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Ⅰ May I ask where can I buy USDT cheaply

Last year, when USDT was at a premium of 10 points, I recharged USDT at Epay, one dollar per dollar. Now, let’s see if there is a premium. Well, there is a premium or a profit. You can use my link to send Hong Kong dollars.

Ⅱ How to buy USDT at the cheapest price

USDT is 1:1USD, and the price is generally not much different, depending on the handling fee. There is no handling fee for over-the-counter transactions on ZB.com.

Ⅲ Why does USDT drop in price

USDT is a digital currency that is 1:1 against the US dollar, and USDT is the most frequently used number for Chinese users to convert into legal currency Assets, there may be the following reasons for the price drop: 1. Due to the increase in the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar, the price of USDT has fallen; 2. The main trading market of USDT is concentrated in China, so there may be a large number of USDT exchanged for RMB, resulting in “funding” escape”. The most direct factor causing this kind of capital flight is most likely due to a large number of bottom-hunting bitcoins in overseas markets, which also leads to an abnormal negative premium for USDT. 3. The Tether company has been issuing additional shares, resulting in an oversupply in the market and a price drop.

ⅣThe main reason for the price drop of USDT in the last two days

If the main reason for the price drop in the last two days is that its price fluctuates greatly, then the news is not Good, so it will go down.

Ⅳ USDT is worth how much

1 US dollar

Ⅵ USDT equal to how much RMB

usdt is a currency of stable value, which can be exchanged for the US dollar 1:1, that is, 1ustd=1 US dollar.

Convert at today’s exchange rate:

1 USD=6.3796 RMB

That is, 1USDT is equal to RMB 6.3796.

Exchange rate

Ⅶ How can you directly buy USDT with reasonable price in RMB

You can buy directly with RMB on Biyi. Currently, USDT/CNY deposit and withdrawal business has been opened, and the transaction fee is 0. That’s a lot of money!

Ⅷ I have 100 USDT, how do I sell it?

Hello, if you want to sell into RMB, you can refer to the following tutorial:

1. Log in to Huobi Global and have an account, click “Login”, and then refer to Step 3.

If you don’t have an account, click “Register”;

Ⅸ How much is the minimum USDT contract billing on OKEx

1USDT can open an order, the threshold is very low, there is no better platform for retail investors than OKEx

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