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Ⅰ A composition of about 700 words with the support of things and aspirations

Life between the stone crevices

Lin Xi

The stone crevice The stubborn life of this time often moved me to tears.

It is the uncertain wind that scatters the unpicked seeds to the ends of the sea. When they could no longer find soil, they pinned their last hope in this crevice. Although they can also share the warmth from the sun and the moisture from the rain, only the soil on which all life depends must be found by themselves. What a grim reality they face.

As a result, an astonishing miracle appeared in nature, and stubborn life clustered among the barren rock crevices.

Or just a bunch of nameless weeds, green in spring and yellow in autumn, withering every year. They don’t have the conditions to grow broad leaves, because they can’t find enough nutrients to thicken the grass, they only have three or two long thin thin leaves, and those tiny veins tell you how hard it is to survive ; more, they grow their own roots under clusters of thin leaves, just in order to suck a little milk from their mothers, they go to find the stone crevices that are not easily noticed. This is life. If this is an instinct, then it shows how noble the instinct of life is.

Or just a group of small mountain flowers, most of which are the bitter dandelion. Their stems and leaves have a bitter, milky sap, and their roots are dug up for wild vegetables in the spring. The dandelions among the cracks are far from growing as strong as the same clan on the fields. They cannot grow tall because of the ferocity of the mountain wind, they cannot have many leaves because of the barrenness of the rocks, their stems are tough and old, their leaves are tarnished by withering; only their roots are Like the flexible and strong tendons, like the soft and firm vines, buried deep in the narrow gap between the stone cracks; they can no longer serve people as fresh and tender wild vegetables, but silently help people climb the mountain road. The person prepares a reliable gripper. This is how life is regulated and changed by the environment. Although the law of survival of the fittest is ruthless, all the fittest are the strong ones who overcome the environment. The phenomenon of life tells you that life is hard work.

If there are only these small flowers and grasses between the stone crevices, it may only arouse people’s pity; and the most amazing thing is that there are towering pines and cypresses growing in the crevices of the stone and rocks, Majestic and vigorous, towering tall and straight. They give the mountains an aura, and make all life pale in front of them. This is how their trunks grow tenaciously from the cracks in the stones, twisting and turning, and scars are scabbed on every inch of their tree coats. Up, up, up how hard it is. Every inch of growth has to go through several degrees of cold and heat, several degrees of spring and autumn. But at last they grew into tall trees, with lush branches and clumps of needles that never fell. They stand on the cliffs, on the peaks of high mountains, only the roots of the trees on the cliffs silently tell you how hard their growth was. The roots, as thick as a giant python and as thin as a grass snake, are intertwined, pierced through a stone crevice, and drilled out from another stone crevice, then along the ruthless bluestone, they extend past like sharp eagle claws grabbed the rock on which it rested. Sometimes, the roots of a pine and cypress will cover half of the cliff, as if the rocky rocks are tightly bound with a thick cable, so that they can face the storm and rain, and finally they are in the mountains. The living space that does not belong to oneself occupies a world for oneself.

If all life disdain to seek a foothold among the crevices of stones, then there will be a large area of ​​the world that will become eternally dead, and birds will have nowhere to live, and everything will be borrowed from flowers, plants and trees. The life on which it depends will disappear, and the place will be reduced to eternal darkness without a day of enlightenment. If all beings only covet the dark and fertile soil, how can they complete their ability to control the environment, and how can they make themselves stronger and stronger in the reproduction of each generation? The world is so wonderful. Just think, once the wild grasses between the rocks are scattered on the fertile ground, they will definitely have more vigorous vitality and grow more lush than the delicate seeds that have not been tested by wind and rain; just think, that The dandelions among the rocks, once their seeds, supporting the fluffy umbrellas, drifted to the wet countryside with the wind, they will grow stronger than other flowers, and can withstand the heat and cold better than other flowers; as for the tenacious pine and cypress, It is originally the sublime embodiment of life, the most perfect symbol of perseverance and will, and it inspires all life.�Be an example.

May all life not be suffocated by falling among the stone crevices. May all life dare to seek the most difficult environment. It is precisely in the most difficult circumstances that life needs to discover and know itself, so that it is possible to temper oneself, grow oneself, and finally complete oneself and sublime oneself.

The tenacious life between the cracks is both biological and philosophical, and it is the unity of biology and philosophy. It is also aesthetic; as an aesthetic phenomenon, it shows you not only the layers of lush green that decorate the barren hills, but also reveals to you a beautiful and magnificent spiritual world.

The tenacious life in the crevices of the stone has such emotional power that shocks people’s hearts, and it makes the planet on which we live become magical and brilliant.

Eagle Song

Eagle, always fly to the blue sky, the blue sky is the eagle’s wings.
An eagle cannot always be attached to the same tree, and finally leaves the branch and flies to its blue sky to fight the sky.
Eagle, its definition is to soar. Even at the moment of death, I would rather fall from a high sky and die peacefully. Sprinkle its feathers in the sky and let the feathers continue its dream of flying.
Staying in the nest, looking at the blue sky, and dying in despair, the eagle will never do it. Because it knows it’s pointless to die like this.
Eagle is an eagle! It knows how to integrate its soul with the sky, and it leaves its majestic figure in the sky. The sky belongs to him forever, and the shadow of eagles flashes in the sky from time to time, and with a long cry, it summons other eagles.

The Song of Running Water

The running water, with inexhaustible faith, towards the direction of the sea, runs tirelessly day and night, writing its magnificent song of life.
In Liushui’s heart, there are only two words – forward. Because it knows that standing still means destruction. Meaningless destruction, flowing water is unwilling. Flowing water knows that the journey to the sea is long and full of twists and turns. But the flow of water is all about the process of rushing. Because of the turbulent current, the flowing water feels its own existence, feels the surging blood, and the beating pulse.
Flowing water cares about the process of life. Because in the process of running, he can appreciate the majesty of the mountains, the towering mountains, and feel the greatness of the mountains. Liushui is intoxicated by the beauty of the mountains, but he will not stand still, because he remembers the admonition of his ancestors: the scenery is more beautiful in the distance! This is the belief of immortality.
When the running water was at the mouth of the sea, and he looked back at the distant mountains, he smiled knowingly. Because he feels the fullness of life.

Ⅱ Youju Lyrics

Little Song: The official hat is wide and the three fingers are uncomfortable
A stomping on the high-rise pavilion
It is the sinking of the sea
Besides drinking and snobbing
Face to the sky and worshipping three times
The world is not sticking to friends and coming from afar
Let’s start a horse and step through the barrier
Xiao Yiqing: the new half of court clothes Loaded with dust
Advised to sell it as a classic
Landscapes have natural sounds
Fishing, nets, firewood, and firewood
Speaking freely and greedily
Being managed outside the imperial capital He is black and white
Wrong or right, how to figure out how to feel at ease
Little song: Wanhong, mountains and seas after sunset
Stop for a moment and wait for the sky to be white
Xiao Yiqing: It’s not surprising
Empty eyes, snickering and avoid being fooled
Little Qu’er: Back to the garden and busy serving dishes
Wouldn’t it be more leisurely to stay in Qingshan
Xiao Yiqing: The sky is high and the sea is far away
Flying clouds are the cover
Combination: There is no argument in the mouth of a madman
It is not worth a debt of the rivers and lakes
Being favored by people in leisure
Cooking tea is also rich in ink
br />Xiao Yiqing: It will be hard to walk on this platform again
Toast to the moon
Reward me with a thousand miles of snow
The turbid color can be really covered
The foolish things in the world are not fools of the world
br />After a long time, the sieve has also been surging
It’s a pleasure to see it without hindrance
Little song: Wanhong mountains and seas after the sunset
Instant stop
One night Waiting for the sky to be white
Xiao Yiqing: It’s not strange to see the bones
The eyes are blank and snickering and avoid being fooled
Xiao Yiqing: I am busy serving dishes in the garden
Qingshan is always waiting
Why It’s more leisurely if it doesn’t come
Little song: The sky is high and the sea is deep outside.
The top floating clouds are the cover
Joint: The madman’s mouth is indiscriminate
It’s not worth the pleasure of a river and lake debt
Being favored by people in leisure
Cooking tea is also rich in color
Xiao Yiqing: a few people are envious and some people are really natural
Jokes are indisputable in the world
The river can be a pillow for the stars All lights
The rain and dew are on the body
Little song: Ye Bu loses Taoyao and can be used for each other
It is difficult to stick to the rules and make a good article
Xiao Yiqing: Going off the road and talking about politics after dinner
/>There are storytellers in the world
He: There are no arguments in the mouth of a madman
It is also a happy life
When you are alone, you can hear the soul of the soul
Cold wine is also a warm cup Wen
Little Qu’er: Being favored by people in leisure
Cooking tea is also a strong color


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