Metaverse market size in 2024

1. The metaverse has been on fire for more than a year, what is its current development trend?

The current development trend of the metaverse can be said to gradually decline until it disappears. This is mainly due to two reasons, one is that capital is not optimistic, and the other is that it is too early. Next, let’s take a closer look at this issue.

In general, I personally think that the development trend of the metaverse is to die out, because the technology of this era is not enough to meet the assumption of the metaverse.

2. The market size in 2030 may exceed 270 billion, what business opportunities will there be in it

Virtual human is one of the most visible forms of expression close to the metaverse , the related industries are developing rapidly. Virtual characters such as Xia Yubing, Axi and Liu Yexi have huge followings on major social networking platforms. Liu Sixi, on TikTok, has 6.282 million followers in less than two months. The concept of virtual human has a long history, and the most widely used one is virtual idol. The reporter learned that the avatars of celebrities such as Huang Zitao and Dili Reba will be officially promoted.

The purpose of digital humans is not to allow people to escape from the real world, but to strengthen the relationship between people and the real world and other people. Of course, digital humans will inevitably involve some legal and ethical issues in the future. Relevant laws need to be developed, monitored and guided to ensure that the direction of r is not out of control. There is no doubt that the concept of fire virtual anthropomorphism in the metaverse is not only the metaverse and virtual human business arranged by different technology giants, but even the A-share capital market has shown a strong market reaction to the metaverse virtual human concept stocks. It is expected that driven by social attention and financial support, the expansion of Metaverse application scenarios will be accelerated, and the business needs of virtual humans will be further enhanced.

3. The Guochao Shanhai Jingyuan Universe platform is good for those listed companies

Abstract Yuan Universe concept stocks rose strongly, and Zhongqingbao hit the daily limit in the intraday, and the current increase Over 16%, up over 83% last week; Tom Cat and Baotong Technology rose over 10%, followed by Shunwang Technology, Sanqi Interactive Entertainment, Kunlun Wanwei, etc. Topics related to the Metaverse are quickly breaking the circle, and the market has received a lot of attention, and disagreements and consensus coexist.

4. What is the metaverse?

Refers to the immersive virtual world, the English Metaverse. This virtual world consists of 3D technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and the Internet. Users can experience a different life in the metaverse, or experience a world completely different from the real world. Different from existing online games, Metaverse can bring players a more realistic feeling, so that players can feel as if they are in a virtual world, and even make it impossible to distinguish the real and virtual worlds. The metaverse has also been touted as the ultimate form of the internet. The movies “The Matrix” and “Ready Player One” are metaverse concepts. The term metaverse first comes from the American science fiction novel “Avalanche”. The novel depicts a virtual world parallel to the real world, the Metaverse.

5. The three major indices are recovering and the metaverse is active again

  • 1. Selected financial news


  • Yi Huiman: We are speeding up the formulation of a market-wide registration system reform plan

    “Stable” is the most prominent keyword at this year’s Central Economic Work Conference. How does the CSRC implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference? What will be the focus of the reform and opening up of the capital market next year? Yi Huiman, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, was interviewed by a reporter from Xinhua News Agency, and pointed out that the work of the China Securities Regulatory Commission next year will be carried out around the two key words of “stabilizing the word” and “reform and tackling”.

    He said that the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council have made important arrangements for the reform of the registration system many times. Since the beginning of this year, we have systematically summarized and evaluated the experience in the pilot registration system of the Sci-Tech Innovation Board and ChiNext, identified and solved problems in a timely manner, and responded to market concerns. The Beijing Stock Exchange was established and the pilot registration system was launched simultaneously. In general, the pilot program has achieved the expected goal, and the conditions for the full implementation of the registration system have been gradually fulfilled. At present, we are speeding up the formulation of a market-wide registration system reform plan, and solidly advancing relevant preparations to ensure the smooth implementation of this major reform.

    Source: Xinhuanet

  • SASAC: State-owned enterprises should comprehensively promote the large-scale and high-quality development of wind power and solar power generation

    12 On March 30, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Central Enterprises and Doing a Good Job in Carbon Neutralization”, proposing to optimize the development layout of non-fossil energy and continuously increase the proportion of non-fossil energy business. Improve the clean energy equipment manufacturing industry chain and support the development and utilization of clean energy. Comprehensively promote the large-scale and high-quality development of wind power and solar power generation, develop biomass energy according to local conditions, and explore and deepen ocean energy and geothermal energy.Published use. Adhere to both centralized and distributed development, give priority to the local development and utilization of wind energy and solar energy, and accelerate the innovation, upgrading and characteristic application of the smart photovoltaic industry.

    Source: Jiemian News

  • Shanghai: Strengthening the forward-looking research and development of the underlying core technology basic capabilities of the Metaverse

    Shanghai’s economy and informatization The committee issued the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Shanghai Electronic Information Industry”. The plan mentions that it will focus on cutting-edge fields, forward-looking layout of key technology research and development, and consolidate the development capabilities of common basic technologies. Carry out key material design and preparation process research, and accelerate the replacement of traditional silicon devices such as third-generation semiconductor radio frequency and power devices. Strengthen the forward-looking research and development of the underlying core technology and basic capabilities of the Metaverse, promote the development of new terminals that deepen perception and interaction and the construction of systematic virtual content, and explore industry applications.

    Source: Financial Associated Press

  • The State Press and Publication Administration issued the “Development Plan for the Publishing Industry during the “14th Five-Year Plan” Period”

    The National Press and Publication Administration recently issued the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of the Publishing Industry”. 39 key tasks are proposed, and 46 are listed in 9 aspects: service system construction, improvement of modern publishing market system, promotion of high-level publishing industry going global, improvement of publishing industry governance capacity and management level, and improvement of the guarantee measures for high-quality development of the publishing industry. Major projects, and put forward work requirements for promoting the implementation of the plan. The “14th Five-Year Plan” Period National Key Books, Audio-Video and Electronic Publications Publishing Special Plan”, “Printing Industry’s “14th Five-Year” Period Development Special Plan”, “Publication Industry Development “14th Five-Year Plan Period Development Special Plan”, etc. Attachments are issued at the same time.

    Source: Securities Times Network

  • The schedule for the scheduled disclosure of the annual report of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is released

    The schedule for the scheduled disclosure of the annual report of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is released. Industry (600272) came out on top and will be the first to disclose it on January 28.

    Source: First Financial

  • (Investment Consultant Cai Jin Registered Investment Consultant Certificate No.: S0260611090020)

    II. Market Focus


  • Market Comments: The three major indices are recovering and the Metaverse is active again

    Thursday, the market indices of the two cities oscillated and rebounded, and the total market turnover has increased compared with the previous trading day . Specifically, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.62% to close at 3619.19 points; the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.97% to close at 14796.2 points; the ChiNext rose 1.25% to close at 3322.79 points.

    On the disk, Metaverse concept stocks, media and entertainment stocks and pharmaceutical stocks were active and top gainers, while Salt Lake’s lithium extraction concept stocks were mainly adjusted, and individual stocks in the market rose more and fell less. From the trend point of view, the three major indexes have all stepped out of the repair market, and the trading volume has gradually released. It is expected that the market will rebound after the holiday.

    In operation, short-term themes and individual stocks are active again, focusing on the direction of medicine, metaverse, green power and auto parts. From a medium-term perspective, it is recommended to pay attention to high-quality leading companies such as the middle and lower reaches of lithium batteries, military industry, photovoltaics, home appliances, chips, and consumption, as well as individual stocks with good third-quarter reports.

    (Investment Consultant Yu Dechao Registered Investment Consultant Certificate No.: S0260613080021)

  • Macro Perspective: Zou Lan of the Central Bank: Encourage Financial Institutions to Create Projects for M&A between Real Estate Enterprises Good financing environment promotes clearing of the industry

    Recently, the central bank and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly issued a notice to encourage banking financial institutions to provide financial support and services for mergers and acquisitions of key real estate enterprise risk disposal projects. On December 30, Zou Lan, director of the Financial Market Department of the People’s Bank of China, said that the document will start from the steady and orderly development of M&A loan business, increase support for bond financing, actively provide M&A financing consulting services, improve the efficiency of M&A services, and do a good job in M&A. In terms of risk management, financial institutions are encouraged to improve service efficiency, create a favorable financing environment for mergers and acquisitions, help defuse risks and promote industry clearing.

  • Source: Securities Times

    Comments: Project mergers and acquisitions between real estate companies is the most effective market-based means for the real estate industry to resolve risks and achieve clearing. Encourage banking financial institutions to provide financial support and services for mergers and acquisitions of key real estate enterprise risk disposal projects, which can not only resolve real estate industry risks, stabilize the real estate market, but also bring certain profits to financial institutions and achieve a win-win situation.

    (Investment Consultant Cai Jin Registered Investment Consultant Certificate No.: S0260611090020)

  • Battery industry: the global electric vehicle prelude has begun, and the wave of rising volume is firmly grasping the structure

    Car companies have formulated electrification strategic plans and sales targets to seize the new energy vehicle market. In 2022, the global high-quality new models will be launched in a concentrated manner. We expect that the popular models will essentially drive the audience’s demand for new energy vehicles and drive high sales. increase. In summary, we expect global new energy in 2022The sales volume will reach 10.166 million units, an increase of 55%; of which, the sales of new energy vehicles in China will reach 5.132 million units, an increase of 49%; the United States will reach 1.32 million units, an increase of 100%.

    Source: Orient Securities Research Report

    Comments: Global resonance, electric vehicle sales continue to increase rapidly, focusing on: The profitability of the battery segment has reached the turning point, and the volume and price will rise soon. Next year, the supply and demand of diaphragms, copper foils, PVDF, and negative electrodes will still be tight.

    (Investment Consultant Yu Dechao Registered Investment Consultant Certificate No.: S0260613080021)

  • Three, New Share Subscription Tips

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  • 4. Recommendation of key stocks

  • See the full version of “Morning Viewpoint” (monthly custom path: Discovery – Information – Paid Information – Morning Viewpoint; single custom path: Discovery – Gold Medal Appraisal – Morning View)

6. Has anyone used the Metaverse e7 notebook

because I need to use a notebook for college. The first time I bought a notebook online, I bought a Metaverse notebook, and it didn’t disappoint me. The solid state drive and the office are also used. It has been used for two days, no lag, daily use, see Video, playing games is no problem, the sound effect is also great, the appearance is silver, light and portable, very suitable for students, the price is only more than 2000, the price is very close to the people, and the cost performance is very high
All in all, the Metaverse notebook is indeed a It is a very excellent product in all aspects. Not only is the appearance very good, but the workmanship is also quite meticulous. The important thing is that it is indeed a very fashionable and high-quality notebook, which will also bring great benefits to the user’s life. Great convenience.

7. Is the metaverse a scam or the future of mankind

The metaverse is the future direction of the Internet.

It can be seen from the behavior of the government and enterprises that although the external views on the concept and properties of the metaverse are still changing, a consensus has been formed on the good prospects of the metaverse in the future. Looking to the future, the three prospects for the metaverse are already significant at the moment.

First of all, from the perspective of the market size, there are already a number of internationally renowned consulting organizations that have publicly expressed their optimism about the future market size of Metaverse. Morgan Stanley predicts that the potential market space of the Metaverse will exceed $8 trillion in the future. Not only that, the Metaverse will also drive and expand the market size of other fields during its development.

Secondly, from the perspective of the prospect of industrial innovation, the prospect of industrial innovation brought by the Metaverse includes two aspects: the Metaverse will break the physical rules of the real world that we are used to, and stimulate industrial technological innovation in a new way ; In addition, Metaverse will be deeply integrated with different industries to drive the transition and upgrade of related industries with new models and new formats.

Finally, from the perspective of application scope, the current application of the metaverse is mainly in the fields of games and entertainment, and relatively few applications in other fields. In the future, with the continuous improvement of Metaverse technology and industrial maturity, its application scope will gradually expand and deepen. For example, the Metaverse may have huge application prospects in social governance, public services and other fields.

Six industries affected

1 , Direct technology industries that affect the realization of Metaverse application scenarios.

The realization of the metaverse scene is a complex systematic project, which requires the comprehensive support of a series of software and hardware technology clusters, such as XR (extended reality), NFT (non-fungible tokens), AI, 3D , voice and gesture recognition, space mapping, digital twins and other directly related technologies, the maturity of these technologies directly determines the progress of the realization of the metaverse scene.

2. The underlying technology industry that supports the operation of the metaverse scene.

In the metaverse scenario, large-scale users will be online at the same time and interact in real time with low latency, which requires the deep integration of a large number of underlying technologies, such as blockchain, cloud computing, big data, The underlying technologies such as future networks and semiconductors, as well as related infrastructure technologies, directly determine whether the metaverse system can operate in a steady state.

3. Virtual-real connection technology industry.

Relevant technologies that connect the virtual world with the real world, such as spatial computing, edge computing, wearable devices, embedded technologies, brain-computer interfaces, micro-sensors and other technologies that enhance the interactive perception of the virtual and real worlds , these technologies affect the user’s immersive experience of the metaverse scene.

4. Experience industry in different application scenarios of Metaverse.

Matthew Ball, a senior research expert on the Metaverse, proposed that “the Metaverse is a concept at the same level as the mobile Internet”, just as the current Internet has different details such as shopping, entertainment, social networking, learning, and office work. Like sub-domains, the Metaverse will cover and transcend the currentA variety of Internet application scenarios bring experience upgrades in these fields.

5. Creative industries under visual simulation.

The development of Metaverse is built on the basis of traditional cyberspace, bringing a comprehensive upgrade of vision, content, services, and processes, and will form a new creator economy, such as animation design, audio-visual products, games Production, image design, etc.

6. Auxiliary industries such as payment and security that help the Metaverse system operate in a healthy and orderly manner.

In order for the virtual economic and social system formed by the Metaverse to operate in an orderly manner, it must be based on a series of widely recognized standards and protocols to promote the realization of large connections between different ecosystems in the Metaverse. No support for technology and business models such as payment, security, credit, and authentication.

8. The development prospect of the metaverse

There are such eight elements about the metaverse. For friends who want to experience virtual reality, perhaps the most important things are identity, friends, immersion, and low latency.
In addition to these, there are four elements of diversification, anytime, anywhere, economic system and civilization.
And these eight elements are the definitions given by roblox. About roblox, it is actually a large-scale game. The special thing is that it is the world’s largest multiplayer online creation game. Players from all over the world have developed a large number of digital contents such as 3D and VR here. At the same time, this game is compatible with casual Games, virtual worlds, and self-built content. And the game also has two virtual currencies. They are robux and Tix respectively. Now Tix is ​​gone, and players mainly use robux.
Combining these eight elements, we can make a cross-definition of the universe from four aspects. That is independence, connectedness, and space-time and authenticity.
The metaverse is independent from our universe, but closely connected with the real world outside. We can regard the universe as a parallel space, and the time dimension of the metaverse is as real as our real universe. , but the metaverse does not have its own physical space. It only exists on the network. It is an organic whole that unifies users and the network. The metaverse is all-encompassing and has achieved a high degree of coverage in many aspects. But the development of the Metaverse is a long way to go, and our technology is not yet mature. However, after all, the Metaverse represents the general direction of the future development of Internet technology, and many companies have also made a lot of money because of this. The Metaverse responded, causing the company’s stock to skyrocket.

9. The concept of “metaverse” is booming, will virtual digital human be the next growth point? Why?

The concept of metaverse is booming, virtual digital human will be become the next growth point. Various Internet companies have already released their own virtual digital people, and have used this virtual digital human to carry out a series of promotions. Therefore, large enterprises are still optimistic about virtual digital people, and they have even taken the lead. Some other relevant investors are also actively investing, and they are also conducting research and development of some virtual idols, which are also liked by many people. Therefore, virtual digital people will become a growth point.


The Metaverse is just in its infancy. To be truly commercialized, it will take a certain amount of time. The most important thing is to be able to establish a certain rules and regulations.


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