⑴Can the insulating oil in the transformer be touched with bare hands?

The dielectric strength of the transformer oil refers to the breakdown voltage of the transformer oil. The critical voltage at which oil is broken down is called breakdown voltage, which is often expressed as the oil withstand voltage (kV) of a standard oil cup. It can be seen that the breakdown voltage is the main indicator of the insulation performance of the transformer oil. The breakdown voltage of the oil is too low to ensure the reliable arc extinguishing of the main on-off contact during the tap change for the diverter switch or selector switch. The arc re-ignition does not extinguish, resulting in an interstage short circuit, which not only damages the transformer interstage insulation, but also damages the transformer. A major accident that may cause the OLTC to burn or the oil chamber to explode; at the same time, it will lead to a serious decrease in the OLTC main insulation strength and internal insulation strength. If the minimum breakdown voltage of the oil is lower than the voltage that the insulation should be able to withstand, the OLTC main insulation will appear. and internal insulation flashover and severe short-circuit accidents. Therefore, the requirement of dielectric strength is put forward for the transformer oil used in the OLTC oil chamber. For OLTCs with different insulation levels, the requirements for the breakdown voltage of the transformer oil are different.

In ideally pure oil, the breakdown probability per unit volume is normally distributed, but the breakdown probability per unit volume of transformer oil that has been polluted during operation is no longer normally distributed. Because impurities in the oil can only reduce the breakdown voltage, it is impossible to increase it. When there are easy breakdown factors such as moisture, free carbon and damp fibers in the oil, it can play an “ignition effect”, so that the breakdown voltage of the oil is greatly reduced, and the minimum breakdown voltage appears. It can be seen that, for an OLTC in operation, not only the breakdown voltage of the oil, but also the minimum possible breakdown voltage should be concerned.

(2) Soldering iron use

Soldering iron tip is the accessory product of the basic word electric soldering iron, which is integrated into one.
Soldering iron tip, soldering iron tip, soldering tip The same thing is an accessory product of electric soldering iron and electric welding station. The main material is copper, which is a consumable item. Each electric soldering iron manufacturer is equipped with different types of soldering iron tips (soldering iron tips, soldering tips), but the basic shapes are pointed, horseshoe, flat, and knife-edge. The head of each kind of soldering iron tip (soldering iron tip, soldering tip) is basically the same, the difference lies in the size of the body part of the soldering iron tip (soldering iron tip, soldering tip), so that it can be matched with your own electric soldering iron and electric soldering station. Generally, the status of the soldering iron tips (soldering iron tips, soldering tips) of different brands of electric soldering irons and soldering stations is also different. But there are exceptions, for example: ordinary external heating electric soldering irons (30W, 40W, 60W…) are generally cheap due to their use, and 30W, 40W, 60W… soldering iron tips on the market (soldering iron tips) , welding tip) can be used. The other is the 900M series soldering iron tip (soldering iron tip, soldering tip) for the 936 soldering station. Although there are many brands of 936 soldering stations, they are all evolved from Baiguang 936 soldering stations. All 936 soldering stations and 900M series soldering iron tips on the market can be used together.
The core production process of soldering iron tips (soldering iron tips, soldering tips) is electroplating. The ancient manufacturers of electric soldering irons and soldering stations do not produce soldering iron tips (soldering iron tips and soldering tips). Instead, find a professional soldering iron head (soldering iron tip, soldering tip) manufacturer to produce, and then paste your own brand.
One: Soldering iron head life:
The life of the soldering iron head is determined by the number of solder joints, and the guaranteed life is determined by the thickness of the coating on the head. The thicker the coating, the longer the life of the soldering iron tip, but the heat conduction efficiency will greatly reduce the life of the soldering iron tip
For the same temperature series of soldering iron tips, the lifespan of thin soldering iron tips is shorter than that of thick soldering iron tips. Because the soldering iron tip is working, it is inevitable that the life of the soldering iron tip will be worn on the surface. Therefore, the thin soldering iron tip is more prone to wear and thus reduces the life of the soldering iron tip.
2: Maintenance of the soldering iron tip:
The initial use of the new electric soldering iron, the new electric soldering iron cannot be used immediately, it is necessary to coat the soldering iron head with a layer of solder, the method is: use a file to put the soldering iron Clean the head, press on the power supply, and when the temperature gradually rises, apply rosin on the tip of the soldering iron; when the rosin starts to smoke and the soldering iron begins to melt the solder, place the soldering iron in a place with a small amount of rosin and solder. Grind on the sandpaper and grind all sides, so that the soldering iron tip can be coated with a layer of solder to enhance the life of the soldering iron tip.
Three: The name and specific model of the soldering iron tip:
White light soldering iron tip series
900m series soldering iron tip
900m-t-0.8d 900m-t-1.2d 900M-T- 1.2LD900m-t-1.5c900m-t-1.6d 900m-t-1.8h900m-T-1C 900m-t-1cf900m-t-2.4d900m-T-2C 900m-t0.2-rb
900m-t -0.5c900m-t-0.8c 900m-t-2cf 900m-t-2ld900m-t-3.2d900m-t-3c 900m-t-3cf900m-T-4C900m-t-4cf
900s series soldering iron tips
900s-t-1.2D900s-t-1.6d 900s-T-1C900s-T―2C900s–T-B900s-T-I
900L series soldering iron tips
900L-T-1.6D900L- T-2.4D900L-T-2B 900L-T-2C 900L-T-2CF 900L-T-3.2D 900L-T-3C900L-T-3CF 900L-T-4C900L-T-4CF900L-T-5C 900L-T- 5CF
900L–T-B900L-TI 900L-TK 900L-T-LB 900L-T-S1
918 Series Soldering Iron Tips
918-T-1.6D 918-T-2.4D918-T-3.2D918-t-3c918-T-4C918-t-5C 918-T-6.5D918–TB 918- T-BC
920.921.922. Series Soldering Iron Tips
920-T-1.0D920-T-1.6D920-T-2.4D 920-T―2C920-T-2CF 920-T-3.2D 920 -T-3C 920-T-4C 920-T-4CF920-T-A920–TB 920-T-BC920-T-I 920-T-R
920-T-RT 920-T-SB
N453.452.454 Series Soldering Iron Tips
N452-T-1C N452-T―2C N452-T-2CFN452-T-3CF N452-T-4C N452–TB N452-T-CN452-TD N452- TI N452-T-SB N452-T-SCN452-T-SDN454-T-2C
N454-T-2CF N454-T-3c N454-T-4CN454-T-5C N454-TB N454-T-DN454 -TI
455/456/931 series tip
a1047 a1048a1049 a1050 a1051a1052 a1053 a1080 A1081A1162 A1160A1163 A1173 A1023A1024 A1025A1026 A1031 A1032 A1161
980 series soldering tip
980-T-B980 -T-BC 980-TD 980-T-B1
T12 Series
CT Series Soldering Iron Tips
EM Series Tip Tips
Takachiho Tip Series
SA Series
SS Series
SY series
goot tip Series
px-60RT series soldering iron headPX-60RT-4CPX-60RT-3.2DPX-60RT-3CPX-60RT-LBPX-60RT-2CPX-60RT-5K
RX series soldering iron headRX-70LRT-BRX -70LRT-2.4D RX-70LRT-SB RX-70LRT-3cRX-70LRT-5K RX-70LRT-3.2D
TQ-77RT series soldering iron tip TQ-77RT-SB TQ-77RT-2C TQ-77RT-B TQ-77RT-3C TQ-77RT-BC
TP-100N series soldering iron headPX-2RT series soldering iron headRX-93HSRT series soldering iron headRX-93HRT series soldering iron headRX-70LRT soldering iron head
PX-60RTRD -68RD-67RB-680 series soldering iron tips R-6 series soldering iron tips R-48 series soldering iron tips TQ series soldering iron tips CX-CXG series soldering iron tips
PACE soldering iron tips
PACE soldering iron tips
1121-0130 1121-0131 1121-0132 1121-0340 1121-0340 1121-050 1121-0336 1121-0349 1121-0357 1121-0358 1121-0359 1121-0360
1121-0363 1121-0504 1121-0339 1121-0359 1121-0361 1121-0499 1121-0500
Esa Soldering Tip Series
832 Series 0602 Series 842 Series Soldering Tip 722 Series Soldering Tip 612 Series Soldering Tip 422 Series Soldering Iron Tip
162 Series Soldering Iron Tip132 Series Soldering Iron TipG132 Series Soldering Iron TipG072 Series Soldering Iron Tip252.302.552 Series Soldering Iron Tip
STTCC Series
STTC-017;STTC-022;STTC-025; STTC-026; STTC-036; STTC-037; STTC-038; STTC-040; STTC-045; STTC-101; STTC-102; STTC-103; STTC-104; STTC-105; STTC-106; 107; STTC-111; STTC-112; STTC-113; STTC-114; STTC-115; STTC-116; STTC-117; STTC-120; STTC-122; STTC-124; STTC-125; STTC-126; STTC-131; STTC-132; STTC-133; STTC-135; STTC-136; STTC-137; STTC-138; STTC-140; STTC-141; STTC-142; STTC-145; 198; STTC-199; STTC-817; STTC-836; STTC-837; STTC-838
TATC series
TATC-501; TATC-502; TATC-503; ;TATC-506;TATC-508;TATC-601;TATC-602;TATC-603;TATC-604;TATC-605;TATC-606;TATC-608
SMTC series
SMTC-001; SMTC-002; SMTC-003; SMTC-004; SMTC-005; SMTC-006; SMTC-011; SMTC-012; SMTC-014; SMTC-0140; SM TC-0142; SMTC-0144; SMTC-0145; SMTC-0147; SMTC-0161; SMTC-0162; SMTC-0167; SMTC-0170; 105; SMTC-106; SMTC-107; SMTC-112; SMTC-1120; SMTC-1121; SMTC-1122; SMTC-113; SMTC-114; SMTC-1161; SMTC-1162; SMTC-1167; SMTC-117; SMTC-1170; SMTC-1171; SMTC-1172; 161; SMTC-162; SMTC-860; SMTC-861; SMTC-862
SSC series
SSC-601A; SSC-613A; SSC-622A; ; SSC-637A; SSC-638A; SSC-639A; SSC-642A; SSC-645A; SSC-646A; SSC-647A; SSC-661A; -674A; SSC-717A; SSC-722A; SSC-725A; SSC-726A; SSC-736A; SSC-737A; SSC-738A; ;SSC-754A;SSC-761A;SSC-767A;SSC-770A;SSC-771A;SSC-772A; SSC-773A; SSC-774A; SSC-790A; SSC-7006P
PHT series
PHT-750315; PHT-750325; PHT-752017; PHT-752057; PHT-753035; PHT-753067; PHT-754467; PHT-754467F; PHT-754487; PHT-754487F; -754627; PHT-754627F; PHT-754667; PHT-754687; PHT-754697; PHT-755437; PHT-755457; CH25; SFV-CH50; SFV-CHB15; SFV-CN05; SFV-CNB05; SFV-CNL04; SFV-CNL10; SFV-CNL14; SFV-CNL20; SFV-DRH20; STV-CH20; STV-CH25; STV-CH50; STV-CHB15; STV-CN05; STV-CNB05; STV-CNL04; STV-CNL10; STV-CNL14; STV-CNL20; STV-DRH20; DRK50S; SFV-CN05A; SFV-CNL10A; SFV-CH50A; SFV-CH25A; SFV-CH18A; SFV-CH15A; SFV-CNB04A; SFV-DRH430A; SFV-CHL03A; >DFP-CN2; DFP-CN4; DFP-CN6; DFP-CN7; DFP-CNL4; RFP-BL1; RFP-BL3; RFP-DL1; RFP-DL2; RFP-SL1; RFP-SL2; SFP-BVL10; SFP -CH10;SFP-CH15;SFP-CH20;SFP-CH25;SFP-CH50;SFP-CHB15;SFP-CHL20;SFP-CN04;SFP-CN05;SFP-CNB04;SFP-CNB05;SFP-CNL04;SFP-DRH05 ;SFP-DRH15;STP-CH10;S TP-CH15; STP-CH20; STP-CH25; STP-CHB15; STP-CHL20; STP-CN04; STP-CN05; STP-CNB05; STP-DRH05; STP-DRH15; STP-DRH35; TFP-BLH3; TFP- BLH4; TFP-BLH5; TFP-BLH6; TFP-BLH7; TFP-BLP1; TFP-BLP2; TTP-BLH3; TTP-BLH4; TTP-BLH5; TTP-BLH6; TTP-BLH7; TTP-BLP1; TTP-BLP2; TTP-CNP1

⑶ Age of Empires 2 Chinese official version of what kind of arms

490 kinds
among them:
1 villager
2 Farmers
5 Militia
6 Fishermen
16 Monks
64 Monks with relics
18 Scouts
19 Hussars
11 Spear Throwers
20 Elite Spear Throwers
67 Seaside Fishing
68 Salmon
184 King Alfonso
166 Wonders
297- 301 Flowers 1-4
270-274 Flag A-Flag E
275 Spanish Flag
119 Wooden Fence Wall
120 Stone Wall
121 Enhanced Wall
122 Outpost
123 Watchtower
124 Guard Tower
125 Fortress
126 Turret
114 Tower of the Damned
351 Port
307 Cactus
246-252 Heights 1-7
269 Stone Head
227 Joan of Arc
310 Rampage Dog
150 Marks
162 Fragments of the Cross
66 Relics
322 Relic Carts
141 Trading Horses
73 Town Centers
74 Castles
85 Fish Farms
83 Tree I
35 Tree F
277 Torch (torch)
336 Arrow
319 Sampan
308 Map Revealer
169 American Tiger
51 Chariot
52 War Elephant
55 Indigo Raider
56 Destroyer
58 Zhuge Crossbow
82 Great Pyramid
106 mosques
9 swordsmen
95 stone throwing Machine
13 Light Catapult
14 Medium Catapult
15 Heavy Catapult
212 Robin Hood
213 Roland
214 Pope Leo I
21 University
142 Leading Battleship
100 Siege Weapon Factory
63 Forage Gatherer
140 Turtle Ship
292 Macaw
293 Eagle
262 Snow
276 Head
34 Builder
288-291 Trails 1-4
78 Forage Bush
316 Sea Wall
153 Tree G
308 Map Apocalypse
12 Cavalry Archers
178 Heavy Cavalry Archers
198 Foreman Holf (Berserker)
183 Foreman Holf (Destroyer)
242 Ashilflif
267 Blanket
268 Grave
181 Abandoned Fishing Ground
128 Big Tent
318 Upgrade to Heavy Shooter
220 Zig Fei
221 King Sancho
49 Berserker
113 Elite Berserker

309 Rampage Monkey Boy

246 Heights 1

163 Cobblestone

315 Spies

312 Cobra

⑷ Age of Empires 2 Genied2 modifier unit code can’t understand, please help.

I copied what I wrote for others, all the content is true.
The following are GeniED2 codes, GeniED2 Cannot add technology units, and cannot modify the production of heroes in a certain building.
12 BRKS Barracks
498 BRKS2 Barracks (Feudal Age)
132 BRKS3 Barracks (Castle Age)
20 BRKS4 Barracks (Era of Emperors)
74 SPRMN Militia
152 SPRMN_D Militia (dead)
75 SWDMN Armoured Infantry
154 SWDMN_D Armoured Infantry (dead)
77 THSWD Long swordsman
180 THSWD_D Swordsman (Death)
473 HTHSW Two-Handed Swordsman
500 HTHSW_D Two-Handed Swordsman (Death)
567 HEROI Swordsman Warrior
568 HEROI_D Swordsman Warrior (Death)
93 PKEMN Pikeman
140 PKEMN_D Pikeman (Death)
358 ISPKM Heavy Pikeman
501ISPKM_D Heavy Pikeman (dead)
359 HLBDM Halberdier
502 HLBDM_D Halberdier (dead)
751 EAGLE Eagle Warrior
754 EAGLE_D Eagle Warrior (death)
752 EAGLEX Elite Eagle Warrior
754 EAGLE_D Elite Eagle Warrior (Death)
759 BHUSK Gothic Guard (Barracks)
62 GBRSK_D Gothic Guard (Barracks) (Death)
761 BHUSKX Elite Gothic Guard (Barracks)
62 GBRSK_D Elite Gothic Guard (Barracks) (Dead)
Stable Unit
101 STBL Stable
86 STBL3 Stable (Castle Age)
153 STBL4 Stables (Era of Emperors)
448 SCOUT Scout Cavalry
449 SCOUT_D Scout Cavalry (death)
546 LTCAV Hussars
547 LTCAV_D Hussars (death)
441 HUSSAR Hungarian Hussars
480 HUSSAR_D Hungarian Hussars (death)
38 KNGHT Knights
111 KNGHT_D Knights (death)
283 PALDN Cavalry
139 PALDN_D Cavalry (death) )
569 HEROC Ranger
570 HEROC_D Ranger (Death)
329 CVLRY Camel Cavalry
494 CVLRY_D Camel Cavalry (Death)
330 HCLRY Heavy Camel Cavalry
495 HCLRY_D Heavy Camel Cavalry (Death)
Archery Range Unit
87 ARRG Archery Range
10 ARRG3 Archery Range (Castle Age)
14 ARRG4 Archery Range (Monarchy Age)
4 ARCHR Archer
3 ARCHR_D Archer (Death)
363 MRARC Arrow (Archer)
466 MFARC Arrow (Chemistry) (Archer)
24 CARCH Crossbow Soldiers
26 CARCH_D Crossbowmen (Death)
364 MRCOM Arrows (Crossbowmen)
375 MFCOM Arrows (Chemistry) (Crossbowmen)
492 ACOAR Crossbowmen
496 ACOAR_D Crossbowmen (Death)
507 MRACA Arrow (Strong Crossbow)
519 MFACA Arrow (Chemistry) (Strong Crossbow)
If you can’t write the rest, send me your email, I will send you the complete code compilation and availability Add technology, units, and database modifiers that modify everything in a certain building to produce heroes, etc. – Advanced Genie Editor (AGE).

⑸ Inlet airtight What are the brands of leak detectors

Germany innomatec LTC-101, innomatec LTC-502, innomatec LTC-602, innomatec LTC-702, innomatec LTC-802, innomatec LTC-902

⑹ Who can tell me all the digital instructions of 10086

Hello, you can refer to the following:

  1. Send CXBX to 10086 to check the remaining number of text messages in the current month’s package

  2. Send CXGFX to 10086 to query the remaining traffic of the Fetion GPRS package in the month

  3. Send CXGTC to 10086 to query the remaining traffic of the GPRS package in the current month

  4. Send CXCCT to 10086 to check the remaining data of the Super Listening Package in the current month

  5. Send CXGLL to 10086 to check the usage of the current month The total GPRS traffic

  6. send CXDX120 to check the remaining number of SMS in the current month’s optional plan “SMS 120”

  7. send CXDX500 , query the remaining number of SMS messages in the current month’s optional plan “SMS 500”

  8. Send CXCXB to query the remaining number of MMS messages in the current month’s optional plan “MMS package”


  9. Send CXIP1000 to check the remaining call time of the current month’s optional plan “IP1000”

  10. Send CXMDX to check the “SMS package (50 messages) redeemed by the M plan. /month)” the remaining number of SMS messages in the current month

  11. Send CXMCX to check the remaining number of MMS messages in the current month for the “MMS package (10/month)” redeemed by the M plan

  12. Send CXMG to check the remaining traffic of “10M/month GPRS traffic” redeemed by M plan

⑺ Mechanical The difference between the sealing pressure test and the vacuum test

The pressure test is to test the strength, and the airtightness and sealing of the product are tested during the vacuum test.

innomatec LTC-101
innomatec LTC-502 GmbH

⑻ Air tightness 0.5m3/What does m·h mean

The allowable leakage per cubic meter per hour is 0.5 cubic meters

⑼ What is the difference between leak test d520 and f620

This generally refers to the difference in extension function, basically the test function is the same. You can refer to the difference between innoamtec LTC-502 and innomatec LTC-602


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