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(1) How do I play the mobile version of minecraft (that is, pe) online. . Free 50

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How to connect Minecraft mobile version to PE mobile version opening tutorial
Author: Keven Time: 2014-02-20 16:08 Enter the forum Discussion

Many friends who are playing the mobile version of Minecraft are still struggling to find out about the opening of the mobile version of the server. How to play the mobile version of Minecraft PE online and play with friends. Don’t worry, the following game park will introduce you to the online tutorial in the mobile version of Minecraft, I hope it can be helpful to you.
The connection of Minecraft Android version needs to be in a place where the wifi wireless network can be connected, that is, the same wireless router, or in a local area network, otherwise it cannot be connected. You can use the same wireless router or wifi wireless network point to connect with your friends.
An effective network router
Two or more devices that can play PE (IPAD IPHONE Itouch samsun moto cottage Nokia, etc.)
The first step is to connect several devices to the wireless network ( Note, it’s the same one!)
Second supplement, one person enters the game, enters the map, and then enters the pause menu, if the third box is “Server is visible”, the room has been built, if it is “Server is visible” invisible, click it to switch to “Server is visible”
The third step, the other three people can click “Join Game” to search for the owner’s room
The fourth step, let’s go on an adventure!
There are a few more points
①If the member is close to the OP, they will be bounced away
②The member will not fall to death
③The creative mode of the Android version of PE is invincible when online, while the IOS version of the creative mode is invincible. It will be killed by monsters, suffocated by water, and killed by falling, SO, take your Android phone and slap Apple users to death!
1. Close connection:
1. Open wifi hotspot, after the server owner opens the wifi hotspot, open the game and enter, other people connect to the server owner’s wifi, then enter the game main menu, select join games on the left, and then join the game.
2. A close-range connection method is similar, connect to the wifi of the same router, and then the same.
2. Remote connection: here I only know the Android connection method
1. Use Pockettool1.6.2, the specific address is as follows http://tieba..com/p/2150294692 (thanks to jiayong620 for posting)
Select toolkit – change server IP – enter the IP provided by the remote server master – click: change my IP, then press Press the menu button of the Android phone – App changes appear, then select App changes, and then follow the prompts to uninstall and reinstall.
2. Use the MCPE launcher, the download address is as follows http://www.mcbbs.net /thread-91697-1-1.html
After using the MCPE launcher to open the main menu, select the options option on the right, find: server IP, directly enter the IP provided by the server master, and then go directly back to the main menu, select Just join games on the left.
The above is the tutorial on how to connect the mobile version of Minecraft and how to open the mobile version.
The game park Minecraft
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Check, have you added mods

㈢ My world is digging and digging, what’s the matter with the sudden dizziness effect? ​​

Basically, I encountered him or entity 303.

㈣ In my world, I am dizzy when mining and digging. What is the situation with the screen swinging and fluctuating?

You are stunned and need to drink milk to contact the effect, or you The hunger level is already low, so the picture starts to wobble.

㈤ My world, when I was mining, something horrible happened, please explain

Come on, I will tell you. There is a mod installed in your game. The function of this mod is to increase the appearance of HIM. I don’t remember his full name. him is a hostile creature like zombies, skeletons, but he is smart (hehe). It is completely to increase the playability of the game. This is not surprising. He does make you creepy. You can check “Minecraft him”. Don’t be afraid, the general version has no him for a long time, this is just a plugin. What you saw is him

㈥ My world, I dug up this thing.��I also heard the voices of a lot of monsters. I was so scared that I didn’t dare to dig down.

This is a moss rock. Generally, there may be a monster spawner near the ground. You can open a hole in the front and go down. Look, it’s enough to block and pretend to pass by and get out of range.

㈦ In my world, there was a foreign netizen who was riding in a minecart and went to the underground mining tunnel to meet him, and then shouted oh buy Karma and then quit the game

this The video has been confirmed to be fake and has been deleted

㈧ Who in my world has that picture of Steve being seen by creepers while mining

this one?

㈨ When I was playing minecraft, a voice suddenly popped out while I was mining. It was a man speaking English. game.

Me too, I was going to a village and saw a man, I was playing single player mode. The man had a pattern on the back and was dressed in white. Suddenly I started speaking English, and I was so scared that I quit the game.

㈩ Does anyone have an anime about minecraft herobrine that they would like to see, not the cube man. There is a sentence (don’t you look back when mining)

This may be handwritten, at least I don’t have such an anime in my mind


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