Metaverse Digital Payments

A. What is the metaverse?

Refers to the immersive virtual world, the English Metaverse. This virtual world consists of 3D technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and the Internet. Users can experience a different life in the metaverse, or experience a world completely different from the real world. Different from existing online games, Metaverse can bring players a more realistic feeling, so that players can feel as if they are in a virtual world, and even make it impossible to distinguish the real and virtual worlds. The metaverse has also been touted as the ultimate form of the internet. The movies “The Matrix” and “Ready Player One” are metaverse concepts. The term metaverse first comes from the American science fiction novel “Avalanche”. The novel depicts a virtual world parallel to the real world, the Metaverse.

B. What are the companies with digital people in the metaverse concept

Summary Hello, I am honored to answer your questions, the following are the answers I have compiled for you ——What are the leading companies of Metaverse equipment? This year, the concept of Metaverse continues to be strong. Leading companies in Metaverse equipment include Zhongqingbao, Guoguang Electric, Hisense Video, Zhongtian Technology, Ningde Times, Caesar Culture, Jiachuang Video, Yishang Display, Zhongke Thunderbolt and other companies.

C. What Internet Finance Can Do in the Metaverse Concept

Abstract Metaverse Although it looks like the focus will be on virtual reality, digital assets, blockchain , cryptocurrencies, and more commonly video games, but in reality, the Metaverse will provide more comprehensive and limitless opportunities for many industries. Whatever form the metaverse ultimately takes, its emergence will require technological advancements in infrastructure, consumer-centric hardware, platforms, and more.

D. What is the Metaverse

The Metaverse generally refers to the Metaverse, which is a collection of virtual time and space, consisting of a series of augmented reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR) and the Internet (Internet).

Metavers is composed of Meta and Verse, Meta means transcendence, verse means universe, together usually means the next stage of the Internet, virtual reality supported by AR, VR, 3D and other technologies Internet.

Virtual reality technology includes computer, electronic information, and simulation technology. With the continuous development of social productivity and science and technology, the demand for VR technology in all walks of life is growing. VR technology has also made great progress and has gradually become a new field of science and technology.

Classified according to the system function angle

The system functions are divided into several categories such as planning and design, display and entertainment, training and drills. The planning and design system can be used for experimental verification of new facilities, which can greatly shorten the research and development time, reduce design costs, and improve design efficiency. It can be used in urban drainage, community planning and other fields. For example, VR simulation water supply and drainage system can greatly reduce the original need for Expenses for experimental verification.

Display entertainment system is suitable for providing users with a realistic viewing experience, such as digital museums, large-scale 3D interactive games, film and television production, etc. For example, VR technology was used by Disney to shoot special effects movies as early as the 1970s ; The training and exercise system can be applied to various dangerous environments and some fields where it is difficult to obtain operating objects or the cost of practical operation is extremely high, such as surgical training, space station maintenance training, etc.

Refer to the above content: Network—vr, Network—Metaverse

E. What is the Metaverse property rights trading platform

Metaverse is A virtual world that is independent from the real world, but highly connected to the real world. In this virtual world, there is a complete set of order, and even a huge economic civilization. And all of this is achieved through blockchain technology and NFT. NFT is translated as a non-fungible token. It can be regarded as a token for encryption. Everything can be NF. After the existence of NFT, it has It is unique and cannot be copied or split. Or it can be understood in this way, through the existence of NFT, it has its unique digital asset ownership. The Metaverse property rights trading platform is established based on the digital asset ownership of the Metaverse.
The name of the Metaverse property rights trading platform is open sky. It is a company just established in 2021. It was born on the basis of the concept of Metaverse and is registered in Hong Kong, China. The full name is Hong Kong Metaverse Property Rights Trading Platform, which has extremely advanced blockchain development technology.
The transaction model is divided into three stages. In the initial stage, the equity share of the platform is opened. Eligible shareholders are eligible for lifetime dividends. The second stage is based on the actual situation. The third stage is to launch the NFT game ecology and so on.
As a newly established company, open sky has reached intentional cooperation with dozens of excellent Metaverse-related industries at home and abroad. At the same time, open sky has also innovated the three-vote exchange mechanism, namely SR, PR and ER, which combines the securitization of blockchain securities and the securitization of traditional financial assets. The basis of all this is its strong blockchain technology advantages.

F. Is Metaverse digital currency legal?

Abstract is illegal in China

G. Metaverse What does it have to do with the art digital collection platform? Which one is reliable in my country?

The Metaverse is a large-scale definition, and digital collections are a form of the Metaverse, which has not yet been developed in China. You can pay attention to it. Under Ali and Tencent or OneArt

H. Alipay Yuan Universe is which one

can be bought in places such as Alipay and Tiantian Fund. I still want to say that the metaverse is the future, but this future is too far away. If you really want to invest, you must think clearly and choose the target well. The Metaverse is essentially a process of virtualizing and digitizing the real world, which requires a lot of transformations in content production, economic systems, user experience, and physical world content. However, the development of the Metaverse is gradual, supported by shared infrastructure, standards and protocols, and is finally formed by the continuous integration and evolution of numerous tools and platforms. [23] It provides an immersive experience based on extended reality technology, generates a mirror of the real world based on digital twin technology, builds an economic system based on blockchain technology, and closely integrates the virtual world and the real world in economic systems, social systems, and identity systems. , and allows content production and world editing for each user.
I hope my answer is helpful to you.

I. What are the Metaverse digital currencies

Metaverse digital currencies include Decentraland (digital currency code: MANA), Axie Infinity (AXS coins), The Sandbox (SAND coin), Chromia (CHR coin), TLM Alien Worlds project token, SLP (Small Love Potion).

Decentraland (digital currency code: MANA) includes a decentralized ledger of land ownership, a protocol describing the content of each land, and a peer-to-peer network of user interactions. Decentraland is a distributed shared virtual platform. On this platform, users can browse and discover content and interact with other people and entities. Users can also claim ownership of virtual territories through a blockchain-based land ledger. Territories are delimited by Cartesian coordinates (X, Y), and their owners can decide what to publish on the territory, ranging from static 3D scenes to interactive systems such as games. Domains are non-fungible, transferable and rare digital assets stored in Ethereum smart contracts that can be purchased with ERC20 tokens called MANA. MANA tokens can be used to purchase territories, goods and services, and can also be used as an incentive to encourage content creation and user adoption, enabling a decentralized virtual world.

Axie Infinity (AXS Coin) is a Pokémon-inspired digital pet world built on the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone can be rewarded with tokens by participating in the game and contributing to the game world, and the vision of the project is to integrate work and play into one. Axie Infinity has become a digital pet community that integrates collection, training, breeding, combat, and social gameplay. Each Axie has unique genetic data stored on the Ethereum chain, with unique value.

The Sandbox (SAND Coin) is a virtual game world. Through the Ethereum-based functional token SAND, players can create and own different game experiences and gain benefits from them. Gamers can use The Sandbox Game Maker to create digital assets (non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs), upload them to the store, and create gaming experiences with a simple drag-and-drop method. The Sandbox is a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel assets and blockchain for gaming experiences. The Sandbox Metaverse consists of 166,464 LANDS maps.

Chromia (CHR Coin) is a new blockchain platform mainly used for decentralized applications. Compared with Ethereum, Chromia’s biggest advantages are faster speed and more flexible charging strategy. It was designed to address the shortcomings of existing platforms and to enable a new generation of programs (dapps) to expand beyond what is currently possible. Chromia is both a blockchain and a relational database. This means that decentralized applications (dapps) can be written in a way that is familiar to developers all over the world, whether they are large enterprise applications, games or small projects.

TLM is the Alien Worlds project token, Alien Worlds is the metaverse of NFT DeFi, which can simulate economic competition and cooperation between players. By incentivizing players to acquire Trilium (TLM), users can control Autonomous Organization (Planet DAO) and earn more games.�How to play.
In the universe of Alien Worlds, players can acquire NFTs (Digital Game Items) to mine TLM, fight and complete in-game missions. Depending on their strategy, players can buy and assemble NFTs that best suit their gameplay. Additionally, players can influence the direction of the game by participating in governance by electing committee members of the six Planet DAOs.

SLP(Small Love Potion) is an ERC-20 token that can be used on the Ethereum blockchain. Axie Infinity is a game (dapp) running on the Ethereum blockchain where users can collect, raise, breed and battle virtual creatures called axies. Axies are very similar to real-life pets, each with their own unique characteristics and appearance.


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