ltc currency futures

① Are there any rules for Bitcoin delivery contracts?

When the delivery time is up, the system will take the arithmetic average of the US dollar index of BTC (LTC and other currencies) in the last hour as the delivery price Close all open contracts for the current week. The profit and loss generated after closing the position is added to the realized profit and loss.

② What are the futures contract exchanges for Bitcoin

The OKEx exchange is currently recognized as the best exchange, and each contract transaction represents USD 100. BTC, or other currencies of $10 (LTC, ETH, etc.), investors can buy long contracts to obtain gains from rising virtual digital currency prices, or sell short contracts to gain gains from falling virtual digital currencies.

③ What is the face value of the LTC contract on okex

The face value of $10 is still the same.

④ Can a novice in the currency circle play LTC’s perpetual contract on OKEX?

I need to understand the rules first

⑤ Now there are many mining machines that buy BTC LTC. Are they reliable? Has anyone bought them? Let me share it, no futures. . Thank you. .

It’s too crooked to use it

⑥ What is the difference between CoinTiger’s currency-based contracts and USDT contracts

Coin-based contracts , that is, you can only open contracts for any currency you own. For example, BTC currency-standard contracts use BTC as margin to open long or short BTC orders. The USDT standard contract is to use USDT as a margin, and you can open long or short contracts in various currencies such as BTC/ETH/LTC.

⑦ What are the four major digital currency exchanges?

There are many digital currency exchanges in the market, but in the face of social control over digital currency transactions, many There are restrictions on digital currency exchanges. However, there is a compliant digital currency exchange that is developing well. It has recently raised $421 million, which has shocked the entire digital currency industry. It is the FTX exchange. If you are also a sports enthusiast, you must also know that the FTX exchange cooperates with the Miami Heat. The main stadium of the Miami Heat is named FTX Stadium, and the Major League Baseball (MLB) superstar Shohei Ohtani also became FTX’s brand ambassador.

⑧ What is the delivery method of OKEX bitcoin exchange contract transactions?

1. When the delivery time is up, the system will use BTC (LTC and other currencies) in the last hour. The arithmetic average of the U.S. dollar index is used as the delivery price to close all open weekly contracts. The profit and loss generated after closing the position is added to the realized profit and loss.
2. If there is still a user’s forced liquidation order that fails to be filled until the delivery, the position will be delivered at the delivery price at the time of delivery, and the resulting loss will be recorded as the loss of the user who crosses the contract. After the contract is delivered in the current week and the settlement of the contract in the next week and quarter is completed, it will be apportioned according to the whole-account apportionment system to make up for the losses of users who cross positions.
3. Add the realized profit and loss of the weekly contract to the account balance, and the delivery and clearing are completed.
4、If there is market manipulation or market anomalies before and after the delivery and settlement time, resulting in significant fluctuations in the index, or abnormal distribution ratios, we may choose to delay delivery and settlement according to specific circumstances. The specific rules will be announced in an announcement. .
Delivery time: every Friday at 16:00 (UTC+8)

⑨ I want to do contract transactions, which platform can do bitcoin contracts with 50x leverage?

Yes, Starcoin Global can do it, the first batch of compliance platforms of the Seychelles government, I have been playing for a while, it’s pretty good

⑩ Which exchange can do digital currency futures

As early as the beginning of the rise of digital currency, some digital currency trading platforms have launched bitcoin-based futures contracts. For example: Crypto Facilities, a UK-based digital currency exchange, launched four bitcoin futures contracts with different maturities. This year, Crypto Facilities has offered as many as four cryptocurrency derivatives trading contracts including Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

In 2014, BitMEX, a well-known digital currency futures exchange in the United States, was established. According to its official website, the BitMEX contract price is determined by the average price of other exchanges. At the same time, the leverage multiple of this exchange can be set at Optionally select from 1.01 to 100 times. In China, the futures contracts of digital currency trading platforms have also emerged in 2014. The first one was an exchange giant called Bitnet, and then the well-known OK and Huobi quickly launched similar products.

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