Lunar Colony Alpha 😉10,000 unique Alphabots NFTs on Ethereum

LCA is a generative artwork collection of 10,000 hand drawn Alphabot NFT’s dwelling in the digital realm. All secured by the Ethereum blockchain and dedicated to a cosmic mission. Their aim – to lay the foundations of a digital meta-city.

What is Lunar Colony Alpha?

Lunar Colony Alpha, or LCA, is a community-driven project, which marks the beginning of the M00N City DAO – a digital meta-city built and ruled by its citizens. 10,000 unique Alphabots NFTs are waiting for their owners to join them on a m00n mission to establish the foundations of the first-ever M00N City.

The Alphabot ownership gives you the opportunity to be part of decision-making process and shape the project’s future development. The price is the same for everyone – each Alphabot token costs 0.08 ETH (+gas) and owners acquire the commercial usage rights over their NFTs.

Staking Alphabots earns you LUNAR tokens.

With project’s progress and LCA community approval, we’ll be working to add future utility to the LUNAR token, such as:

Proposal of the LUNAR tokenomics can be found at

Disclaimer: LUNAR is the M00N City’s token (ERC20) and will be used within its ecosystem. It is not money and has zero value!

Note: Fifty Alphabot NFTs are being withheld from the sale. These will be used for giveaways and for the creators’ LCA memberships.

Intro – The fall

Not that long ago, governments and authorities worldwide began introducing unfair regulations over social media and the digitalisation of public services. Centralized data sources were used as a tool to manipulate opinions and gain political power. Soon enough blockchains became illegal – for the sake of “protecting the investors”… Free spirits were forced to become outlaws.

А New Hope

Union and collaboration was their only salvation. Underground societies started forming communities to oppose the oppressors. They called themselves moonwalkers… nothing could stop them spreading their beliefs on crypto, data sharing and free will.

Lunar Colony Alpha

They flew their avatars to the dark side of the moon to establish the M00N City. Barriers between the metaverse DAO and reality began melting away. Lunar Colony Alpha was born.

The moonwalkers’ guide to the Cryptoverse

  • community is everything – we make decisions together, grow stronger together, build and rise as one
  • cooperation – we support the crypto space by giving back to projects in need
  • strive for democracy’s great principles – blockchain is of no use if the code is centralized
  • respect the GM – embrace the “meme” culture, life is a game after all 😉
  • no panic when you “sense” the dump – diamond hands win, paper hands lose; don’t follow the crowd – always DYOR
  • rely but verify – ‘Verification is the highest form of trust’. No transparency – no reasons to trust
  • cheers & beers for a healthy walking – learn to share and celebrate


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