『One』Help me translate it

Build originally for the hospital , adopt the build body structure , bar-like basis to irrigate an armoured concrete now. The floor has no a basement all above four tiers. Eaves are taller than 15.050 ms. Owe project built-up area 3519.52 ? O. Seismic resistance fortifies intensity is 7 degree , the grade building seismic resistance is three-level , the space category is a kind III , fundamental wind pressure is 0.5 KN/ ? O , fundamental snow pressure is 0.7 KN/ ? O , build for the third kind. Originally, the content designing that includes physical design , budget and construction organization design that generally. Physical design mark is that hand calculates and gives an electric shock to calculate two parts: Hand has guessed that the mission is to carry out structure flat surface jobs such as arranging the cross section dimension , estimating , has accomplished and eight structure working drawing. The electricity guesses that the mission is to adopt the PKPM series software to use PMCAD to build a structural model first; And then, the internal force carrying out structure with SAT-8 software analyses and secretly schemes against; Use LTCAD and JCCAD software to accomplish stairs and the basis physical design again . Have accomplished four portion personally, drawing structure working drawing and calculating a book together. And exemplify the budget part , accomplish amounts project detailed list calculation , project folk prescription cost of construction, person , material , machine require that amounts wait. The part construction organization is designed accomplishes the deployment being under construction , hand draws the flat surface arrangement plan being under construction , the Shan code name network picture is labeled with the network picture in time. Every stage , person , material , machine need amounts. Have passed to hospital physical design , have known the entire proceeding designing that very well , have had the fundamental method that physical design calculates in hand , have accomplished the graation practice mission fairly good. At the same time, have had deeper make of to professional knowledge and basic concept learned by these years, ability having improved the problem analysing and resolving reality thereby .

Keywords: Graation practice; Public works; Physical design; Exemplify budget; Construction organization

『Ⅱ』 Use LTCAD to calculate the stairs from the PKPM In the overall model, there are always problems in obtaining the stairwell as shown in the figure below.

Children’s shoes, pkpm calculates that the stairs are very pitted, you should not use it, use morgain or rationale. Otherwise, it is very simple to calculate by hand. But the load must be lost in pkpm, because pkpm will not calculate the load of the stairs by itself, no matter if you model the stairs or the floor thickness is 0, you have to calculate the load by yourself and lose it by yourself

『三』How to modify the reinforcement map generated by pkpm (beam, column, plate)

Use PKPM to generate the base map of the beam, change the reinforcement according to the calculation book, and merge the same beam reinforcement as much as possible to make the construction Simple, material saving. NOTE: Control deflection, cracks. (The new version of the national regulations no longer requires crack control in the first-class environment, but it should be noted that the toilet and other places still need to be controlled)
The columns are generally hand-made according to the calculation book, and special attention should be paid to the core area of ​​the new version. Reinforcing bars need to be reconfigured

『4』 What is the latest version of the finite element analysis and design software satwe for multi-storey and high-rise building structures?

S1 PK reinforced concrete frame row Frame and continuous beam structure calculation and construction drawing
PMCAD structural plane computer-aided design
TAT (≤8 stories) 3D analysis program for multi-storey building structures
SATWE (≤8 stories) Multi-storey building Structural space finite element analysis
TAT (high-rise) high-rise building structure 3D analysis program
S2 TAT-D high-rise building structure dynamic time-history analysis
FEQ high-precision plane finite element frame-supported shear wall calculation and reinforcement
SATWE (high-rise) high-rise building structure space finite element analysis
S3 TAT-D high-rise building structure dynamic time history analysis
FEQ high-precision plane finite element frame-supported shear wall calculation and Reinforcement
LTCAD Stair Computer Aided Design
S4 JLQ Shear Wall Structure Computer Aided Design
GJ Design and Calculation of Reinforced Concrete Basic Components
S5 Foundation CAD (single foundation, strip foundation, pile Foundation, raft foundation)
STS steel structure CAD
PMSAP special multi- and high-rise building structure analysis and design

『Wu』 pkpm What is the strength setting of standard layer concrete Several ways to enter in what menu

1. When PMCAD is modeling, set it in “Information of this layer”.
2. SATWE menu “connect PM to generate SATWE data” “medium” supplementary definition of special components “with “material strength” setting.

The former can only define all similar components of a layer as a strength. The latter can arbitrarily define the strength of any individual member.

In addition, specific components can be defined in specific calculation modules, for example, the strength of piles, caps, and foundation rafts can be defined in JCCAD. LTCAD can also define the strength of stair members.

“Lu” Stairs are built in PMCAD or not, but Morgan counts the reinforcement?

The current specification requires that the influence of the stairs be considered, but the calculation software cannot keep up with it. In the above, pkpm can only consider the influence of the stairs on the overall calculation, and the reinforcement is still calculated according to the traditional method, but the reinforcement structure is changed, see 11G101-2. You can try midas-building, I don’t know if this can be calculated.

『柒』 Please help, how to model with LTCAD in PKPM2.2

Don’t use that model.
PKPM has a limited function and cannot be modeled according to the actual situation.
It is recommended that you find a calculation book from the online library and do the calculation by hand.
You’ll know it once.

How to use 『渌』 pkpm LTCAD 2&count=5

『鎖』 How to convert the staircase file in pkpm to dwg file! ! !

Select “Graphics Editing, Printing and Converting” on the main page of LTCAD, after entering, click “Tools” → “T-map to dwg” in the menu bar, and select the T-map you want to convert. Complete the conversion.

“Pick” What are the most commonly used modules in PKPM

The most commonly used modules depend on the project you need to design.
Generally speaking, S1~S5+STS are required


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