ltc cabinet hinge quotation

1. How much is the price of cabinet hinges?

The price of cabinet hinges.
1. Imported hinge German HARN hinge, the price is about 10 yuan, and the price will not exceed 20 yuan.
The specific product price still depends on the local building materials store and the decoration city.
2. The hydraulic hinge is composed of many parts, and these parts are all stamped out of the mold, the raw material is 304 stainless steel, but the stamping molds are all iron, which will generate mechanical magnetism during the processing, and
br />And the accessories in the hinge are stainless steel, so the quality of the hinge is better, so the price of the hinge will be correspondingly higher, everyone is around 15-30 yuan. 1) Full cover (straight arm): The door panels all cover the side panels of the cabinet, and there is a gap between them, so that the door can be opened smoothly. 2) Half cover (middle bend): In this case, two doors share a side panel. There is a required small gap between them. The coverage distance of each door is correspondingly reduced, requiring the use of hinges with bent arms.
3. Ask more: In view of the current phenomenon of confusion in the kitchen hardware accessories market, consumers should also ask more when purchasing brand hinges to see if the hinge is two-stage force or one-stage force, and the relative force of the two stages Be good.
4. Look at the material and weigh the weight: the hinge quality is poor, and the cabinet door is easy to lean forward and backward after being used for a long time, loose and sag. The cabinet hardware of big brands is almost all made of cold-rolled steel, which is stamped and formed at one time, with a thick feel and a smooth surface. Moreover, due to the thick surface coating, it is not easy to rust, strong and durable, and has strong load-bearing capacity, while inferior hinges are generally welded with thin iron sheets, which have almost no resilience, and will lose elasticity after a long time. As a result, the cabinet door is not tightly closed, or even cracks.
5. Field test: At the purchase site, you can try a few more hinge samples. Good hinges have soft force and uniform resilience when opening the door, while poor quality hinges have almost no resilience.

2. How to calculate the price of custom cabinets

Because the overall cabinet is a kitchen cabinet composed of four-in-one kitchen cabinets, electrical appliances, gas appliances, and kitchen functional appliances Combinations, so people don’t have much choice on the parts of the combination. Therefore, in order to make their kitchen more ideal and perfect, more and more people choose custom cabinets, and freely combine various parts of the cabinets according to the specific conditions of their own kitchens. So, how to customize cabinets? How is the price of customized cabinets calculated?

Standardization of customized cabinet procedures:

First determine the intention – sign the order and pay the deposit – first design Kitchen – drawing confirmation – then signing contract – delivery and installation – final delivery – network management – tracking service

You can learn about cabinet customization information in those ways:

(1) Ask colleagues, neighbors or friends who have used custom cabinets, high-quality cabinets will have a good reputation.

(2) The cabinet hall of the Building Materials City.

(3) Newspaper home building materials layout.

(4) Internet survey.

Prices of custom cabinets:

There are currently two pricing methods for cabinets: one is the linear meter pricing, and the other is the standard unit pricing of the cabinet. The quotation of linear rice is a quotation method produced by the immature Chinese cabinet market. The international quotation method is the quotation of cabinet units. The quotation of linear rice is more subtle and has some irrationality. The unit quotation is a standard system, and only the standard system can be used for unit pricing. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, there is no such thing as a quotation for linear rice. Therefore, the quotation of Yanmi will gradually be eliminated as the industry matures.

The price of a custom cabinet is generally related to its organizational structure. Because cabinets are customized products that are different from finished products, the price components are relatively complex, and most merchants on the market sell them as a whole in linear rice. The price of the cabinet actually depends on the door panel material you choose, the thickness of the cabinet material, the thickness of the back panel material, the thickness of the countertop brand, and the brand of hardware door hinges. Often consumers have no way to understand so much and so in detail, which sometimes leads to purchase mistakes. However, in fact, every detail of his changes is considered to be a cost change.

So a friendly reminder that you must ask for details when buying cabinets. If customizing a product means spending the same amount of money but not getting the best results, it’s a huge loss for consumers. Generally speaking, it is possible to make more than 6,000 to 10,000 cabinets for a cabinet of 2 to 3 meters, including floor and counter top hardware accessories.

Free to match, as you like. Custom cabinets cater to people’s multiple choices, but at the same time, custom cabinets also have some defects, such as the use of ordinary hardware accessories, it is difficult to resist the corrosion of moisture, high temperature and corrosive items in the kitchen; the quality of after-sales service is generally also Not as good as the whole cabinet. Therefore, everyone should carefully consider when choosing custom cabinets.

3. What are the pricing methods for cabinets

There are many things in kitchen decorationThe figure of the cabinet, in the custom cabinet, we all have to face the pricing of the cabinet. The most traditional pricing model is the floor cabinet (including the countertop) + the hanging cabinet + accessories = total price, this model is more common in low-end manufacturers, Corner revaluation often occurs, which is very general and ambiguous. In addition, the merchants in this quotation method have already calculated the total price with the owner before the owner does not tiling, and the measured size is much different from the actual size. Floor cabinets + hanging cabinets + countertops + accessories = total price mode, this kind of quotation method can only be signed according to the actual size after the bricks are pasted, and the production drawings have been prepared when the contract is signed, and the contract is signed according to the correct number of meters. This kind of quotation is also more and more recognized, because it has a certain rationality, that is, the countertop and the base cabinet are priced separately, and the base cabinet and the wall cabinet are cost-effective according to a certain proportion, although it is general but more reasonable. This kind of quotation is generally in accordance with the number of meters, equipped with drawers. And some businesses will deduct a part of the cost according to the area of ​​the place that is not used for door panels. The ratio of the base cabinet to the wall cabinet is 6:4, the advantage of this is that it can be done, the countertop can be selected, the menu-based quotation, and the cabinet budget owner can flexibly grasp. Most of these pricing methods are mainly based on online merchants, and are also used by some traditional merchants. Because it is more transparent, it is gradually accepted by everyone. Single unit unit cabinet pricing, that is, standard cabinet pricing, this kind of quotation is mainly based on large-scale production manufacturers, because large-scale production standardizes all cabinets, compiles numbers, and implements inventory production. Reduce costs, but often the price of this kind of quotation is the highest in the market.

Because all the cabinets are taken apart to sell. It seems reasonable, but all the accessories are adding profit, just like a bicycle, a whole bicycle is 500 yuan, but bought separately, wheels, handlebars. The combination of the chain alone is definitely more expensive than the whole vehicle. This is the tricky part of the seemingly reasonable quotation, and because it is standardized production, the cabinets sold to the owner are like building blocks. When the opposite-sex cabinets are needed, the price increase is extremely high. If the opposite-sex cabinets are not made, they can only be remodeled on the spot, using hand tools, and when encountering low-level workers, they will make good things bad. This kind of market price method of “various cabinets + countertops + accessories = total price” has special software to calculate the total price, which is more convenient and scientific. Because it is more normative. It will become mainstream and recognized by everyone. There is another quotation method that is rarely used, and is now used more in the settlement of manufacturers and dealers, and that is the complete menu quotation.

4. Cabinet hinges

It doesn’t matter whether the gap is big or small, just adjust which screw in the front with a screwdriver Left and right, if the door panel is uneven, adjust the screws at the back to make the door panel level.

5. Which brand of cabinet hinge is best

Top ten brands of integral cabinet hinges: 1 Blum (started in 1952, the world’s leading brand in furniture and kitchen cabinet hardware industry, one of the famous manufacturers of furniture hardware accessories, Blum Furniture Accessories (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) 2 Heidi Poetry Hettich (originated from Germany, a world-renowned brand, one of the world’s largest furniture hardware manufacturers, a group company, Hettich Hardware Accessories (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) 3 Dongtai DTC (China Famous Trademark, Guangdong Province Famous Trademark, Guangdong famous brand, well-known hinge brand, national high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Dongtai Hardware Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 4 Multinational enterprise, Häfele Hardware (China) Co., Ltd.) 5 Hui Tailong (Guangdong Famous Trademark, Guangzhou Famous Trademark, National Excellent Enterprise in Building Decoration Materials Industry, Industry Influential Brand, Hui Tailong Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.) 6 Yajie ARCHIE (China Famous Trademark, Guangdong Famous Brand Product, Guangdong Famous Trademark, Guangdong Top 100 Private Enterprises, Industry Famous Brand, Guangdong Yajie Hardware Co., Ltd.) 7 Topstrong (China Famous Trademark, Guangdong Famous Brand) , high-tech enterprise, private technology enterprise in Guangdong Province, top ten hinge brands, Guangdong Dinggu Jichuang Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.) 8 Ferrari Ferrari (founded in Italy in 1947, the leading enterprise in the global furniture hardware accessories industry, the most influential hinge Brand, Italian Astino Ferrari Co., Ltd.) 9 Guoqiang (China Famous Trademark, Shandong Famous Trademark, the drafting and drafting unit of relevant national standards, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Guoqiang Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.) 10 Jianlang ( China Famous Trademark, Building Hardware Famous Brand, National High-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Private Technology Enterprise, Guangdong Jianlang Hardware Products Co., Ltd.)

6. The official quotation of Oupai cabinets is average How many

OPPEA cabinets, Undoubted brand-name cabinets, bring not only the convenience and comfort of life to your life, but also the enjoyment of life and the quality of life! Oupai cabinets have created a precedent for the industrialized production of modern kitchen cabinets in China. Known as “the advocate of kitchen revolution”, he took the lead in introducing the concept of integral cabinets to various countries. Now more and more people like branded overall cabinets. As a top ten domestic cabinet brand in an emerging industry, what is the price of Oupai overall cabinets? Let me introduce the quotations of ten Oupai overall cabinets.

First, the overall cabinet of pastoral diary

Model: pastoral diary

Color: white, wood color


Size: 3m

Material: Quartz Stone, Solid Wood

Applicable: Kitchen

Price: ¥12888.0

Second, Paris Spring Overall Cabinet

Door: MDF

Mesa: Artificial Stone Countertop

Cabinet: MDF

Drawer: MDF

Hinge: Right Left

Handle: Hardware

Style: European style

Environmental protection level: E1 level

Price: ¥4860.0

Third, purple charm (white) overall cabinet

door: MDF

Countertop: Artificial Stone Countertop

Cabinet: MDF

Drawer: MDF

Hinge: Right Left

Handle: Hardware

Style: European style

Environmental protection level: E1 level

Price: ¥3800.0

Four. The whole cabinet of the house

Sheet: imported double decorative plate

Color: white

Cabinet body: imported double decorative plate; color: white hemp surface, metal gray, Cherry wood grain;

Cabinet edge banding: PVC anti-collision edge banding (color matching the color of the cabinet);

Cabinet back panel: double-faced MDF;

The movable shelf in the cabinet: 22mm imported double decorative plate, the movable shelf support: hidden;

Hardware: handle, drawer (BUMU ordinary type), door hinge (BUMU ordinary type) ), new embedded anti-collision rubber particles;

Price: ¥3355.0

Five, white-collar apartment overall cabinet

door: MDF

table: artificial Stone Countertop

Cabinet: MDF

Drawer: MDF Hinges:

Right and Left Handles: Stainless Steel

Style: European Style

Price: ¥2310.0

Six, Red Love Cabinet

Model: Red Love

Cabinet Shape: U-Shaped

Style: Modern

Cabinet Size: 0.1m

Unit :Linear meter

Price: 100.00 per 0.1 meter

Seven, Jane Eyre Cabinets

Color: White, Beige Model: Jane Eyre

Color Classification: Package 2.4 Rice

Kitchen cabinet shape: one-line kitchen cabinet


Cabinet size: 2 meters

Price: 8499.00

8. Lime Cabinet

Model: Lime

Color: Green

Countertop Material: Artificial Marble Countertop

Kitchen Cabinet Shape : one-line kitchen cabinet


cabinet size: 0.1 meters

unit of measurement: linear meters

price: 100.00 per 0.1m


Nine, England Countryside Cabinets

Model: England Countryside

Color: Yellow, White

Cabinet Shape: L-shape

Style: Modern

Cabinet Size: 3m

Price: 12999.00

Ten, Autumn Love Cabinet

Model: Autumn Love

Countertop Material: Artificial Marble Countertop

Cabinet Shape: U Shape

Style: Modern

Cabinet Size: 0.1m

Price unit: linear meter

Price: 100.00 per 0.1 meter

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7. If you go to the hardware store to buy a replacement hinge, what are the buying tips for cabinet hinges

The hinge of the cabinet is broken. The cabinet cannot be switched on and off normally. At this time, you need to replace the hinge with a new one. You often have to go to the hardware store to buy the hinge yourself. The hinge of the cabinet has Any buying tips? When installing cabinet hinges, you also need to know the relevant installation methods. How to install cabinet hinges? There are a few more cabinet hinge samples to try at the point of purchase. Good quality hinge, soft opening force and even rebound. Poor quality hinges have no elasticity. Well-known cabinet hinges are of relatively good quality, please choose a big brand when purchasing. Cabinet hinges of poor quality are used for a long time and are easy to get wet in the future. Cabinet hinges of good quality will be punched once, with smooth surface, not easy to rust, strong and strong bearing capacity. You can choose according to these questions when purchasing.

Provide high-quality after-sales service.�People must have strong confidence in their commodities. The quality of the product will be relatively high in all respects. Instead, consumers should strive not to choose cabinets that look attractively priced. Especially file cabinets without warranty period will cause future problems with the product. Concentrating on the details, it is more reassuring whether the edge of the counter has an arc treatment to prevent collision, and whether the door angle of the closet will collide with the body. These humanized designs should also become factors for consumers to choose cabinets. The choice of hardware accessories cannot be ignored. Rails, hinges, baskets, drawer handles, etc. are all important. The closet setup in particular has to be balanced. Otherwise, there will be a great security risk. Whether the edge of the cabinet is tight and whether the hand is smooth and smooth, high-quality edge sealing can not only prolong the life of the cabinet, but also provide good protection for the hygiene of the cabinet.

8. What is the size of the cabinet hinge?

The size of the cabinet hinge – 2” (50mm)
The hinge specification of the cabinet is more than 2′ ‘(50mm) is a relatively basic representative, and it is still widely used. The hinges of the cabinet are mainly used for stability. When choosing, you must consider the material and specifications. You can look at the size of your home cabinet and what kind of hinge design is needed to ensure stable use.
Specifications for cabinet hinges
Specifications for cabinet hinges – 2.5”(65mm)
2.5”(65mm) is also a common choice in cabinet hinges, especially in some wardrobe doors arrive. Considering the choice of hinges, it is necessary to make overall planning first, and see if the design of the hinges can ensure long-term firmness and make the wardrobe more stable.
Cabinet hinge specifications – 3” (75mm)
3” (75mm) hinges of this specification are widely used in doors and windows, especially for windows. The hinges are divided into stainless steel and iron according to the material, and the size and specifications will also be different. You need to have a basic understanding of it first, choose the appropriate hinge design, and ensure the design perfection of the entire home.
Specifications of cabinet hinges
Specifications of cabinet hinges – 4”(100mm)
There are many hinge specifications for cabinets, and the larger ones are represented by 4”(100mm). You can have a basic understanding first. The 4” (100mm) hinge is suitable for relatively large wooden doors or aluminum alloy doors, etc. You can first understand the design overview by yourself, whether it meets the design and installation requirements, and select the appropriate hinge.
Cabinet hinge specification – 5” (125mm)
The larger hinge is 5” (125mm), which is also the hinge size that is often used now, and is suitable for many users. Said to know first. The use of 5” (125mm) is targeted, especially in the installation of some large doors, windows and cabinets. When using it, you can look at it first. Considering the hinge design and use effect of different brands, it can meet your own home needs, and more Long-term stable use guarantee is the ideal choice for users.


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