Maximum mining speed after tomorrow

(1) Which career certification is better after tomorrow

As for career choices, it actually depends on the actual situation of the players themselves. For example, if the player is playing with several friends, then everyone can assign a good occupation. It is best to have two battles, one for collecting and one for manufacturing, which is the most ideal. However, if you are playing by yourself, it is recommended that players choose to collect or manufacture, because these two types of occupations are relatively easy in the early stage, and even if the resources are abundant in the later stage, there will not be too much pressure to survive.

Gathering industry and manufacturing industry

1. Gathering industry

Rare resources have a high violence rate and can be sold for money, but they are subject to consignment Restrictions and double collection restrictions, most of the people who ask to cancel the consignment and double collection are also these people. It is impossible to cancel the consignment. Once it is cancelled, the collection industry will have no restrictions. The resources of collecting liver emperors have skyrocketed, and the camp is full of donations in minutes, and more will be sold to make money. However, you can change the talent and create a talent that increases the number of checked boxes.

2. Manufacturing

When most of the camps are up, the price of manufacturing equipment begins to drop. Just like the current compound bow has dropped from more than 6,000 to about 3,000, it is not enough to sell the material. On the contrary, in the gathering industry, the higher the demand for advanced resources in the later stage, the lower the violence rate. The price of advanced resources in the market has always been high.

㈡ How to increase mining speed after tomorrow How to increase mining speed tomorrow & recipe guide

Gathering resources after tomorrow can boost proficiency, but both gathering resources and proficiency are the same A very time-consuming process, and improving efficiency will do more with less. So how to increase the mining speed after tomorrow? Let me tell you how to increase the mining speed after tomorrow.
How to increase the mining speed after tomorrow
1. Profession
Change to the exclusive mining profession – miner, which can greatly increase the mining speed, and can also increase the mining crit rate in the later stage , as well as some rare and exclusive materials.
2. Talent
The mining speed can also be increased by adding mining talent points, but the talent points are limited. The higher the level, the more points can be allocated. If you want to focus on mining, it is recommended to use the Try not to spend points on logging and hemp picking.
3. Equipment
Some equipment also has mining bonus effects: mining speed increase, mining crit increase effect, generally about 5%.
4. Recipes
The last and most direct is the recipes. Many recipes have collection bonuses. These recipes are summarized below.
Recipe name
Materials required
Recipe attributes
Fish cakes
Freshwater fish*1+Flour*3
Slightly increase mining speed
br />Mushroom Lasagna
Greatly increase mining crit
Portuguese egg tart
Flour*1+Honey*1+Milk* 1
Greatly increase mining crit
Grilled squid
Squid*1+fruit meat*1
Increase mining speed
Grilled eel
Eel *1+Fruits*1
Increase logging and mining speed
Grilled catfish
Catfish*1+Any fruit and vegetables*3
Greatly increase mining speed for 10 minutes
Grilled tilapia
Tilapia*1+Any fruit and vegetables*3
Increase mining speed, increase the critical strike rate of mining main resources and secondary resources
Grilled turbot
Turbot*1+Any vegetable and fruit*3
Increase mining speed for 10 minutes
Mushroom Udon
Slightly increase mining speed Mining Crit
Assorted Platter
Increases Tree Chopping Crit and Mining Crit
How to get ingredients Refer to【The Complete Collection of Ingredients After Tomorrow】
The above is the whole content about how to increase the mining speed after tomorrow. If you want to get the information and strategies after tomorrow, please pay attention to the hand of “After Tomorrow” Tour cooperation zone!

㈢ How will the regenerators mine after tomorrow

1. Switch to the corresponding occupation, and switch to a miner, which can greatly increase the mining speed. This is an exclusive skill for occupations, and occupational advancement can increase the chance of critical strikes and obtain exclusive materials.
2. There are various ways to get bonuses, 20% for different occupations, 20% for skill attributes, 100% for the camp’s exclusive technology for activities, and cooking ingredients to increase the speed.
3. Mining can produce various materials, such as bronze ore, chalcopyrite, iron ore, flint, sapphire and other props. Players need to collect a large amount of iron ore, and they need to have crit and collection acceleration, so that they can quickly obtain materials, convert them into auxiliary materials, and collect experience.
4. The collection bonus can be superimposed up to 200%, and the effect is very significant. Players need to improve it in an all-round way.
5. Skill bonus: you can click on quick quarrying, the speed of quarrying will increase by 4%, and the critical strike rate of mining will also increase. Skilled mining means you can collect 4-level ores and obtain copper ore. Chance increased by 5%. player talent,�� Fu also has collection skills, which can increase a lot of collection speed, at least 10%.
6. Equipment bonus: For clothes and hats, there are equipment and bonuses, and some clothes can increase the collection speed, which is about 5%. This one has armor and skills to wash out this skill. Equipment has a skill bonus, and washing out this skill will increase the acquisition speed, or the crit speed, and the effect of the equipment is obvious.

㈣ Which one is better for miners and lumberjacks after tomorrow

Effect: Increase the mining rate and mining speed of mining stones.

Evaluation: Miners are better than Lumberjacks because mines are more useful in the early stage, and a map can have several times fewer stones than trees. After all, what is rare is the most expensive~ Miner Occupation Details After Tomorrow

In the early stage, the use of minerals is relatively large, and there is also a lack of them. Compared with the newly opened server, this profession is more popular, and the minerals dug are for personal use or sale. As for the later stage, it depends on how the game is updated later.

㈤ What ore will be sold after tomorrow, what ore will be sold for the highest price and most practical

Iron ore in the autumn forest

㈥ The weapon will be the highest after tomorrow How much movement speed can be provided?

Weapons with increased movement speed after tomorrow

The movement speed of weapons will be increased by up to 5%

So the more Close to 5%, the faster you run

㈦ After tomorrow, the mining speed will increase by 16.8%. Is the mining armor good to sell?

The current career is mainly divided into two stages: early stage and late stage , because the focus of the players at the beginning and the mature stage of the game is different. In the early stage, they mainly choose the gathering profession. Because players need to develop, they need these materials, so the profession of hemp gathering is compared. After all In the early stage, hemp was relatively scarce, and all priority was given to this type. Or you can refer to the career choices after tomorrow, and choose various careers according to your own personal intentions.

㈧ May I ask whether the collection speed after tomorrow refers to hemp, logging or mining

Generally, the collection speed refers to three types, including hemp, logging, and mining. Collectively referred to as gathering, the acquired proficiency is also gathering proficiency. Like some buffs given by food, there are usually obvious signs. Generally, they show that the critical strike rate of logging is increased, the critical strike rate of mining is increased, and the critical strike rate of hemp harvesting is increased. Improvement, or various speed increases, if it is the acquisition speed, it should be all three.

㈨ Which profession is the most profitable in the third quarter after tomorrow

Hello, you can change to a treasure hunter, this worker can dig out skill points, gold bars, etc., and it will not be very liver.

㈩ What ingredients will the bosses have after tomorrow to increase mining crit and mining speed at the same time, or only one of the attributes will work

What ingredients will the bosses have after tomorrow Add mining crit and mining speed at the same time, or only one of them?


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