Metaverse Blockchain Game War Movie

① What are the blockchain games

The blockchain games I know include ETH90 games and DAPP games, which are all well-known blockchain games.

② What new blockchain games to play in 2020

Forest Knight, Lost Treasure, Second Gem

③ Which blockchain metaverse game is the most popular?

Currently the most popular blockchain game, EOS Knight is a game that has always been popular. It is a tower-climbing game that combines monsters, pets, and equipment. Recently, there is a relatively high daily activity on the Taiken planet. It is a game ecosystem that integrates finance, services, and entertainment. Players can “mine” in the Taiken planet. , subscribe or sell land, invest in transactions, create services for income, and even explore the universe and carry out commercial colonization activities on more planets.

One: AXS
AxieInfinity is a Pokémon-inspired digital pet world built on the Ethereum blockchain, accessible to anyone through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem Token rewards. To create a better user experience and improve scalability, the AxieInfinity team is building a layer 2 sidechain called Ronin.
Decentraland is a blockchain-based virtual world platform, which aims to solve the problem of platform operators earning intermediate platform profits for decentralized open source projects, so as to achieve the relationship between content creators and game players. The low-price payment mode between the two projects; the project uses blockchain technology to acquire and transfer virtual property rights, and allows users to hold these virtual property rights permanently, and even operate them to create profits for their own content; there is no intermediary fee. , which is the biggest feature of Decentraland.
Three: SAND
TheSandbox is a virtual game world, through the Ethereum-based functional token SAND, players can create and own different game experiences and earn money from them. Gamers can use TheSandboxGameMaker to create digital assets (non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs), upload them to the store, and create gaming experiences with a simple drag-and-drop method. TheSandbox has established partnerships with more than 50 partners including ATARI, CryptoKitties, ShauntheSheep, etc. to build a “play and earn” creative gaming platform created and owned by players.
TheSandbox aims to attract more crypto and non-crypto gaming enthusiasts through the benefits of true ownership, digital scarcity, profitability and interoperability that blockchain technology brings to bring blockchain to life into the mainstream gaming world.
Four: ILV
Illuvium is an open-world GameFi game built on the Ethereum network. The game’s native currency, ILV, is used to reward gamers with the game’s in-game earning features, and serves as the project’s governance token.
Illuvium leverages the Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution ImmutableX to significantly reduce the gas fees required to transact NFTs. As with other popular GameFi games, gamers fully own their Illuvials and can trade NFTs on the secondary market. Illuvium offers players and investors a very unique opportunity to collect, trade, battle and acquire rare and valuable assets.
MyNeighborAlice is a multiplayer cooperative farming game. Players build their own virtual land, interact with neighbors, engage in exciting daily activities, and earn rewards. Anyone can join the world by purchasing a piece of land and participate in various activities such as farming, fishing, bug hunting and beekeeping. Events, shared quests, and competitions bring valuable rewards that elevate the player’s standing in the game.
Six: TLM
AlienWorlds is the metaverse of NFTDeFi, which can simulate economic competition and cooperation between players. By incentivizing players to fight for Trilium (TLM), users can control the Autonomous Organization (PlanetDAO) and get what is necessary for more gameplay.
In the universe of AlienWorlds, players can acquire NFTs (Digital Game Items) to mine TLM, fight and complete in-game quests. Depending on their strategy, players can buy and assemble NFTs that best suit their gameplay. Additionally, players can influence the direction of the game by participating in governance by electing six PlanetDAO commissioners.
Seven: SLP
SLP(SmallLovePotion) is an ERC-20 token that can be used on the Ethereum blockchain. AxieInfinity is a game (dapp) running on the Ethereum blockchain where users can collect, raise, breed and battle virtual creatures called axies. Axies are very similar to real-life pets, each with their own unique characteristics and appearance.
Eight: STARL
Star Chain is a 100% community-owned decentralized virtual space metaverse + nft project on the Ethereum chain. Starl is the only governance token for the Starlink Metaverse ecosystem. Virtual space games, NFT auctions, trading virtual satellites, aviationequipment, purchase satellite land, trade daily necessities in space, and explore the entire universe through social interaction. Explore the future and set sail today.
Nine: GHST
GHST was launched as a DAICO (DAO Governance Token Sale), which means that the funds raised are managed by the community. GHST is described as a DeFi-enabled crypto collectibles project that allows users to collect, compete and combine their Aavegotchis for a gamified DeFi experience.
MyDeFiPet is a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and player personality. MyDeFi pets run on supported networks, including Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain. DPET tokens are the main currency in the game, used to trade, exchange, improve pets and their special qualities, and are mainly circulated in the first phase.

④ NFT Metaverse Game Solution – Creating Decentralized, Trustworthy, Smart Games

1. Decentralized Operation
Combination Area Blockchain technology, the system settings in the game are developed using smart contract technology, the game operator cannot spam the game goods, and the player’s commodity data is stored on the blockchain and will not disappear when the game is closed.
2. Confirmation of virtual asset rights
The goods and props in the player’s game are stored on the blockchain using blockchain technology, rather than in the database of the game operator, so that the player can truly enjoy the game The ownership of virtual goods purchased with money belongs to the player.
3. Data is trustworthy
Important data is stored on the blockchain, game operators cannot tamper and delete game data at will, game operators cannot cheat, and customers cannot use plug-ins, making game data transparent , trustworthy.
4. Strong security protection
Based on blockchain technology, user information and virtual assets are stored on the blockchain, even if the game operator’s database is invaded, it will not cause user data leakage or asset theft , data security is guaranteed compared to the traditional Internet.
5. Break the island economy
Using digital currency as the settlement method of the game greatly reduces the player’s transaction fee and transaction difficulty. At the same time, players’ digital assets can be circulated globally based on the blockchain, instead of being limited to the game, and will not form an economic island.
6. Smart games
Combined with blockchain technology, the game architecture is designed using programmable smart contracts to automatically execute smart contracts. In this way, the abuse of power of game operators is greatly restrained, and a blockchain game controlled by smart contracts running on the blockchain is realized.

⑤ What kind of metaverse games are there? Don’t speculate on coins.

Earth Online, Metaverse Online, and Metaverse OL should still be beta.
The battle module seems to have a split metaverse called Spirit Beast Showdown or Spirit Beast Breakthrough, hope to adopt it!

⑥ Has anyone played a blockchain game, what is the name of the Ethereum Clown I heard that it can make money

CryptoClown is developed based on the Ethereum blockchain of digital and collectible blockchain games. Use ether to adopt clown pets, and at the same time, you can resell them, you can also use them to breed a new generation of clown pets with peculiar shapes, and you can also cultivate them and let them work and make money, which makes clown pets a digital collectible. More persistence and playability. At the same time, based on the characteristics of blockchain development, all clown pet trading, working, breeding, feeding and other values ​​can never be tampered with, ensuring the security of assets.
1. Generation and Breeding of Clown Pets
The generation mechanism of clown pets is divided into two types, one is official output (zero-generation clown pets), and the other is breeding between two clown pets out.
Officially produced clown pets are divided into two categories, ordinary zero-generation clown pets and special clown pets. Ordinary zero-generation clown pets are generated every 15 minutes, and there are only 50,000 in total. The appearance of a common clown pet is composed of the attributes of 8 parts, and the attributes of each part are divided into common and rare, and the number of rare attributes is less than that of common attributes.
Special Clown Pets are mutant breeds of Clown Pets. There are 3 types of special clown pets: Genesis clown pets, exclusive clown pets, and strange clown pets, all of which belong to Generation 0 clown pets. Genesis Clown Pet is the creator of the entire clown pet world. There is one for each male and female. It will no longer be bred and belong to the platform. It cannot be traded within one month of CryptoClown’s release, and will be auctioned one month later. The lowest price is the auction. , 5 times the average selling price of all clown pets generated by the platform. Exclusive clown pets are specially customized clown pets during operational activities. The number is limited and cannot be bred. Strange clown pets are some strange-looking clown pets. After being launched on the platform, they can be purchased directly or mutated during breeding.
Two different gendersThe clown pet can breed the next generation in the breeding center in the market. In each breeding pair, a clown pet that assumes the role of father can receive the breeding fee paid by the other (maternal owner), and there will be a certain period of recovery after breeding. The length of the recovery period is related to the genes of the clown pet. The mother’s clown pet will have a gestation period, and she won’t be able to breed again until she gives birth to the baby clown pet. There is no limit to how many times each Ether Clown pet can be bred, but the recovery and gestation periods will increase as they breed.
Male clown pets can go to the clown pet details page in the “My” interface, click Breed to carry out pending order breeding, if there are genes that female clown pets like, or the price is particularly suitable, there will be female clown pets soon Breed with it to produce the next generation.
Female clown pets can go directly to the “market”, choose their favorite male clown pets in “to be bred”, pay the breeding fee, and breed the next generation together.
2. Appearance of the clown pet
The appearance of the clown pet is composed of the attributes of 8 parts such as eyes, mouth, nose, hair, hat, body shape, pattern shape, pattern color, skin color, and clothes color. The attributes of parts are divided into common and rare. The number of rare attributes is less than that of common attributes, which also makes clown pets with rare attributes more precious.
Each clown pet is born with a 54-digit genetic code, which is divided into 3 groups of 18 bits each. The first 2 groups represent the genetic genes of the clown pet’s ancestors and fathers, and the third group represents the clown pet’s own genes. The 18 genes are divided into 9 groups, representing background color, eyes, mouth, nose, hair, hat, body shape, and patterns. There are 9 attributes such as shape, pattern color, skin color, and clothing color. The genetic code and random function are written on the chain and cannot be changed. The appearance of the bred clown pet is closely related to the parents and the genetic genes carried by the parents. , become a clown pet that is completely different from its parents. In order to get a clown pet baby with rare attributes, please try to choose those clown pets with more specific rare attributes for breeding.
The appearance of each clown pet is determined by the immutable genes stored in the smart contract. Each gene is unique, so each clown pet is unique.
3. Clown pet trading
Selling clown pets
Users can choose clown pets to hang on the trading market for auction, and can sell multiple clown pets of their own. During the auction, the user needs to set the highest starting price, the lowest accepting price, and the auction time. The auction adopts the Dutch auction. During the auction time, it gradually transitions from the highest price set by the seller to the lowest price. After the preset auction time is over, the owner will consign the pet at the lowest price preset by the owner. If the owner is not willing to sell at a low price, he can set a longer auction time or remove the clown pet from the shelves.
Buy Clown Pets
Buyers select the clown pets that are being sold on the trading market, and pay ETH to buy their favorite clown pets. When the buyer buys, it will be sold at the auction price at the current point in time. If you have a favorite clown pet, but feel that the price is not suitable for the time being, and want to pay more attention, you can like and bookmark the clown pet. Later, you can learn about the dynamics of this clown pet through “My Concern”.
4. Clown pet attributes and part-time jobs
Attribute values
The clown pet attribute values ​​include growth value, strength value, agility value, and wisdom value. Generation 0 clown pets randomly obtain the value of each attribute, and non-generation 0 clown pets obtained by breeding are mainly obtained through inheritance.
Attribute values ​​can be changed by eating food. Please refer to point 5 on this page for the relationship between attributes and corresponding foods.
After the clown pet’s growth value reaches the requirement (100 points), you can go to the factory to work and earn money (ETH). Different types of factories require different clown pet specialties. When the clown pet’s attribute is higher than 800, go to the factory of the corresponding attribute to get additional income bonus. On the basis of 800, for every 10 points of the attribute, the income can be increased by 1%. If the clown pet’s strength is 801, he can get basic income* (1+1%) when he goes to work in a strength factory, and when his strength reaches 811 points, he can get basic income* (1+2%) income , up to a 20% bonus. When the clown pet attribute is lower than 300, the income obtained by working in the factory with the corresponding attribute will be reduced.
Each owner can allow up to three clown pets to work at the same time.
Part-time job benchmark income
Part-time job system is one of the benefits of the platformpart. The platform will allocate 20% of the previous day’s income every day as the basis for calculating the benchmark working income. If the clown pet has an income bonus, the bonus part of the income can reach up to 24% of the platform’s income on the previous day. Part-time work income is settled by 12 minutes as a working hour, and there are 5 working hours per hour. Benchmark income = platform’s previous day’s income*15%/(number of jobs*24*5)*[part-time working time (minutes)/12].
When the time reaches 0 o’clock or the clown pet’s physical strength is 0, the work ends. At 0 o’clock every day, it will be settled according to the actual working time and the work income of the clown pet will be paid. Every 12 minutes is a working hour, and the less than 12 minutes will not be counted. .
In the early stage, we opened 3 factories with a total of 150 jobs. Masters can sign up for jobs as early as possible. If the registration is not successful, you can go to the factory interface when you have free time. If other clown pets have finished their work and vacated their positions, they can sign up for work.
When the total number of owners of the zero-generation clown pets on the platform reaches 900, we will open 3 new factories to reach 300 working seats. Job seats will continue to be added as the total number of adult clowns and masters increases.
Physical Strength
Physical strength is 120 points in total. Working will consume stamina. Every 12 minutes of work consumes 1 point, and you can work for a maximum of 24 hours. During periods of non-work, physical strength can be recovered, a little bit every 8 minutes.
5. Clown pet food and feeding
The owner can buy spinach, beef, carrots, walnuts and other food through the mall to feed the clown pet.
Feeding spinach is helpful for growth. Beef corresponds to the strength of the clown pet, carrot corresponds to agility, and walnut corresponds to wisdom. Each food can increase the corresponding attribute by 10 points. After the attribute increases, it will not decrease again.
The price of food is related to the selling price of the original clown pet on the platform the previous day. Spinach is 20% of the average transaction price of the generation 0 clown pet on the platform, and 15% of the other 3 foods. Owners can stock up on food when food prices are lower.
Clown pets can only eat one food per day. We recommend that you mainly feed spinach in the early stage to meet the working conditions as soon as possible, and then feed it according to the natural attributes of the clown pet in the later stage. When working, choose the type of factory with the highest attributes to work on.
6. It’s more cute after drying.
In order to increase the social attributes of the game, we have added a “square” section. There are a lot of lovely owners and clown pets gathered in the square to share their stories. If you adopt a very ugly clown pet, please share it and let everyone know our style.

⑦ In addition to NetEase Planet and Yuanchain Galaxy, what other interstellar blockchain games are available

AB 6 7 HX, NetEase; Xiaomi also launched /p>

⑧ The blockchain game axieinfinity is very popular. What is the creative team of this game?

The creative team of this game is composed of Vietnamese programmers and Norwegian programmers. Athlete formation.

With the development of the times, people’s life is not limited to monotonous daily life, there are various Internet software for people’s entertainment. And while having fun, some software can also provide users with opportunities to make money. Although there are many cryptocurrencies that are not real, and will blow out many people’s positions and thus fail to invest. But sometimes some interesting games are combined with the blockchain to form a unique game style, making money while playing games, so that many people who like entertainment can support their own lives.

⑨ CCTV unveils the metaverse blockchain game scam, what kind of scam is this?

Participate in this chain game, First, you need to convert RMB into virtual currency USDT, and then convert it into the virtual currency used in this chain game, and finally use these virtual coins to buy tools, raw materials in the game, and sell the finished products for profit.

⑩ The popular NFT game Axie, the metaverse exploration of the Ethereum blockchain, why is it deeply loved by the public

According to the latest news, the explosive NFT The game Axie is loved by everyone. It is a metaverse exploration of the Ethereum blockchain, so everyone is very willing to explore it. Of course, there are many similar models, but there are not many popular ones like this, so why is it so popular with the public ‘s favorite? In fact, the reason for such a result is mainly because it allows players to earn a certain amount of income, so they are willing to explore and experience. Making money through games is a dream for most game lovers. Now that this dream can be realized, naturally everyone will be very happy to pursue him. It also brought him a big market. Of course, it will take a certain degree of difficulty to maintain it for a long time. So what is the difficulty? Let’s take a brief look at it together.

Of course there are many other problems besides these. onlyOnly by fully solving these problems can they make their own development more beneficial. Therefore, I hope that game developers can truly understand this truth and are willing to work hard to improve these problems. Only in this way can the game run better and be able to create more great value.


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