Meta Mutants Club 3D mutant themed NFT

Meta Mutants Club is a collection of 8,888 3D animated, original NFTs backed by experienced developers, marketing experts, and stock/crypto analysts. The project aims to bring passive income to all owners of the NFT through cryptocurrency mining, DAO investment portfolios, and a highly deflationary currency called Mutant coin.
By purchasing and holding a Meta Mutant, we offer utilities for each of the species including crypto mining for Crypton’s and two opposing DAO investment portfolios controlled entirely by Crunk’s and Oslo’s. The Crypton’s will have access to earn Mutant coins through diversified cryptocurrency miners that will mine Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Kadena. The profits from mining will be converted into Mutant Coin and then distributed to the staked Crypton holders. The DAO portfolios will include members getting voting rights on which cryptocurrency or NFTs to buy. Both species portfolio’s profits will be distributed in Mutant coin to the wallet addresses of Crunk’s or Oslo’s that have their NFT staked throughout that given month. The portfolio with the greatest percentage gain each month will receive a Mutant Pet DNA NFT. Collecting three Mutant Pet DNA strands will allow you to mint a Meta Mutant Pet. Owning the one-of-one Mega Mutant gives access to earning royalties from the entire collection and all other utilities offered to the other species.
The Mutants have many plans for the metaverse! As we develop our estate on the community-favored metaverse, the team looks to continue expanding into other emerging platforms and metaverses to keep a strong presence in the space! Our clubhouse will be used as a safe haven to meet and work with other community members, but also a way to utilize your Mutant coins. We plan to add unique interactive activities and play to earn experiences as we build our metaverse land to keep an active community!
The goal of Meta Mutants Club has always been further than just generating a collection of 3D animated art pieces. We are committed to pushing the boundaries and adapting to the space as the NFT industry continues to grow and offer more for buyers. This is why we chose to offer unique utilities for our holders and are committed to expanding upon the community our members create. We have decided to turn portions of our community into decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) after minting to keep our community active and strong. We believe that the community should be given a voice in what they’re a part of. The crypto mining assets and each of the DAOs will be funded with Ethereum from minting and portions of royalties.


Cryptocurrency Mining
The Crypton’s will have access to cryptocurrency mining. With a portion of the profits from minting, we will acquire ASIC miners and GPU miners such as RTX 3090 rigs and miners for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Kadena. We will diversify the coins we are mining in an attempt to maintain high profitability and consistent income year over year. We understand the longevity issues with mining Ethereum before proof-of-stake (POS) gets released. We will be mining Ethereum for as long as possible and once proof-of-stake is in effect we will be switching our miners to the most profitable option at the time. We will be using a local mining farm that the team can consistently check in on, and is being managed by someone on-site. We will have a dashboard that shows the hash rate and earnings of all our miners through the mining pools we choose. You will be able to see all the miner’s statistics in live time through our dashboard. Crypton holders who are staked will receive their mining payouts in the form of Mutant Coin. We will be converting the mining earnings each month into Mutant Coin to pay out our staked holders. A portion of the mining earnings (20%) will be used to expand the mining operations each month as well.
DAO Investment Portfolios
Crunk’s and Oslo’s when staked will have access to two unique DAO investment portfolios on our website where they have the opportunity to vote on which cryptocurrency and NFT assets the portfolio buys. The Crunk’s and the Oslo’s are the sole proprietors of their respective portfolios and have complete control of the investments within their respective Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Both species portfolio profits will be distributed in Mutant coin to the wallet addresses of Crunk’s or Oslo’s that have their NFT staked throughout that given month. The species, Oslo’s or Crunk’s, with the greatest percent gain in their portfolio each month will receive an airdropped Mutant Pet DNA NFT. By collecting 3 of the Mutant Pet DNA NFTs you will be able to mint one NFT from the next collection, Meta Mutant Pets. In the event of a negative month in one of the portfolios, the account will be reset to its starting balance that month with no profits being distributed. For DAO systems we have considered many options. The team will make the decision based on which platform provides the best experience for our community.
Mutant Coin
Mutant coins will be our currency we will use to pay out Mutants who stake their NFTs. Mutant coins can be used for a wide variety of things. Unlocking hidden mutant NFTs and participating in games on the metaverse land plots are just the beginning. Our team has many ideas for implementing Mutant coins – we plan to add additional uses over time as we figure out further logistics. Our goal with Mutant coin is to create a currency that will provide exponential gains for holders. We aim to meet these goals with deflationary methods including burning 5% of every transaction along with the majority of the contract wallet’s mutant coin. The hidden mutants and games will also have burning mechanisms involved. When the profit distribution contract swaps the cryptocurrency miner’s profits and the DAOs profits into Mutant coin there will still be a 5% burn from the contract as well. This will maintain a steady deflationary system as long as utilities are paying out! Diamond hands will be rewarded!


Meta Mutants Coin ($MMC)
Burning mechanisms
Each burning mechanism will help the stability of Mutant Coin for our holders and increase the value of the coin over time. We hope to offer games in The Decentraland metaverse where players can use Mutant Coins. Lastly, a significant amount of Mutant Coins can be used to purchase legendary NFTs of Mutants that were unable to escape Area 51.
Burn fee
5% Burn Rate on every transaction
Mutant Coin Backing
11% of minting revenue

Revenue Distribution

(11.5%) – Crunk’s DAO Investment Portfolio
(11.5%) – Oslo’s DAO Investment Portfolio
(26.25%) – Crypton’s Mining Fund
(5.65%) – Community DAO Portfolio
(3%) – Charitable donation decided by community
(11%) – Mutant Coin Funding
(73.9%) – Total revenue invested into residual incomes and activities for the community.
(26.1%) – This money leftover will allow the team to stay engaged in growing the club to its full potential. We will also use portions of this revenue to help recover DAO portfolios in the situation they go negative and progress into new opportunities and activities for the community members.

Royalty Distribution

25% – DAO Wallet
The community DAO wallet can decide how to spend this. Anything from app development to buying up the floor price are just two examples of the endless possibilities.
5% – 1/1 Mega Mutant
The wallet address that owns our 1/1 Mega Mutant will receive 5% of total royalties.
10% – Crypton mining expansion
This will be used towards buying more miners to increase the revenue for Crypton holders.
10% – Crunk’s DAO Investment Portfolio Expansion
This will be a fund built up over time that will be used to either recover the balance of the Crunk’s portfolio or be split as extra profits between Crunk owners.
10% – Oslo’s Dao Investment Portfolio Expansion
This will be a fund built up over time that will be used to either recover the balance of the Oslos’ portfolio or be split as extra profits between Oslo owners.
40% – Expansion of MMC
The most significant portion of the royalties will be returned back to the team in order to maintain our longevity and continued growth. We will always be listening to ideas the community is interested in and making them come to life. Whether that is game development, exclusive real-life events, or even further metaverse expansion, our main focus will be to achieve the communities desires.
Who is the team?
We have an experienced team of web 3 developers, marketing experts, top designers, NFT & stock advisors, and great community managers. Join our official Discord to learn more about us!
What makes us different?
We’ve worked with some of the best artists and developers for over the last 2 months to create a project with crazy utility and high quality 3d pieces of art! Check out our roadmap and white paper to learn more about us!
Where can I buy a Meta Mutant?
Minting will be available through our official website and smart contract address only. (Official smart contract will be provided by our team on launch day in our Discord!) On minting day, you will be able to purchase a Meta Mutant at a cost of around $400-$600 in ethereum which can change depending on the price of ETH during launch.
When is the release date? The Meta Mutants Club will officially release to the public some time in March. Pre-Sale begins in March. For more information join our Discord!
How many white-list spots are being offered and how can I get on it?
We are offering 1000 total white-list spots with the first 100 spots needing a minimum requirement of a level 10 rank and 10 accepted invites to the server. The requirements will increase by +5 on levels and number of invites at every additional interval of 200 more spots.
What is Meta Mutants Club?
Meta Mutants is an exclusive NFT project featuring 8,888 unique mutants that have 3D textures and hand drawn features. We are creating an engaged community where holders have the opportunity to not only meet up in person, but also in the Metaverse where they have the potential to earn additional crypto assets and be apart of individual DAO investment portfolios.
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