Lock-up mining case

(1) How many OKEX coins are locked in full transaction mining

Users are very enthusiastic about participating in transaction mining. In just two hours after transaction mining, the total amount of CAC locked up The amount is more than 728 million.

㈡ Fil mining package period can not raise coins?

You should ask the person who sold the mining machine to you at that time. Fil’s rule is to produce coins every day 25% of the total can be withdrawn immediately and the remaining 75% can be withdrawn in 180 antennas.

(iii) How to mine nft coins

1. NFT project gameplay
Various projects, including various NFT platforms, mainly participate in the investment of their entire project, similar to venture capital and venture capital, and get tokens instead of shares.
The point is to get involved early, the rewards are high, and the risks are huge.
2. NFT token gameplay
NFT tokens mainly refer to the purchase of tokens through mining, zero-rolling, and airdrops, and selling them in the trading market to obtain a profit from the difference.
The shorter the lock-up period of the token, the lower the risk and the lower the profit. However, 99% of the projects will run away before the end of the lock-up period, and there is no participation value.
3. NFT asset gameplay
Buying and hyping NFTs is actually the same as buying and selling antique calligraphy and painting. You can only make a profit and exit if you can fool the next one who takes over.
Unless you are in the business, the current NFT has no investment value. Converting RMB into USDT or other virtual currencies to purchase NFT tokens or NFT assets is suspected of money laundering and has legal risks, and no one should touch it.
[Expansion information]
NFT development stage:
At present, it has only explored the NFT concept and technical solution stage, and the NFT landing has only been applied to games.
Everything can be NFT, but everything is composed of thousands of sub-sectors. Only when each sub-industry project can operate well digitally, can its NFT be realized.
Conclusion: The digital operation of the market segment is well done. If NFT tools/solutions are used to improve the asset allocation efficiency of the market segment, it is highly likely that it will be a good NFT project.
“The full name of NFT in English is Non-Fungible Token, which is translated into Chinese as: non-fungible token, which has the characteristics of indivisible, irreplaceable, unique and so on.”
I’m sure you can find relevant information on the Internet” What is NFT” information, 99.99% of the answers are “non-fungible tokens”, which are indivisible, irreplaceable and unique.
“Fungible tokens” (like Bitcoin) and non-fungible tokens are closest to the real Chinese vocabulary, then I tell you:
“Fungible tokens” (like Bitcoin) = Game currency
Non-fungible tokens=game equipment
If you wonder that game equipment can also be generated in batches, why is it non-fungible? Because the background ID numbers of equipment systems with the same functional attributes are different.

㈣ Who knows how to mine, mine virtual currency

The following is an example of bitcoin mining:
Mining consumes computing resources The process of processing transactions, securing the network, and keeping everyone on the network in sync. It can be understood as Bitcoin’s data center, the difference lies in its completely decentralized design, miners operate in countries around the world, and no one can have control over the network. This process is called “mining” because it is similar to panning for gold, as it is also a temporary mechanism for issuing new bitcoins. Unlike panning for gold, however, bitcoin mining rewards services that ensure the safe operation of the payment network. After the last Bitcoin was issued, mining was still a must.
However, the new digital cryptocurrencies after 2016 basically do not require mining. Most of them use the POS mechanism, and some are one-time mining, such as Ritecoin.

(v) The latest news cases from a reverse angle

Abstract Reverse thinking refers to a method of thinking about problems that breaks the inherent thinking mode and breaks through the normal state. It is a method of higher order in thinking. Data analysis requires reverse thinking, reverse thinking is required in life, and reverse thinking is also required in business operations.

㈥ How to withdraw the locked TRX on Huobi when it expires

Hello, glad to answer your question. Lock-up period: It will be automatically unlocked after expiration at 0:00 on September 18, and early redemption is not supported for the time being. I hope my answer can help you ❤️ SUN will mine evenly according to the market, the amount obtained by users participating in Genesis mining, the amount of locked TRX and the duration of the lock. 【Abstract】
How to withdraw the locked TRX on Huobi when it expires【Question】
Hello, I am very happy to answer your question. Lock-up period: It will be automatically unlocked after expiration at 0:00 on September 18, and early redemption is not supported for the time being. I hope my answer can help you ❤️ SUN will mine evenly according to the market, the amount obtained by users participating in Genesis mining, the amount of locked TRX and the duration of the lock. 【Answer】

㈦ How to mine ipfs

There are two ways:
The first: storage mining method (hard disk)

Register your hard disk on the blockchain After the registration is completed, the hard disk space will be recorded in the configuration table of the blockchain, accept the order, and store the order submitted by the user; after the order transaction is completed, both parties sign the transaction, the miner completes the data storage, and the transaction is completed after the transaction is completed. Recorded in, block users get the corresponding payment.

In the Filecoin data storage market, the mining power depends on the hard disk storage space, that is, the size of the hard disk and the number of hard disks. Simply put, the more hard drive space you have, the higher your mining power.

Second: Retrieval mining method (bandwidth)

Accept the order, the user submits the data query order, after the transaction is completed, both parties sign the transaction, and the miner sends the data To the user, the transaction is committed to the block, and the entire retrieval process is complete.

In the Filecoin data storage and retrieval market, the number of FIL tokens can be obtained in proportion to the amount of network bandwidth resources that can be provided. That is to say, the greater the network bandwidth you have, the higher your mining power will be.
Interstellar is a top blockchain technology company in China, dedicated to the ecological construction of IPFS to make every distributed storage hobby Anyone can understand IPFS! At present, it has provided exclusive technology for 30+ large-scale miners, and also achieved a good result of occupying 8 nodes in the top 20 IPFS rankings!

㈧ What to do with the money in Ubedi in 2021

We can only wait for legal sanctions and wait for the money to be recovered.
Youbeidi is divided into two parts: Xu Gang is remote control abroad, and the domestic puppet core helps Zhou to abuse, and spreads Xu Gang’s MLM concept crazily. Domestic misappropriation of money, foreign spending, this kind of behavior is bad, and it will definitely be severely cracked down, so there is no doubt that a few cores will be arrested, and there is absolutely no room for manoeuvre. Therefore, we can only wait for legal sanctions and wait for whether the money charged can be recovered.
Expansion information: 1. China UnionPay issued a statement on its official website on March 1, saying that China UnionPay has recently noticed that the Ubank digital asset UnionPay card has been publicized and issued in the name of “Youbeidi” on the Internet, and virtual currency and other businesses have been launched. Information.
After verification, China UnionPay has never carried out any cooperation with “Ubeidi”, and has never issued Ubank digital asset UnionPay cards. Here, UnionPay specially reminds cardholders to guard against scams created under the guise of virtual currency, blockchain and other concepts, and to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.
2. The trilogy of “Youbeidi” routines:
1. Fictional investment projects that can obtain high profits to attract investors to invest in mining (the UBG consensus plan was introduced, claiming that the mining pool has 700 billion UBGs) Coins, 1 UBG is equal to 0.1USD, in order to induce investment);
2. By means of “locked mining, income multiplication” as a means to trick investors into locking their own funds (promise to invest 100,000 UBNK Buy a mining machine worth 17000USD, enjoy 3.5 times the income of the mining pool, and an additional 0.3% income per day.);
3. Use the two mechanisms of “sharing acceleration, community acceleration” to induce development offline and obtain high income .
3. What is the essence of Ubedi
1. The predecessor was a wallet disk, but it could not run in the later stage. In order to avoid supervision, the system was revised and changed to the current name.
But regardless of the system How to revise, change the soup but not the medicine, and the platform still uses the “static + dynamic” pyramid marketing model.
2. In simple terms, static income means that investors invest a part of the capital first. , after a period of fermentation, it will be released in proportion to earn high interest. According to the platform, the total monthly income is 23%.
3. The dynamic gameplay is simpler, although the rewards are divided into “sharing acceleration” ” and “Community Acceleration” two sections, but in the final analysis, the two sections have the same meaning: pulling people’s heads, the more heads are pulled, the larger the reward will be, and the larger the proportion of funds will be released.

㈨ What is Liquidity Mining

What is “liquidity mining”? “Liquidity mining” in the DeFi field refers to the process of depositing or lending designated token assets as required by DeFi products with a mining mechanism to provide liquidity for the product’s fund pool and obtain income. This benefit may be the project’s native token, or the governance rights it represents. Take the recently popular Compound project as an example. As an Ethereum-based DeFi protocol, Compound’s main business is mortgage lending. According to data from DefiPulse, the amount locked in Compound on July 7 was about $650 million. Users can mortgage their assets to obtain annualized income, or pay corresponding interest to lend assets, and while borrowing and lending, they can obtain a certain amount of system-distributed governance token COMP.By design, COMP holders can propose changes to the Compound protocol, or vote on proposals. The function and function of “liquidity mining” improve liquidity. Cold start of the project As mentioned above, the liquidity of funds is the core component of the liquidity of the economic system. Unlike traditional industries, the DeFi industry does not have a self-built capital pool to provide good and stable liquidity. Therefore, how to design a reasonable and innovative decentralized fund pool model, complete user incentives through the interest rate mechanism to inject higher liquidity, has become the soul of DeFi projects. In addition, “liquidity mining” also provides an effective incentive for the cold start of the project. Since Compound launched “liquidity mining” on June 16, the amount of locked positions has increased from about 180 million to 650 million in just 20 days, and the number of users has increased to about 6K. Connecting value islands to promote price discovery At present, with the rapid development of the blockchain industry and the steady advancement of the underlying technology, an independent ecosystem based on the public chain has gradually formed, and a series of data and value islands have been spawned. On the surface, “liquidity mining” is to inject liquidity into different projects, but in essence, it effectively links value islands in the dimension of decentralization, accelerates the frequency of value exchange, and ultimately promotes price discovery. Simply put, this is equivalent to the currency of all countries in the world, which has changed from being isolated and not recognizing each other to achieving a reasonable dynamic exchange rate equilibrium. Price discovery is a comprehensive reflection of traders’ understanding of the current market supply and demand relationship and future market expectations. It not only helps the rational allocation of resources, but also enables investors and financial institutions to make reasonable decisions based on this price. As more and more DeFi products provide liquidity mining, funds will flow to the most profitable places, and finally reach a balance of three aspects: the balance between risks and benefits within the product, the balance between different DeFi products, and DeFi Industry and real world balance. Therefore, in “liquidity mining”, the arbitrage behavior of participants not only assumes the obligation of LP (liquidity provider), but also plays the role of Oracle (oracle). Risk of Liquidity Mining Risk of Liquidation In June this year, miners participating in Compound mining were accidentally liquidated due to improper setting of the pledge rate, resulting in a loss of tens of thousands of dollars. Smart Contract Risks In April of this year, attackers exploited a compatibility vulnerability between Lendf.Me and ERC777 to launch an attack. The systemic risk flash loan attack on bZx is a typical example. Without stealing tokens, the attacker can arbitrage more than one million dollars in ten seconds according to the rules. Defi products with the spirit of cross-chain protocol are getting closer and closer to the leveraged game of traditional finance, and the mutual influence between mainstream projects may intensify. Recently Compound modified the mining mechanism of COMP, resulting in a sharp increase in the demand for DAI. More people pouring into MakerDAO, pushing up the upper limit of CDP, may cause certain systemic risks.

㈩ Is mining risky?

Mining is of course very risky, which belongs to the scope of venture capital, and profits fluctuate greatly. Investing in this industry must take risks into account.


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