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“One” Blue Cursor latest news

1, no upper limit to invest huge amounts of money: Blue Cursor [market value of 18.2 billion] represents the virtual human IP and technology related to the metaverse, XR technology, virtual space and other business directions are the tracks that the company will focus on and fully invest in in the future. The company has no upper limit on the investment amount in this field. The company’s management and investment department are currently conducting comprehensive research and negotiations on relevant targets. , the company can support more than 1 billion capital investment in the layout of Metaverse-related tracks, and comprehensively build the company’s own IP, technology and content core capabilities. Analysis: Dare to invest in the metaverse without any limit, it must be very optimistic about the future of the metaverse, and the first A-share company.
2. Registering a professional Metaverse company: BlueFocus established a wholly-owned subsidiary “Blue Universe Digital Technology Co., Ltd.”. Integrate the resources and teams related to virtual live broadcast rooms and virtual IP operations that BlueFocus already has, and comprehensively promote the exploration and implementation of Metaverse-related businesses. Analysis: Professional people do professional things. This is also the first A-share listed company to set up a professional metaverse company.
3. Cooperation with professional companies: BlueFocus has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with [Danghong Qitian] and its subsidiary Qi Le Infinite. The two parties will jointly promote the application expansion and commercialization of XR experience in key industries. The background of the popular Qitian: the top domestic XR immersive experience solution company, shareholders include Zhang Yimou, AVIC Trust, Xiaomi, etc. Its VR-themed SoReal hyperspace is launching numerous innovative projects, including the Shanghai Disneytown project with nearly 5,000 square meters of 5G+XR experience space, which will be completed and open for experience in the near future. At the same time, Shougang’s “No. 1 Blast Furnace SoReal Super Space”, which covers an area of ​​22,000 square meters and integrates many well-known IPs and cutting-edge technologies such as VR, AR, and holographic images, will present the world’s top immersive entertainment experience, becoming the world’s first An innovative display window for cultural and technological empowerment of industrial heritage.
4. Cooperation with many giants:
a, Blue Cursor announced the business progress of the virtual live room jointly built with Alibaba Dharma Academy: 34 rooms have been signed and sold at a price of 99,000 yuan per room. The brand covers multi-category leading enterprises such as mother and baby, beauty, health care, home cleaning, 3C and so on. One of the beauty brands revealed that on 11.11 this year, from 3:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., the sales of the virtual live broadcast room reached 10,000 yuan, and the average audience stayed for more than 40 seconds. The performance of the virtual anchor has far exceeded expectations. At present, BlueFocus is still in contact with dozens of brands, and it is expected that more than 100 brands will be signed in the near future.
b, as early as the beginning of this year, Blue Cursor has begun to deploy Douyin e-commerce, Tencent private domain, cross-border e-commerce and other fields, fully entering the trading market, and providing customers with “marketing + marketing” full-link promotion Serve.
c, the company has in-depth cooperation with Tencent in game, animation, reading and other aspects; at the same time, in the virtual human business as the entrance to the metaverse, there is also in-depth cooperation.
d, the 2020 annual report shows that facebook is the largest supplier of blue cursor, with a cooperation amount of up to 12.8 billion yuan. The company’s strategy of actively entering the Metaverse coincides with Facebook’s strategy of vigorously developing Metaverse technology.
5. Comments: In the future, BlueFocus may establish a joint venture with Facebook to jointly develop the Chinese Metaverse Market. If achieved, the market value of BlueFocus will reach hundreds of billions just around the corner. C. Significant increase in performance: Regarding the VR/AR target company, the company’s participating funds and the company’s investment department are actively negotiating, and it will also be an important investment direction for Blue Label in the future. The company hopes to have its own IP, technology, and even platform in the future. The disclosed three quarterly reports show that in the first three quarters of 2021, the company achieved operating income of 31.483 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.10%; non-net profit attributable to the parent was 594 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.13%; operating cash flow was 640 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.13%. A sharp increase of 166.11%.
6. Sufficient funds: due to the introduction of strategic investors in international business and the company’s excellent cash flow performance from operating activities in recent years, the company currently has ample cash reserves. Blue cursor’s third quarterly report for 2021 also shows that monetary funds at the end of the period were 35.71 billion. E. Other Metaverse related information:

『紴』 When will the cso Metaverse Bingtang Orange be launched?

cso Metaverse Bingtang Orange will be online The time is 6:40 on July 24, 2021.

CSO is built on the Binance blockchain, paying tribute to the metaverse world Metaverse inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto, anyone can get it through skilled gameplay and contributions to the CSO metaverse ecology Aussie citrus reward. The total amount is 2100 trillion, dividends + destruction, CCTV has already broadcast the scam of the metaverse game, please don’t be deceived.

Just two days ago, CCTV exposed the metaverse game scam. The reporter investigated a company calling itself the Metaverse Research Institute on the spot. According to the company insiderThe staff introduced that one of their metaverse blockchain games can invest and manage money as long as you spend money on equipment.

The specific operation process is to first convert RMB into virtual currency USDT. At present, most Metaverse games (Metaverse Chain Games) need to convert RMB into USDT (Tether, the current price is 1 USD per piece).

After being exchanged for Tether, it is then exchanged for the virtual currency used in the game. It is claimed that playing the game can achieve nearly 100% of the monthly investment income. However, you need to pay a service fee of more than 6,000 yuan first, and then you need to share 20% of your monthly income.

Methods to prevent fraud:

1. Get rid of greed, don’t believe, pie will fall from the sky.

Don’t listen to the rhetoric of strangers, covet discounts and convenience, and go to a formal business hall to handle business. Students, don’t be greedy for petty bargains, and don’t buy easily when you encounter door-to-door sales; for cosmetics, shampoo, sports shoes, or laptops, scammers are very likely to use fake and shoddy products or to defraud them in the form of shortages.

Prevent bank card fraud, online fraud, and telephone fraud. Do not trust unverified information and phone calls such as tuition refunds, winning prizes, donations, etc., and do not covet small profits to avoid being deceived.

2, keep information confidential, do not disclose personal family secrets.

Don’t tell strangers about your personal situation, mobile phone number, and home phone number at will. The phone numbers of parents and relatives on the mobile phone are best displayed with their real names, and words that are easy to reveal the relationship between the two parties should not appear.

Don’t easily reveal your personal information and family contact information, and don’t lend your mobile phone, ID card, student ID card, campus card, bank card and other important items to others for use or leave them for safekeeping. Do not fill out various forms of unknown origin, and do not scan unfamiliar QR codes at will to prevent information leakage and give criminals an opportunity to commit fraud and other illegal activities.

『Three』 With the proposal of the metaverse, what impact will it have on the civil engineering industry

It is an excellent opportunity for the civil engineering industry, if If you grasp it well, the civil engineering industry will lead the construction of the Metaverse, and the architect will become the general commander of the construction of the Metaverse. At that time, a new round of discipline development in architecture will come, and the civil engineering industry will also usher in a wave of development.

“4” More than 70 institutions investigate which stocks in the Metaverse

Consultation records · Answered on 2021-12-17

『Wu』 Tell me about the metaverse you understand

First of all, we need to understand what the concept of the metaverse is. Metaverse is a collection of virtual time and space. It is a virtual world that is linked and created by scientific and technological means, mapping and interacting with the real world, and a digital living space with a new social system. So let me talk about what I know about the metaverse.

First, the source of the concept of the metaverse.

Eight key features of the metaverse: Identity, Friends, Immersive, Low Friction, Variety ), Anywhere (anywhere), Economy (economy), Civility (civilization).

Each feature has a path that it can implement. There are three realization paths: ① Immersion and superposition. The representative of the immersive path is VR technology; ② Radical and progressive. The path to the metaverse has always been radical and gradual; ③ open and closed. The path of the metaverse also has two relationships, open and closed.

Summary: This is all my understanding of the metaverse. In the real world, most of us work and are called laborers. With the entry into the metaverse era, most people are not working, and a small number of people are doing the work of innovating, creating and commanding robots, so most people will change from laborers to play workers in the metaverse era, and have entertainment in the metaverse. play to further generate economic value. This is the logic of capitalization in the metaverse. So the development of the metaverse is very necessary.

『Lu』 Excuse me, will the overdue credit card affect the preparation of the teacher’s examination?

Overdue credit card is a credit issue, which generally affects the loan, but does not involve the preparation of the teacher’s examination. .
Overdue credit card is a very common thing for everyone, especially young people nowadays, almost everyone has debts, of course, there are credit cards and online loans, most of which are overdue credit cards, it is precisely because of large Part of the credit card is overdue, so many friends expressed their fear, and felt that they were likely to be sued. Even if they were not sued, they would have high interest and liquidated damages waiting for them. People in debt are “miserable”. Therefore, it is recommended not to overstay as much as possible.
Youyou is concerned about the preparation of test teachers mainly depends on whether you meet the test requirements and whether you can pass the interview.
Teacher prepares examination area�At the same time, the conditions for applying for the test are also different, but no matter where you take the test, holding a teacher’s qualification certificate is the most basic requirement for recruitment; and the level of Mandarin is another basic requirement for teacher recruitment. Grade B or above, and Chinese subject requires Grade II A or above; and then must meet the academic requirements.
Secondly, it must be a radical of the People’s Republic of China and at least 18 years old. The general application age is not more than 35 years old. The age of those who have obtained a doctoral degree can be relaxed to under 40 years old.
Then is your educational background. At present, most of the qualifications required for teachers to apply for a job are full-time undergraduate and above. Some primary school teachers may have a slightly lower degree, and college education can also be applied for. The more developed the urban area where you are teaching, the more competitive the competition will be, and the higher the requirements for academic qualifications will naturally be. Therefore, if you want to apply for the exam, it is also very important to choose a different area, and decide according to your ability and academic qualifications.
Finally, you must be a good resident who abides by the laws and regulations, love the education industry, aspire to be a teacher, follow the teacher’s professional ethics, have good conduct, be healthy in mind and body, and have basic education and teaching abilities.

『柒』 How to play Metaverse on iPhone

iPhone cannot play Metaverse at present. The Metaverse is a virtual world that is linked and created by technological means, and is a virtual world that maps and interacts with the real world, a digital living space with a new social system.

Metaverse mainly needs visual sensing and tactile sensing. At present, it is basically limited to devices such as VR and sensing gloves, which are currently not available in mobile phones. After all, the usage and functions of mobile phones are very different from those of head-mounted visual and tactile sensors.

Metaverse Development History

Metaverse began in 1992 when the “metaverse” and “metaverse” mentioned in the foreign science fiction work “Avalanche” Avatar (avatar)” these two concepts. People can have their own virtual avatars in the “Metaverse”, and this virtual world is called “Metaverse”.

From the 1970s to the 1995s, there were a lot of open multiplayer games, which means that the open world of the game itself formed the early basis of the metaverse. Later, in 2003, a game called “Second Life” was released. It liberated us partially from the dilemma faced by the real world in concept. How to understand this sentence.

The most painful thing in the real world is that we can’t quickly adjust our identity, but in the virtual world, we can do it by having our own avatars, so “Second Life” gives The possibility of us living a new life.

『渌』What word can best represent your 2021 and 2022 keywords?

The most anticipated every year is the Spring Festival , Because the Spring Festival is coming, we can stay with our family, and every year, many people will make a New Year’s wish, hoping to have a better life in the coming year. Of course, this is also one that everyone likes to do. Things, after all, everyone hopes that they can give a certain sustenance to the next year, and can get the corresponding realization in the future, so when most people make a wish in the New Year, they hope to make some wishes that can be realized, although Some people have many unrealistic wishes, but this is also their own yearning, and many very key words will appear in the new year.


Everyone is familiar with the word warmth. In fact, for the country, it will feel extra warm during the Spring Festival. I also hope that my family can become warmer and warmer. Of course, this is everyone’s hope, but in the end, whether this thing will come true or not depends on time, because time is always cruel, it will bring a lot of harm, but it will also bring a lot of warmth , And for many young people growing up, they all hope that they can be treated gently by the world, and for many lonely young people, they hope to meet someone who can warm him in the future. For myself, I hope that I can find my other half and live a warmer life in the coming year, and of course I hope that my parents will be healthier, that they will be better in the coming year, and their career will be smoother.

In the new year, everyone will set corresponding keywords for themselves, hoping that they can realize them, because such wishes, since the promises made, are the goals for themselves to move forward , to push their own motivation and hope that they will work harder.

“Jiu” What is the light domain ecology and what is the similarity between the current metaverse?

A new type of city is being built?Under the background of urbanization and ecological civilization, urban development is faced with the two major tasks of urbanization and ecologicalization at the same time. To this end, it is inevitable to seek an inclusive development path that adapts urban development to the ecological environment. This paper believes that the urban ecological network planning based on the concept of “ecological integration of the city” can guide the optimization of the overall form of the city and the overall pattern of the ecological environment, and ultimately achieve the harmonious development of urbanization and ecologicalization. See below for details.

I. Problems and Challenges
In the past 40 years, the “agglomeration effect” of urbanization has brought a huge impact on cities. The topography, land cover, and ecological environment of urban and rural areas have undergone sudden changes, and urbanization and ecologicalization have constituted a conflict from the very beginning. At the same time, the urban ecological construction, which has attracted increasing attention, also faces a series of increasingly severe problems and challenges due to its cognitive limitations.

1.1 Lack of ecological status – emphasis on construction over non-construction

Compared with the low dynamic characteristics of green space ecological construction, the high dynamic characteristics of urban development and construction are relatively strong. Therefore, my country’s cities have long maintained a planning method dominated by the layout of built-up areas (buildings, blocks, etc.) and a construction model dominated by artificial environments, while the green ecological space as a public resource has given way to limited or unlimited concessions. Urban development has gradually become a “weak space” in the city, passively adapting to urban construction and development, and eventually suffering a lot of shrinkage, islanding and fragmentation [1].

1.2 Insufficient spatial rationality—emphasis on form over structure

Traditional urban green space construction has always paid more attention to image representations such as “green heart” and “green axis” and environmental landscapes The fine-grained shaping of the form focuses on the visual meaning of form rather than scientific rationality based on structure. The layout of urban green space ecological space is passively subordinate to the layout of construction space. It is almost repaired and refined after the establishment of residential, industrial, commercial, road and other land, and it has been in a state of high artificial intervention for a long time, which violates the law of natural succession and hinders the development of urban green space. Ecological benefits can be exerted, and even adversely affect the regional ecological pattern.

1.3 Single value standard—emphasis on indicators and less on benefits

Guided by the three indicators of green space rate, green coverage rate, and per capita green space area, the planning and construction of traditional urban green space is excessive It is difficult to guide the formation of a systematic and efficient ecological space system by pursuing green quantity rather than a three-dimensional and multi-dimensional value measurement system. Therefore, while paying attention to the green space data indicators, it is also necessary to pay attention to its ecological process, to ensure the growth of its ecological benefits and overall comprehensive efficiency under the same green space indicators, and to promote the mutual benefit and win-win of ecology and urban development.

1.4 Discuss the city in terms of the city – focus on the inside and outside the city

For a long time, the green space system in the city has been widely used as a space carrier for the image of the city’s environment and social recreation. attention, and gradually formed a mature and independent space system including park green space, protective green space and auxiliary green space, and achieved results in the shaping of landscape image.

However, the degraded suburban ecosystem and the wider rural ecological environment caused by the outward sprawl of cities have been neglected, and few people have paid attention to them, resulting in the same origin and constant exchange, The inner and outer life systems of transmission and supply are separated.

1.5 Discussing green space in terms of green space—emphasis on definition and light on relationship Delineation, established the land space management system. However, while providing effective management means for the orderly utilization of land resources, it dilutes the connection between the city and the countryside from another level, separates the interdependence between production, life and ecology, and ignores the green space. Ecology, as a dynamic system, can play a related role in various spaces.

2. Concept and path
The cognitive limitation of ecological space and its benefits originates from the paradox between urban construction and ecological protection, which essentially reflects the understanding of human beings. The contradiction between the development process and the needs of survival and development. At the moment when my country’s economy and society have entered a critical period of “transformation and development”, it is hoped that this paradox should be broken, the premise is to reshape a new development concept that integrates ecology and cities to guide the “green” transformation of urbanization.

2.1 Ideas: “Ecological Integration of the City”

The key to “Ecological Integration of the City” emphasizes the word “integration”. Based on my country’s thousands of years of traditional view of landscape and nature and the philosophy of “harmony between man and nature”, this ecologically philosophical term contains the meanings of “tolerance”, “dissolution” and “integration”. The three levels of the space depict the beautiful vision of the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and the harmonious coexistence of city and ecology (Figure 1).

“Pick up” Yuan Yu��How many children are ruined by the game

Hello everyone, I am a very handsome fox

Today I am going to talk about


Recently, this concept is very popular——

facebook changed its name to Meta to welcome the Metaverse, and Douyin’s Metaverse Up Master “Liu Yexi” gained 2 million followers with two videos, and even teacher Luo Yonghao mentioned it , his next entrepreneurial project will be the Metaverse…

Then the problem comes——

  • What is the Metaverse?

  • How will it develop in the future? What is the final form?

  • Why do you say that the biggest risk in the current metaverse is policy risk?

  • Why do we say it has the potential to destroy the world?

  • Is there a way to prevent it from destroying humanity?

  • This article will answer the above questions, hoping to upgrade your understanding of the world, help you better predict the development trend of human society, and find the future The most critical technologies and applications at each stage.

    Let’s take a look at the first question: what is the metaverse?

    The concept of “metaverse” comes from the science fiction novel “Avalanche”, which is simply a virtual world.

    In this world, users can connect everything and perform many operations that cannot be achieved in the physical world.

    In sci-fi works, the metaverse will be richer: For example, as in “Ready Player One”, using VR glasses to interact with other individuals-

    However, the metaverse is not It will not just stay on the “hype” level, it has strong scalability.

    The future metaverse may be like the movie “Super Chappie” or “Transcendental Hacker”, we can upload our consciousness to the Internet, and then we can live completely without the flesh in the metaverse.

    People are usually very excited when they hear such a concept of cyberpunk, but I want to bring you back to reality a little bit:

    Because after a few steps back, we will It is found that when it develops to stage 4, the metaverse is likely to let humans rest on their laurels, and may even destroy the world.

    Next, we can take a look at the development and deduction of the subsequent metaverse.

    It seems that we are still in the first stage –

    Phase 1

    Virtual Metaverse️

    The Metaverse is actually It reproduces the sensory experience of human beings in the real world.

    Because of the limitations of equipment (only computers and mobile phones), we can only reproduce part of the visual and auditory experience.

    Like the games I’ve covered in detail before, in that metaverse everything is possible: players can open banks, speculate on land, hold meetings… The game even successfully predicted the financial year of 2008 Crisis, if you are interested, you can read my previous article.

    German Chinese player Chung Anshe is a teacher in real life, but in the game he made millions of dollars by speculating on land, and his avatar even appeared in Fortune and Business Weekly Magazine cover.

    Picture/Business Weekly

    And the later popular Roblox, Minecraft, Moore Manor, Dongsen, etc…

    As mentioned earlier , all role-playing games can be said to be the predecessors of the “metaverse”.

    In recent years, the development of technology has allowed us to better reproduce the experience of the real world-

    Based on the above-mentioned technologies, we can Receive, process, transmit, and output sensory information faster.

    Let’s focus on the VR terminals responsible for information output. Their role is to reproduce the experience of the five senses-

    At present, our simulation of vision and hearing has been relatively mature.

    In terms of haptics, there is currently the Teslasuit, a full-body haptic experience kit similar to “Ready Player One”, which can simulate haptics through electrical stimulation.


    In terms of smell, there is a product called OhRoma that can simulate the smell of gunpowder smoke in war, the rotten smell when zombies pounce, and the body fragrance when girls approach (actually …this product was designed by a porn site) etc.


    With the development of disciplines such as chemistry and materials science, it is theoretically possible to synthesize corresponding gaseous solids in the future to simulate more olfactory experiences and even taste.

    At that time, we will enter a metaverse that can restore almost every sensory experience in the real world.

    However, after all, everything is just “simulation”, and it is still difficult to perfectly replicate all sensory experiences.

    At this point, we will try to enter “Phase 2”.

    Phase 2

    Brain Connected to the Metaverse

    I mentioned the “brain in a vat” experiment when I was in science.

    Human feelings are actually “scams” of the brain: since brain signals are all electrical signals, we can completely convert brain signals into language that computers can understand, and vice versa.�� Computer signals are converted into electrical signals that the brain can perceive.

    In this way, we can simulate the feeling of eating with a piece of code.

    For example, the brain-computer interface technology that Musk has been researching in recent years is trying to overcome these issues.


    With the development of technology, in the future, we may not need to use external devices such as VR glasses at all, but can also perfectly reproduce the senses brought by the real world directly through electrical signals experience.

    However, there are still problems: our eating and drinking still have to be done in the real world, and human beings cannot be completely disconnected from the real world.

    One solution is a scene similar to the movie “The Matrix”: all human bodies are properly preserved and maintained through nutrient solutions-

    Photo/”The Matrix” Stills

    There is also the ethical issue of “two pills” behind this: Does “truth” really matter?

    Anyway, even if the ethical issues are resolved and everyone is willing to choose to live and work in the metaverse, there are still issues that cannot be resolved: aging and death.

    At this time, humanity will try to enter the next stage of the metaverse –

    Stage 3

    Consciousness Metaverse

    With With the development of whole-brain simulation technology and artificial intelligence technology, in the future, if we can directly upload human consciousness to the server like “Super Chappie” or “Transcendental Hacker”, and at the same time make consciousness have self-computer function, then we will It can completely live in the metaverse without the physical body, and completely evolve into a silicon-based creature.

    And our consciousness can be replicated infinitely and sent to various servers around the world.

    There is a lot of philosophical discussion about this, so I won’t start it today.

    If you are interested, you can read WaitButWhy’s article “What Makes You You?”.

    Anyway, assuming that consciousness itself is all “I”, then under the premise that consciousness can be backed up, as long as there is no extreme situation such as a global disaster event that causes the entire network to be disconnected and the database is completely destroyed, theoretically We can all achieve “eternal life”.

    But there is a problem here: people will become unhappy.

    This may be a bit counterintuitive, but I’ll explain it —

    People love the concept of the metaverse because it gets rid of the constraints of the real world.

    For example, space constraints, we can achieve teleportation in the metaverse.

    We can also get out of the time limit, many actions can have instant feedback, and there is no need to wait at all.

    If our consciousness could be uploaded to the metaverse, we could even change our perception of the passage of time by increasing the speed of computation – just as Liu Cixin described in his feature-length debut “China 2185”, The “virtual human” spent 600 years of evolution in two hours.

    There is also the limitation of laws – in the metaverse, we can do many things that violate the laws of physics and biology, such as you can fly or float, even if you are hit by a car and stabbed by a sword, “Death” in the true sense.

    Picture/Mark Zuckerberg via FB

    And more importantly, in the metaverse, theoretically you don’t have resource limitations –

    you can have unlimited With a lot of resources, you can have countless suites, countless luxury cars, and countless brand-name bags…

    As long as computing resources allow, even everyone can have their own metaverse and become the “universe” of their own universe. God”.

    Then the question arises –

    If there is almost no limit, why is it “no longer happy”?

    This is because the source of happiness lies in “poor expectations”.

    You can do almost anything, you can get what you want, and you won’t have the feeling of “getting what you want”.

    Even if you get everything, you take it for granted.

    And there is another consequence of uploading consciousness: our calculation speed and accuracy have become stronger, and the probability of “accidents” is very small.

    In other words, our “expectations” have become extremely accurate, which is why there are no expectations.

    Those who realize this will start to move to the next stage –

    Phase 4

    Twin Metaverse

    In order to create anticipation Poor, we will begin to limit ourselves to a certain extent, replicating various laws in the real world: physics, economics… Create a mirror image of the real world, which is what we often hear as “digital twins”.

    The easiest way to do this is to add random numbers.

    Like playing a game to draw props, it will not make people addicted to Ouhuang. With random variables, there will naturally be surprises and poor expectations.

    Of course, we can also set our own limits so that resources are no longer infinite (though this also loses much of the Metaverse’s charm).

    For example, we can use what I have learned before to make virtual items in the metaverse have scarcity attributes.

    So��, which essentially means that resources can no longer be copied indefinitely, so that the economic laws in the real world can also be reproduced in the metaverse.

    Of course, these methods actually started to happen at an earlier stage, for example, NFTs have been hyped several times in recent years.

    However, there are still two fatal problems at this stage, and these two problems may even make human beings no longer creative.

    The first problem is that time resources cannot be limited.

    After uploading consciousness, human beings realize “eternal life”.

    While we will set our own limits to allow economic laws to reproduce, we are unlikely to allow time resources to be compressed.

    After all, from an ethical point of view, depriving a person of his remaining time is equivalent to actively “killing” him.

    Once humans have near-infinite life, what will they do?

    “Pop Squad” (Pop Squad) in the second season of Netflix’s “Love Dead” gives the answer – humans will lose the will to innovate.

    A female character on the show who is a singer who has been honing a certain solo for the past 20 years.

    Picture/Love Dead 2

    Because she has unlimited time, she has tried and wrong enough times, “from 0 to 1” or even “from 1 to 100” Alright, so I’ll focus more on the “100 to 101” level.

    By the way, “breeding offspring” will become less important at this time, you can even have offspring with NPC (artificial intelligence), but it is probably just to experience the fun of being a parent.

    Anyway, the pace of human innovation will indeed slow down.

    Of course, you can also say that although it is slowing down, it is still progressing; and time resources are almost infinite, so in the long run, human beings are still developing.

    At this time, we will also face another problem – the information cocoon room.

    The development of human knowledge requires the input of information to have the output of wisdom.

    In the metaverse, the input source of information will be limited to the metaverse (plus the earth) itself, which will limit the expansion of the boundaries of human knowledge, and will form an information cocoon.

    Of course, self-evolution itself can also have outputs: because our processing of raw data will yield new information, new cognitions and insights.

    But these are only information generated by human’s own activities.

    What is even more terrifying is that once the computing power is enough, everyone can load all the knowledge known to mankind in the consciousness, then each individual has the same input and the same processing mechanism (because the processing mechanism is determined by input information), so that the output of each individual will be the same.

    This will give birth to the “unified consciousness” mentioned in many science fiction novels.

    The beauty of diversity will cease to exist.

    Then the question is – how to break the game?

    After human beings have a thorough understanding of the metaverse and the earth, there is still a need to expand the boundaries of knowledge.

    At this time, we need to break out of the information cocoon and find input from outside the earth.

    Like what I saw in the ArtScience Musuem in Singapore-


    The translation is “Science is what the universe wants to tell mankind, and art is what mankind wants to tell the universe.”

    So there has always been a debate between the so-called “spaceship school” and “metaverse school”——

    In the end, the future of human beings is to colonize aliens? Or become a server running underground?

    If it is the latter, then a meteor comes over, and human beings are likely to be annihilated.

    This is what many science fiction writers and futurists, including Mr. Liu Cixin, worry about; it is also the underlying logic of the “metaverse may destroy the world” I mentioned at the beginning.

    Coincidentally, Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, also complained: “You promised us to colonize Mars, but now I only get Facebook.”

    Photo/Ma Provincial Science and Technology Review

    Then the question comes-

    Would you choose to join the “Spaceship faction”? Or the “metaverse faction”?

    Finally, I want to say that these two factions are not contradictory.

    It’s like the relationship between investment and consumption.

    As Fisher said, “investment is balanced consumption in the time dimension”, or, in other words, investment is actually future consumption.

    Similarly, the “spaceship faction” is expanding information sources, while the “metaverse faction” is making better use and processing of existing information.

    The two are not contradictory, they can be both.

    It’s just that we can’t spend all our money on consumption, we should still invest part of it.

    As usual, a picture to summarize——

    P.S. One day, the epidemic will pass. How will life change before and after the epidemic, and what investment opportunities will there be in the post-epidemic era? Find some day to talk to everyone, I don’t know if you will be interested, for those who are interested, please click and watch.

    “Greed is good.”

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