Mao Yongfeng Yuan Universe Investment

“One” College Students’ Ideal Deep Motivational Speech Contest Competition Advisory Team

Zhang Rui, President of Wanxue Education Group
Zhang Qiang, China’s Top Ten Outstanding Managers for Brand Building China Renmin University Business School MBA Corporate Mentor Mentor of Sichuan University Entrepreneurship and Employment Promotion Department
Zhu Hongjun Former Senior Executive of Microsoft China, Senior Angel Investor
Li Zhiqiang Director of Campus Recruitment Department and High-end Client Department
Xu Pengyuan, Worry-free Future and Zhilian Recruitment, senior management personnel of the two major human resource recruitment giants
Niu Jinru, Renmin University of China Business School Internship Base Distinguished Instructor, University of International Business and Economics School of Public Administration Training Instructor
Dan Xuefengyuan Senior Recruitment Supervisor of Google Human Resources Department Senior Recruitment Officer of Human Resources Department of LG Group Senior Director of Marketing Planning Channels Member of All-China Federation of Students Vice Chairman of Sichuan Provincial Federation of Students
Shen Yixin Former Senior Project Manager of Lenovo Group Planning Department
Mao Yongfeng Former Samsung Advertising Account Manager
Wanxue Education Group – College Students Career Development Division – Channel Department

『II』 Mao Yongfeng has several work-related injury insurances in Shaoxing City

Work-related injury insurance belongs to social security One of them can only be purchased one copy, which is paid in full by the employer and paid to the Local Taxation Bureau for deduction.

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