ltc502 communication

❶ Jingchuang ltc-100 cold storage temperature controller has an instruction manual

as shown below:



1, refrigeration, fan, defrost 3 outputs.

2 and 3 temperature probes are connected, and the control process is scientific and reasonable.

3. RS485 communication interface, connected with the host computer to realize long-distance communication and control.

4. Various control parameters can be set on the local machine and the host computer respectively.

5. The temperature probe adopts the temperature sensor imported from the United States.

6. The advanced ATMEL single-chip microcomputer is used as the host, which reduces the peripheral components and improves the reliability.

7. It adopts various technologies such as watchdog circuit, software trap and redundancy, power-down protection, digital filtering, etc., with strong on-site fault tolerance and strong anti-interference ability of the whole machine.

8, 6-digit LED display, respectively display machine number, temperature, and other settings.

❷ What is LTC

LTC is shorthand for Litecoin, which is inspired by Bitcoin (BTC) and has technically the same implementation In principle, the creation and transfer of Litecoin is based on an open-source encryption protocol that is not managed by any central authority.

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❸ What does LTC mean

Least Total Cost(Least Total Cost)

LTC455/450U/W communication machine IF series is compatible with Murata MurataCFUCG series, small size, high performance, and ultra-thin (4.0mm) Four piezoelectric ceramic components (PiezoceramicsComponents) composition. This new structure can be more perfectly installed in mobile communication products, such as mobile phones, pocket pagers and so on. Provide complete piezoelectric component size, complete frequency range, and provide series product catalog download. Can be manufactured according to customer needs.

1. This component can be mounted by automatic machine
2. This component can be wave soldered and washable
3. Small size, only 4.0mmmax. thickness, and has a smaller size The mounting area is convenient for PCB flexible design
4. Various bandwidths are available
5. Operating temperature range: -20~+80(°C)
6. Storage temperature range: -40~+85(°C)

❹ 51 MCU and LTC1456 as a waveform generator, the upper limit of frequency

I don’t know how your program is written, However, the frequency of driving the DAC output waveform with an ordinary 51 single-chip microcomputer is limited. And if the LTC1456 you use is in serial communication mode, the output rate will be slower. The crystal oscillator of the single-chip microcomputer uses 24MHz. If it is an ordinary 51 single-chip microcomputer (12 clock cycles are one machine cycle), it takes 0.5us to execute an instruction under ideal conditions. It takes about 40 instructions to send 12-bit data at a time, that is to say, it takes 20us to output one point, and it takes more than 1ms for 64 points. In the most ideal state (regardless of DAC conversion time, and each instruction is a single machine cycle), the DAC output cannot reach 1KHz. So in order to achieve 0~10kHZ, you can consider using enhanced 51, or other higher-speed MCUs, and DACs are parallel.

❺ Bosch keyboard ltc8555 cannot control the matrix ltc8900 how to solve it

Check whether the communication between the keyboard and the matrix is ​​normal
Whether the control mode of the keyboard is matrix control Mode
To further confirm whether the keyboard is damaged
Removal method to confirm one by one

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