Meitu Blockchain Launches Blockchain Smart Pass

(1) The essential features of blockchain smart contracts

The essential features of blockchain smart contracts: decentralization.

Some of the main advantages of using smart contracts include greater efficiency in processing documents. This is thanks to its ability to employ a fully automated process that does not require any human involvement, as long as the requirements outlined in the smart contract code are met.

As a result, time is saved, costs are reduced, transactions are more accurate, and cannot be changed. Additionally, smart contracts remove any third-party interference, further enhancing the decentralization of the network.

(1) Meitu Blockchain Launches Blockchain Smart Pass Further reading:

Smart contracts can only use digital assets, and there will be problems when connecting real assets and the digital world. Last but not least, smart contracts lack legal supervision and are only subject to the obligations agreed upon in the code. The lack of legal oversight may lead some users to be wary of transactions on the web, especially if it matters.

The advantages of using smart contracts are higher efficiency in processing transactions, irreversible, secure transactions, and fully automated processes. On the other hand, the disadvantage is the lack of legal supervision, human error and implementation difficulties.

(ii) What is a smart contract in blockchain technology

A smart contract can be simply understood as a piece of code written on the blockchain, driven by events, with dynamic states, and obtained Multi-party recognition and the ability to automatically process on-chain information according to preset conditions. Once an event triggers the terms in the contract, the code is automatically executed. The biggest advantage of smart contracts is the use of procedural algorithms to replace human arbitration and execution of contracts.
A smart contract is a contract that uses computer language to replace legal language to record the terms. Once written, it can be trusted by users. The terms of the contract cannot be changed, so the contract cannot be changed. The program will be implemented when the conditions are met, and no human interference can be carried out to ensure absolute fairness and fairness.
3 Technical Features of Smart Contracts
Data Transparency
All data on the blockchain is open and transparent, so the data processing of smart contracts is also open and transparent, and any party can run it. can view its code and data.
All data of the blockchain itself cannot be tampered with, so the smart contract code deployed on the blockchain and the data generated by running are also immutable, and nodes running smart contracts do not have to worry about other Nodes maliciously modify code and data.
Permanent operation
The number of nodes supporting the blockchain network often reaches hundreds or even thousands. The failure of some nodes will not cause the stop of the smart contract, and its reliability is theoretically close to permanent operation, so that This ensures that smart contracts can be valid at all times like paper contracts.

(iii) Meitu has long been concerned about blockchain and digital currency

Yes, Meitu has long been concerned about blockchain and digital currency. In 2018, Meitu launched a blockchain wallet product, BEC Wallet, which is also Meitu’s first blockchain product. Meitu said that BEC Wallet is positioned as a smart digital asset manager, featuring “safety, ease of use, and ease of use”, and supports mainstream digital currencies, which will improve users’ efficiency and experience in managing digital assets.

In addition, in 2018, the token “Mei Mi” (BEC) of the US chain was listed on the cryptocurrency trading platform OKEx, and Meitu, which claimed to not have an ICO (initial issuance of tokens), was accused at that time. Is the issuer of BEC tokens. On the day that BEC was launched on the OKex platform for trading, it soared by more than 4,000% at the opening, with a market value of US$28 billion, far exceeding the market value of Meitu, a Hong Kong-listed company.

In addition, Meitu once appointed Professor Zhang Shoucheng as an independent non-executive director and a member of the nomination committee and remuneration committee. Zhang Shoucheng is a well-known physicist and chair professor of Stanford University’s Department of Physics. He believed that the emergence of blockchain can make society more fair.

(3) Meitu Blockchain Launches Blockchain Smart Pass Extended Reading

Meitu buys Bitcoin again:

On the evening of April 8, Meitu, a Hong Kong-listed company, issued an announcement that the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Meitu Hong Kong, purchased a further 175.67798279 units of bitcoin in an open market transaction on April 8, 2021 according to the cryptocurrency investment plan coin (based on further bitcoin purchases) for a total consideration of approximately $10 million.

Data shows that the price of Bitcoin has soared from $29,000 at the beginning of this year. As of press time, the price of Bitcoin has exceeded $57,000. At this price, Meitu has made a lot of profit since its last purchase. Some media have calculated based on market data that without considering the handling fee, if Meitu has not conducted a lightening operation, the above investment has recorded a floating profit of 19.634 million US dollars, or about 129 million yuan, which is the full year of Meitu in 2020. 210% of the net profit of 60.9 million yuan.

㈣ What is blockchain smart contract payment

Blockchain smart contract payments refer to transactions and non-transactions. The first thing to be clear is that blockchain smart contracts are not real contracts. According to the programmable nature of the blockchain, people can put contracts on the blockchain in the form of code and execute automatically under agreed conditions, which are called smart contracts. It’s just a broad definition. A smart contract is a piece of code that involves assets and transactions. Only by putting it on the blockchain can we effectively prevent “piracy” and “tampering”. In fact, before the advent of blockchain, smart contracts did not get much development.
Smart contracts will be very useful as blockchain technology develops and matures. Smart contracts are a new way for new participants to reach consensus. Its execution does not depend on any organization or individual, it executes by itself, not even by default. Smart contracts will become the basic structure of the global economy. Anyone can use smart contracts to participate in economic activity without prior review and high upfront costs. Whereas in traditional contract making, people must choose trustworthy people and institutions, smart contracts remove the necessary trust from third parties from many economic transactions.
With the advent of virtual digital currency, blockchain came into being. In essence, blockchain is a decentralized database, distributed ledger technology, that is, data storage in distributed institutions. Compared with traditional centralized storage, decentralized storage makes supervision more open and transparent, avoiding risks such as tampering and forgery. Therefore, the application of blockchain in the field of electronic contracts increases the security for the custody of electronic contracts.
Blockchain solves the problems of authentication storage, credit enhancement and real authentication in the use of electronic contracts. Deposit receipts for electronic contracts are vulnerable to security breaches through third parties, leading to data leakage. Deposit receipts are single and difficult to track when something goes wrong. The platform also questioned the validity of the verification data. The application of blockchain technology can generate data chain encrypted storage in the process of electronic contract signing. Once the data on the chain is difficult to tamper with, the signing time and operation information can also be accurately recorded through timestamp technology, and the evidence chain can be saved to communicate with third-party agencies. Cooperation to ensure the security of electronic contract signing. After blockchain deposits and third-party institutional deposits, the credibility of judicial adoption evidence has been effectively improved, and judicial appraisal reports and notarizations can be quickly applied for. At the same time, the blockchain smart contract also guarantees the authenticity and reliability of the contract authenticity. Ensure that the electronic contract has full legal effect

(v) What are the advantages of the blockchain smart door lock system

The blockchain smart door lock system cannot be tampered with, difficult to decipher, data can be recovered, It can protect privacy. At present, Lingjian Technology has developed a blockchain smart door lock system in China.

㈥ Meitu buys cryptocurrencies for $40 million, and Meitu enters the blockchain again to gain a firm foothold

Meitu buys cryptocurrencies for $40 million, and Meitu enters the region again I think the blockchain is in the right direction and can gain a firm foothold. Bitcoin is an emerging industry that can bring you unlimited space, and blockchain technology is the core technology of Bitcoin, which belongs to the most important outlet in the Internet era. Who can be the first? Whoever has the advantage of time can quickly occupy the market.

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the popularity of the Internet is also accelerating, which provides convenience for everyone’s life and also allows us to see a broader future. Meitu purchased cryptocurrencies for US$40 million, and Meitu entered the blockchain again. I am optimistic about their development. As the core technology of Bitcoin, blockchain technology can change the development direction of our real life, and it will be more important for our future work. Good help, and blockchain technology can make finance, accounting and other work more transparent and convenient, which solves many problems that are difficult for us to change. This is the real reason why I am optimistic about blockchain technology.

Third, what do you think about Meitu’s investment of US$40 million in cryptocurrency this time?

Each company or company has a different view on emerging industries. As an Internet company, it is definitely more willing to accept emerging industries. Meitu is basically a computer talent. Their own ideas must have things that ordinary people have not seen. I am very optimistic about their future development this time investing in cryptocurrencies and entering blockchain technology this time. After all, this is an industry trend.

In the face of emerging industries, different people have different attitudes. When we avoid risks, we also avoid benefits. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology need new cognition and pattern, which belongs to brave people. I am optimistic about their future development.

㈦ The relationship between artificial intelligence and blockchain

What artificial intelligence and blockchain have in common
Blockchain is concerned with maintaining accurate records, authentication and enforcement , while artificial intelligenceFunctionality facilitates decision-making, evaluation and understanding of certain patterns and data sets, ultimately resulting in autonomous interactions. AI and blockchain share several characteristics that will ensure seamless interactions in the near future. The three main features are listed below.
1. AI and blockchain require data sharing
Distributed databases underscore the importance of sharing data among multiple clients on a given network. Likewise, AI relies on big data, especially data sharing. The more open data is available for analysis, the more accurate the machine’s predictions and assessments will be, and the more reliable the resulting algorithms will be.
2. Security
When high-value transactions are processed on a blockchain network, this places great demands on the security of the network. This can be implemented through existing protocols. For AI, the autonomy of machines also requires high levels of safety to reduce the likelihood of catastrophic events.
3. Trust is a must.
There is no greater threat to the advancement of any widely accepted technology than lack of trust, nor does it preclude artificial intelligence and blockchain. In order to facilitate communication between machines, there needs to be an expected level of trust. Trust is a necessary condition in order to execute certain transactions on a blockchain network.
The impact of blockchain and artificial intelligence on ordinary people
In simple terms, blockchain is a community-based technology that makes the exchange of value more secure. Blockchain is like its Same name. It is a series of continuously extending chains of many data blocks, each block contains an encrypted transaction record, the blocks are arranged in chronological order and secured by a cryptographic system. Blockchain is a technology that can change the rules, and its emergence is a revolutionary innovation.
Blockchain also has many functions, and its specific applications are also very wide. For example: if the blockchain is used in the food industry, people will no longer worry about eating harmful food. If blockchain is used for diamond production, consumers will never have to worry about buying fake diamonds again. If the blockchain is used in the education industry, intellectual property protection can be strengthened. If the blockchain is used in the insurance industry, it can alleviate the information asymmetry of the insurance business and help improve the security of the insurance business.
The impact of blockchain and artificial intelligence on ordinary people can be said to be huge. Just imagine, if the blockchain and artificial intelligence are combined, will their role expand? Yes, the combination of the two can indeed have more impact to change the lives of ordinary people.
Blockchain and artificial intelligence are two extremely important roles in the field of technology, each of which brings convenience to our production and life. If we find an intelligent way to make them work together, the impact of their interaction is unimaginable. This is also the core of OMT. After the combination of these two technologies, the future application scenarios are revolutionary and exciting. In the new ecological construction, data storage, sharing mechanisms, platform issues, security issues, etc. can all be Use each other’s technology to achieve overcoming difficulties. OMT will create maximum value for global users and enterprises through blockchain + artificial intelligence technology, and bring more convenience to ordinary people.
After answering, I hope to accept it, thank you!

㈧ What do you think of Meitu’s blockchain project Meilian BEC

Cai Wensheng said in the WeChat group, “BeautyPlus, a Meitu application It has promotion cooperation overseas. Meitu is not involved in other related businesses of the US chain, and it is also found that some WeChat groups spread that Meitu issued tokens, which is not a fact. Meitu has not released any tokens or tokens.”

㈨ How artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data will affect the future

Blockchain and artificial intelligence have been very popular in recent years

First of all, blockchain is To build a decentralized network, the so-called decentralization means that this network does not belong to you nor to me.

It belongs to everyone.

Artificial intelligence refers to a new technical science that studies and develops theories, methods, techniques and application systems for simulating, extending and expanding human intelligence. In other words, “machine’s self-learning”

In this way, we can think about the combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

First of all, we need to understand that the blockchain can be simply divided into three stages.

In the first three stages, there are: inability to truly achieve decentralization, low scalability, incentives for block producers and the best of the entire network. Problems with revenue mismatch, network always running at maximum capacity, etc. Serious waste of resources and reduced efficiency.

So can we combine artificial intelligence into the underlying public chain technology to solve these problems?

The answer is yes! And there has been a team of research and development, and has made some progress.

Velas is aThrough artificial intelligence (AI) optimized neural network to enhance its consensus algorithm, self-learning and self-optimizing public chain, committed to improving the security, interoperability, and high scalability of the transfer process and smart contracts. Velas adopts AI-enhanced DPoS consensus to achieve complete decentralization without compromising security and transaction speed. Not only that, AI chooses who will mortgage tokens according to the needs of the blockchain; Velas only produces blocks when needed; every 1 second to every 2 minutes; scalability (up to 30,000 TPS); block producers are selected through human intuition.

㈩ Who knows what is the copyright principle of authenticating videos and pictures on the blockchain

Basically the principle is the same, take as an example, video block Chain authentication is actually a DApp. It first takes a screenshot of the key frame per minute of the video, then transcodes it into a string of unique numbers, and uploads it to the Ethereum blockchain.


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