and marketing, making progress together with industry pioneers.
At present, it has cooperated with many The major domestic business schools with their own IP have joined forces to successfully incubate a number of high-quality projects such as: WebVR Engine, Latichain, HT.CC, EtainPower and RREX, etc.

㈩ What are the better ones? The blockchain community has recently become very popular in the blockchain community of Shang Silicon Valley and wants to learn.

The community does not know much about it. You can go to the official website of Shang Silicon Valley to have a look. Exchange.


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