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⑴How to understand Huawei’s LTC process

First of all, my understanding is that Lead to Cash is based on the sales cycle (starting from the customer’s intention, or sales leads, to receiving User’s payment until payment), integrate/adjust the original systems and sub-processes of the entire organization into an end-to-end process, so as to better meet the increasingly complex needs of users, deliver, improve the operational efficiency of the entire organization (efficiency) and Faster market response (Effective) and improved end-to-end delivery capabilities. Below the main process of LTC, there are process groups, processes, and sub-processes.

As for Huawei, I don’t know and have no right to speak. At equipment suppliers, E/ALU/N/ZTE have already started the process reconstruction of LTC.

I think the reason why I started as a Tier 1 equipment supplier is in line with the general trend of the entire communication equipment industry.
1. The product line is becoming more and more complex, and the product lines are becoming more and more complex. 2. The market share is becoming more and more concentrated with large suppliers, and at the same time, these large suppliers begin to develop towards service, integration and solution providers; these two are also cause and effect of each other;
5. The technology gap between mainstream manufacturers is getting smaller and smaller, and competition is more and more reflected in overall capabilities, such as response speed, such as delivery speed and quality, such as support capabilities;

(2) LTC belongs to the company’s overall process: which section of strategy, operation, enablement, and support

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⑶ What does LTC mean

LTC (Leads To Cash), from leads to cash, is a set of end-to-end business processes established from a marketing perspective. Huawei is using LTC to promote the improvement of the ability of the entire enterprise marketing field. Xianniu is a practitioner of the LTC idea. Xianniu integrates the logistics, human flow, capital flow and information flow in different links of IT services by opening up the data in the internal and external systems of IT service providers, and uses digital technologies and tools to promote IT Transformation and upgrading of service providers to achieve excellent business operations.

⑷ How to understand Huawei’s LTC process is it only applicable to contractors?

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⑸ What does OTC, PTP, RTR, T&E mean

1, PTP: Procure to Pay, The “procure-to-pay” process, perhaps you’ve heard of an acronym that’s used more often than that.

2. OTC: Order to Cash, that is, the “order to cash” process, and the same meaning is “AR”.

3. RTR: Record to Report, that is, the “record to report” process, which is roughly the collection of data for financial reporting.

4. T&E: Travel and Entertainment, the “Travel and Entertainment Expenses” process.

(5) ltc process summary Extended reading:

Other meanings of PTP

1, PTP is the English “Picture Transmission Protocol ( picture transfer protocol)”.

2. PTP is the abbreviation of “proton-transfer polymerization” in English.

3. PTP: Paper Tape Printer

4. PTP: Paid To Promote

It means that you help a station do publicity Advertising to enhance its popularity, this station will pay you according to the number of times (that is, traffic) that the advertising page it provides to you is effectively clicked or exposed. There are many forms of PTP. ) added to your surf station for traffic exchange. If you don’t understand, you can refer to the reference material.

5, Precision Time Synchronization Protocol (Precision Time Synchronization Protocol)

6, PTP post tetanic potentiation refers to repeated high-frequency electrical stimulation (tetanic stimulation) presynaptic After the nerve fiber, it causes the facilitation of synaptic transmission and enhances the response of the postsynaptic fiber.

7.PTP: ProteinTyrosinePhosphatase.

8.PTP: mitochondrial membrane transition pore.

Reference: Network-OTC Transaction

Reference: Network-PTP

Reference: Network-rtr

Reference: Network-T&E

⑹ Who knows Huawei’s MTL (Market to Business Opportunity) process framework

LTC is Huawei’s main process, from clue discovery to cash back , pulled through end-to-end. Participate in different roles in different process links, and integrate and cooperate with other processes. In the process, the elements of quality, operation, internal control, authorization, and finance are put into the process, and the operation is done in one piece.

The LTC process is mainly divided into three sections: managing leads, managing opportunities, and managing contract execution.

Management change must be carried by business processes before it can fall intoBe realistic, otherwise it will become empty talk. The management system based on process construction is an operating system and a business operating system. The most important thing is to implement it into the organization, that is, the process-based organization construction and operation.

Building the company’s process system is to build the company’s operating system. The business is customer-centric, and the business flow must come from customers and go to customers. So, what does the construction and operation of process-based roles and organizations look like? This refers to the “iron triangle” operation, which is AR (account manager) + SR (product manager) + FR (service manager), teamwork.

LTC’s “Iron Triangle” team is not only a cooperative relationship, but also has a clear division of labor. Account managers are responsible for customer relations and try their best to obtain customer support; product managers are responsible for integrating supporting resources including R&D, providing The most suitable solution for customers; service manager, responsible for providing service solutions and network construction for customers.

(6) ltc process summary and extended reading:

Huawei has taken the lead in building a domestic big data business ecosystem since 2015. “Big Data 1+6 Business Model” has established strategic cooperation with domestic enterprises and scientific research institutions in the field of big data to jointly promote the progress and development of the domestic big data industry, and work with partners to create big data integration solutions and promote the implementation of big data applications. .

Datatang, as the first and only big data transaction and service company listed on the NEEQ, has become one of Huawei’s outstanding partners. It is understood that Datatang has previously provided professional data service solutions for many top Internet companies and high-tech enterprises at home and abroad.

Huawei’s “Big Data 1+6 Business Model” includes: 1 basic big data platform, that is, a big data basic platform built on Huawei’s enterprise-level big data analysis platform FusionInsight, Huawei cloud computing services, and hardware ;6 types of big data partners, including big data source, massive data organization, big data mining analysis, big data business application, big data visualization, big data top-level design, etc.

The big data source has a core strategic position in the entire “big data 1+6 business model” and is the basis for all big data analysis and applications. As the largest provider of big data sources in China, Datatang has attracted the attention of Huawei with its technological advantages, massive data sources and innovative business models.

Data Hall President Qi Hongwei said that the strategic cooperation between the two parties aims to jointly develop customers in various industries through the sharing of resources in technology, products, platforms, projects, channels, etc., to create complementary advantages, mutual benefit and sustainable development. Development of strategic partnerships.

⑺ What is the ltc process?

LTC is Huawei’s main process, starting from clue discovery, to recovering cash, end-to-end.

Involve in different roles in different process links, and integrate and cooperate with other processes, put the elements of quality, operation, internal control, authorization, and finance into the process, and operate in one piece . The LTC process is mainly divided into three sections: managing leads, managing opportunities, and managing contract execution.

LTC is L2C (Leads To Cash), which is an enterprise operation management idea from leads to cash. Huawei’s LTC process has also deeply applied this idea. L2Cplat is this idea. The practitioner of an idea.

It is based on the two major operational cores of enterprise marketing and R&D, running through the entire operation process of the enterprise, deeply integrating mobile Internet, SaaS technology, big data and enterprise operation wisdom, aiming to create a market-oriented, A closed-loop platform-based ecological operating system for leads, sales, R&D, projects, delivery, and cash-to-service.

⑻ What does ltc mean

LTC is L2C (Leads To Cash). The application of this idea, L2Cplat is the practitioner of this idea. It is based on the two major operation cores of enterprise marketing and R&D, which runs through the entire process of enterprise operation, and deeply integrates mobile Internet, SaaS technology, big data and enterprise operation wisdom. , delivery, cash-to-service closed-loop platform-based ecological operation system.


L2Cplat’s core product concept, “Reform of the Dao”, originated from Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching”.

Everything in the universe is a whole that is closely related to each other. This is Lao Tzu’s cosmology, and it is also the cosmology that the mobile Internet era hopes to show.

⑼ What does ipd ltc itr mean

Hello, IPD (development), MTL (marketing), LTC (sales/delivery), ITR (after-sales) It is the company’s four operational processes~

IPD (integrated product development), LTC (lead to payment), ITR (problem to solution).

Integrated Product Development (IPD for short)� is a set of product development models, concepts and methods. The idea of ​​IPD comes from the book “Product and Life Cycle Optimization” (PACE – Proct And Cycle-time Excellence) published by the American PRTM company, which describes in detail the various aspects of this new product development model. aspect.

⑽ What is LTC

LTC is shorthand for Litecoin, which is inspired by Bitcoin (BTC) and has technically the same implementation In principle, the creation and transfer of Litecoin is based on an open-source encryption protocol that is not managed by any central authority.

Litecoin LTC market information can be found in Yingwei Finance



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