Metaverse nfc can’t scan

Ⅰ What is the reason why nfc can’t sense it?

Summary system version: EMUI11.0

Ⅱ Why mobile phone NFC cannot read access control Card

If you are using a vivo mobile phone, the steps to add an NFC access control card are as follows:
1. First enter the phone settings – other networks and connections/more settings – NFC – turn on the NFC switch and NFC Read the card switch, and set the payment method to vivo wallet;
2. Then enter the vivo wallet access control card page, and select the type of card to be opened;
3. Place the non-encrypted physical access control card close to the NFC antenna of the mobile phone. Read the card;
4. Complete the authentication and write the card according to the prompt on the page, and then the access control card can be added.
Reminder: Models without an NFC switch are not supported.

Ⅲ Why can’t the mobile phone read nfc

If the mobile phone does not work properly with the NFC function, please try:
1. Verify that the mobile phone supports NFC function.
2. Check whether the mobile phone is using the original battery, because the NFC contact point of some models of mobile phones is connected to the battery of the mobile phone; for some models (such as Note2), the NFC contact point is on the shell, please confirm that the mobile phone is used. Whether it is the original back cover.
3. Check whether the NFC function is turned on: Settings – more settings (more connections) – NFC (NFC and payment) – turn on the NFC function.
4. Turn on your device to touch other NFC-enabled devices (usually back-to-back).
5. If it cannot be achieved, please try it several times.
If the problem still exists, it is recommended that you bring the machine, purchase invoice, and warranty card to the local Samsung after-sales service center for testing.

Ⅳ Why can’t scan the bank card after opening the mobile phone and Alipay nfc

Hello, your bank card must be a chip card, and it is not Shooting, you can read it by sticking it on the back of the phone. If you don’t understand, please ask. If you are satisfied, please click to accept. When the NFC function of the NFC is turned on, it will read the NFC when it is close to the reading device. The method of opening Apple NFC is as follows:

1. Select to open the settings app, as shown in the figure below.

VI iphone11nfc scan no response

Voice content:

Hello everyone, I am Time Fortune Network Smart customer service time, I will answer the above questions for you. Taking Shanghai transportation card as an example, the setting method of iphone11 nfc function is:

1. First, open [Settings], [Wallet and APP Pay].

2. Then click [Add Credit Card or Transportation Card].

3. Then click Continue and select [Shanghai Transportation Card].

4. Then enter the recharge amount.

iPhone 11 is not much different from iPhone XR in design. It is still an aluminum alloy frame and front and rear glass panels, but the back adopts a dual-camera design, but the shape of the dual-camera module adheres to the style of Yuba. . The iPhone 11 is also available in six colors, namely purple, white, green, yellow, black, and red. The iPhone 11 uses a 6.1-inch LCD screen and supports Dolby Atmos. All three new iPhone 11 series support dual-SIM (nano-SIM) dual standby, and are not compatible with existing micro-SIM cards. According to reports, users can select data and voice SIM cards in the settings. The use of dual SIM requires the use of two mobile communications services (which may include restrictions on roaming). Simultaneous use of two CDMA mobile communication services is not supported. Only some carriers support dual VoLTE. Certain restrictions apply. 1. Open the “Shortcut Commands” on the desktop.

2. Find the “NFC” option and click to enter.

3. Click “Scan” on the right, and use a card with an IC chip to get close to the phone.

4. The mobile phone will automatically recognize and turn on the NFC function.

5. At present, NFC only supports Apple’s Apple Pay, and has not yet opened an interface to third parties. It needs to be developed in cooperation with banks and shopping malls before it can be used. At present, there is no such cooperation in China.

VII My nfc can’t scan the key, ask the old driver to lead the way

What key to scan? Is that the kind of door keychain?
If it’s that kind of keychain, you can’t scan it, because the door disable technology is 125kHz, and the NFC’s operating frequency is 13.56MHz, and the operating frequencies are different. How can their coils induce each other? Well, without induction, the chip won’t work, so you can’t read the information.
Now there is a 13.56MHz access control system, but the cards for this kind of access control are generally relatively large (generally more than 1000 square millimeters). For this kind of card, you scan it with the NFC of your mobile phone. As long as the hardware is ok, the mobile phone will generally have a sensed sound, which means that the hardware is OK, but there may not be software on your mobile phone that can display the read data. information, so it’s still useless.
In addition, the NFC chip can be added�� For communication, if the card is encrypted, you don’t need special software to display it, you won’t see any data, and it will be garbled when you see it.

Ⅷ The NFC scan of the mobile phone does not show whether it is broken or not at the top of the screen.

The mobile phone NFC has an antenna, which mainly depends on whether your antenna is still moving. No effect anymore.
If not, it is possible that the NFC switch is turned off in the settings.

IX The nfc mobile phone access control seems to be unable to scan the key and the receiver is finally opened with a magnetic key, I would like to ask how the operation is done

Now there are many nfc For example, Lakala, Bohai Bank, IGRS, etc. all have their own apps. However, there are still a lot of bugs. Generally, it is to turn on the nfc function of the mobile phone, and then cooperate with the app. Can be brushed. If you can’t solve it, you can ask customer service or something. Hope it helps you.


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