Master of the currency circle

1. What happened to the bigwigs in the currency circle

The blockchain escorted by history and philosophy has not subverted other industries, but their own habitat is It was first overturned.

The flag-bearers in the currency circle have already “transferred” to foreign countries one after another – just like the founder of Binance Zhao Changpeng, the first sister of the currency circle, He Yi, Xue Manzi, Bao Erye, etc.

And the best destination is Japan. At the same time, a news that dozens of people in the currency circle have been detained by the border began to circulate among people in the circle.

The next resident in Japan is Changpeng Zhao, the founder of Binance – Xue Manzi also visited his office.

2. Who are the most profitable people in the currency circle

1-whales 2-professional coin speculators 3-exchange insiders 4-coin speculators Robot players

3. Top 20 currency exchanges

2017-2019 There are various types of exchanges, large and small exchanges have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. , after two years of shuffling, the current exchange has three echelons;

The first echelon: BNB (Binance) OKB (OK) HT (Huobi)

Second Echelon: Bkex (currency customer) Biki MXC A net Q net China currency K net

The third tier: other various small exchanges

Currently the first tier of transactions The place is booming, the second echelon is in hot pursuit on the basis of continuous innovation, and the third echelon is also seeking new development directions.

At present, the basic business of exchanges is similar, mainly looking at services, user experience, and innovation (new gameplay).

Personally, I am optimistic about the Bkex Global platform. Born in 2018, he is already growing up and will definitely be incorporated into the first echelon in the future. Let us wait and see! ! !

4. The richest man in the currency circle invests 100 times in bitcoin, bitcoin is like a stock, how can ordinary people become a big man in the currency circle

I think as an ordinary person, don’t think about how to become a big boss in the currency circle, let alone invest in Bitcoin, because this is a very risky thing, there is no need to let yourself fall into this kind of thing. into financial risk.

Many people will envy the skyrocketing rise of bitcoin, thinking that if they bought bitcoin, they would be a millionaire now, but there is no if in life, and there is no so-called regret medicine. The current price is very high, so just thinking about the future price of Bitcoin is a very immature investment concept.

Bitcoin down payment investment Bitcoin has benefited 100 times.

This news makes many people feel particularly excited. Many people will think that if they bought bitcoin at the beginning, they would have become a multi-millionaire now, but I think this kind of thinking is very naive, in other words , There are very few people who can achieve such achievements. What you don’t see are some very miserable people. They have failed to invest in Bitcoin and have caused financial crisis. At this time, you should also consider it.

5. Behind the crazy currency circle: 100,000 is instantly cleared, where will the currency circle go in the future

The currency circle will not develop much in the future, the entire market will It tends to be calm, and many investors will not enter the currency circle to participate in the speculation.

The cryptocurrency market is very hot, and many people have heard the story of someone buying coins to get rich overnight, but the sudden wealth is accompanied by a plummet. Many people enter the cryptocurrency market without making a lot of money. When it plummeted, it caused the loss of its principal. There are many people in the currency circle whose money is instantly cleared, and there are countless people who have liquidated their positions.

Behind the madness of the currency circle, there is the shadow of capital predators stirring up the situation, the price plummet is affected by the regulatory authorities, and the future of the currency circle is very uncertain.

Third, cryptocurrencies will be differentiated, and many air coins will disappear.

Cryptocurrency is divided into mainstream currency and air currency. The mainstream currency is supported by various projects and has strong capital behind it. Air currency is a pure money-making game. After many people buy it, the final outcome is to clear zero. After the cryptocurrency plummets, this trend will be more obvious, and many air coins will disappear.

The currency circle will not become a mainstream investment market in the future, and there will be fewer and fewer ordinary people buying cryptocurrencies. If you have any other views on this, please leave a message for discussion.

6. Several major forums in the currency circle

The main forums in the currency circle are as follows.
1. The Chain English Association, the joint venture association was established in March 2018. It is the first decentralized distribution in China that integrates high-quality currency data analysis, project analysis, information dissemination, webcasting, community operation, and joint venture funds. type alliance. Brand Insider Comments: The First Chain is popularized by the Chain English Association, or it can be said that the First Make Chain English Association. Every project brings fire to a community, a community creates a group of people, and a group of people creates a project. Complement each other, complement each other.
2. Th09club 09�, Th09club 09 community, 09 originated in 2009 to commemorate the birth of Bitcoin. Th09club was originally founded by a group of it geeks and community activists. In the early days, he mainly engaged in major technical forums and IT communities. In November 2019, the community launched the “Cultural and Creative Project”, which aims to explore the ancient historical and cultural heritage of Asia and save a group of endangered cultural and creative products through blockchain empowerment. Brand insider comments: 09 community members come from a wide range of sources and are distributed in all walks of life, mainly in the field of blockchain. Its members unite leaders in the vertically multicultural creative and financial worlds. Many coins in the circle are popular in the 09 community. This is a very noteworthy community.
3. The coin community, the coin play community provides blockchain enthusiasts with basic information and industry information in the field of blockchain, bitcoin (BTC), and digital currency, including bitcoin (BTC) market, trends, districts Blockchain research, etc. Brand Insider Comments: A very low-key operation community, hardly any relevant information about community operators can be found, it belongs to the type that makes a fortune silently. There is a lot of information in this community, and the updates are very timely. Sometimes you can get some quality content out of it.
4. The Dr. Yuan community, the Dr. Bi community forum provides the latest digital currency news, the most reliable cryptocurrency rolling project, the richest blockchain investment experience and the latest blockchain technology knowledge. Committed to creating an active community forum for investment and exchange of blockchain and digital currency enthusiasts. Brand insider comments: In line with the characteristics of the blockchain industry, it is also a relatively low-key community, and it is difficult to find community-related information. According to people familiar with the matter, the founders of the community come from a technical background. After making technical money for a large market, he successfully landed and operated in a low-key manner. Dr. Bi is positioned as a forum + news station, which is a good entry-level community.
5. Coinogo community, Coinogo community was established in May 2016. It is a one-stop digital currency and blockchain consisting of IT elites from large multinational enterprises, senior digital currency players, and blockchain technology elites. The comprehensive service platform was launched. Internet serial entrepreneur. Brand Insider Comments: A community that looks very high-level, won the most innovative blockchain community brand in China in 2018. In the blockchain field, there are very few communities that follow the regular army route. This community is characterized by simulated transactions, which can provide a near-real trading environment for novices, reduce the cost of entry as much as possible, and is also a good entry into the blockchain field.

7. Reliable analyst in the currency circle

The first push of the currency world “Salvation said currency”, with clear views, exclusive insights and analysis . All kinds of bookmakers’ routines are involved in the psychology of retail investors, and you can know it by paying attention.

8. Musk is known as the “master of the currency circle”, and the current currency circle is “big crash” “Is it possible?

Musk is known as the leader of the currency circle. However, if the currency circle needs a big crash, there are still certain conditions. If these conditions are not met, then there is no big circle at present. possibility of collapse. Of course, this is just my personal opinion, and investment still needs to be done with caution.

At present, there is still a possibility of a big crash in the currency circle. Why do you say that? This is mainly because virtual currency is not premised on value and credit. As long as the big dealers collectively sell when the price rises, it will definitely cause panic among many people and eventually lead to a big crash. At present, the most popular virtual currency on the market is called Dogecoin. 30% of the share of Dogecoin is held by an individual or entity. As long as this individual or entity sells all the coins when Dogecoin rises , then it will cause a direct collapse of Dogecoin, and it will also cause a great blow to other virtual currencies. This is what I think is the possibility of a big crash.

No matter how high Musk’s influence is or whether the currency circle has the possibility of a major collapse, if the current speculators enter the currency circle again, it is very likely that they will be harvested at any time. After all, virtual currency has already When you reach a relatively high position, there are nine out of ten if you go in now, you will still be cut by the first coin holder.

9. Newbies who have just entered the currency circle, especially want to know how the currency circle is played

The currency circle is similar to the stock market, dare to think, dare to do, high price Selling, low-cost income, there are many projects in the currency circle, and the risks are also great, I hope you can think about it clearly

10. The currency circle, how to step into the highest-end circle

I just answered one, you can check me in my answer or give a rough introduction The general prerequisite for the specific process is that you must have a reliable project or a formal enterprise and then contact the blockchain technology.The �� team will help you make a token system, then find a professional team to help you package and promote it, attract angel investment institutions, and finally find a digital asset exchange to help you list coins and enter the secondary market. Today, most of the digital currencies are traded in the name of individuals or with imprecise issuance processes. Basically, they belong to MLM coins. Hope my answer is helpful to you


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