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1. The company that developed the Metaverse of Xiyang

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2. What is the stock of the first domestic metaverse product “Xiyang” on December 17

Summary dear, good evening! On December 10th, the network announced that it will release the metaverse product “Xyron” on December 27th. At that time, Network Create 2021 (Network AI Developer Conference) will be held in the Xeyang APP. This is the first domestic conference held in the Metaverse, which can accommodate 100,000 people to interact on the same screen at the same time.

3. Who owns the things in Xiyang

Summary Hello, please clarify the question

4. Can I open a store on Metaverse Xiyang?

Consultation record · Answered on 2021-12-22

5. Baidu will release the Metaverse APP “Xiyang” What kind of APP is this?

This APP combines virtual things with real things. This APP can also be permanently stored, and many people can interact at the same time. At present, this APP is just developed, and it is not particularly perfect.

6. Xirong download shows that the area you are in is not available

Summary If you encounter an abnormal network connection and cannot get in, in most cases it is caused by network fluctuations , The Xirong app has not been officially released, although some players can log in, but it cannot accommodate too many users, so this happens occasionally, and you can try again after waiting for a while.

7. How to download metaverse wallet

Metaverse wallet is just a payment method, which is generally used online. It is recommended to go to the official website to download, metaverse Tutorials can be found in the tutorial circle of Gongzonghao. I personally think that the Metaverse is still in its infancy and development, and there are still many opportunities.

8. How to download the Metaverse

Abstract You can directly search for “Lord World Metaverse” in the app store for Apple mobile ios system and download it

9. Can the Metaverse be downloaded in China?

The Metaverse cannot be downloaded in China.

The realization of the universe requires a major innovation in network architecture, a great increase in network speed, a major development in virtual technology, and continuous improvement of supporting products. These requirements for science and technology are quite high, and many aspects are still in concept. There is still a long way to go before the stage is realized in reality. It is necessary to solve the technical problems step by step while reducing the cost.


Manufacturing has long had the concept of digital twins of physical facilities. Manufacturing is an extremely complex process that runs factory production through virtual spaces. Simulation of the process, company managers can identify and analyze how work can be done more efficiently and safely without physically testing changes.

With the Industrial Metaverse, engineers can easily access the inside view of industrial virtual components. Industrial robots can also enter many features in the design life stage. For example, in the virtual meta-scenario of the universe in a realistic real environment, the culture and travel meta-universe expands the time and space. Fun and immersion.

Will allow people to use VR devices to travel around the world without leaving home Through the educational metaverse, we can virtualize the sun directly on our metaverse, and students can see the sun directly At the same time, students are allowed to adjust the distance from which they observe the sun to obtain changes in the visual effect of the sun.

10. Baidu will release the metaverse product Xiyong, what kind of product is this?

The network will release the metaverse product Xiyong, what exactly is this? The product. Next, I will introduce it to my friends. In fact, the first app released by the Internet about a concept of a cloud universe product, first of all, it is for many of us ordinary people, or it is related,

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