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(1) “Minecraft” automatic mining and mining machine making tutorial

Minecraft automatic mining machine, want to know more strategies and related information of minecraft automatic mining machine? ? The following will give you a detailed answer. Players who want to know more come and watch!

Making good use of some commands in Minecraft can free our hands, no longer be bound by resources, and enjoy the game better. Here we share with you the automatic mining of Minecraft. With the mining machine making tutorial, I hope it can help everyone.

The perfect mine dug by the mining machine

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Automatic mining machine

From left to right:

Switch – Funnel Pulse – Comparator – Command Block (The command is:

/testfor @p{Inventory:[{Slot: 0b,id:minecraft:stone,Damage:0s,Count:1b}]}

— Comparator — Repeater — Comparator High Frequency (note that this comparator is in subtraction mode) — -Redstone wire -Quartz block -Redstone wire -Command block X2

(The command block command at the bottom is:

execute @p ~ ~ ~ fill ~-1 ~-1 ~-1 ~-1 ~1 ~1 stone 0 destroy

The command block command above is:

execute @p ~ ~ ~ fill ~-1 ~-1 ~-1 ~-1 ~1 ~1 air


Turn on the switch, take a stone and put it in the first slot of the inventory, and start Mining.

Remove the stone block from the first slot of the inventory, it will stop mining. The same way to cut a tree

What should I do if the ore mined by the mining machine is too much to fit?

Automatic ore collector

Look at the picture: the funnel pulse keeps activating the command block

The command block command is: tp @e[type=Item, r=100] xyz

㈡ How do I get an automatic mining machine in my world? This mining machine Why can’t it move?

The mining machine can’t move, it means that the operation of the computer is wrong, so the mining machine can’t move. The correct operation is as follows:

1. Command block code: /summon MinecartCommandBlock ~- 1 ~ ~ {Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Command:”/setblock ~-1 ~1 ~ 0 0 destroy”},Command: “/setblock ~-1 ~ ~ 0 0 destroy”},Command:”/setblock ~-1 ~-2 ~ 152 0 replac e”},Command:”/setblock ~-1 ~-1 ~ 157 0 replace”}

2. Put a redstone in the W direction of the command block, and place an activation rail above the redstone;

3. Right-click the button to activate the command block;

4. After activation, a command minecart will appear, just push the command block.

㈢ Minecraft Automatic Mining Machine

What do you want to ask?
How to make:
It can be made with command blocks
Use the destroy mode of fill
Of course, it can also be made with redstone, but it is very troublesome and very slow

(iv) How to make a self-mining machine in version 0.14.0 of minecraft

You can use named blocks to make an automatic track-laying mining machine
Automatic paving + mining minecart
Put it first A command block, put a button on the command block
then use the named box
More detailed game guides for minecraft can be viewed on the game
www.yxdown.com/gonglue/ 162808.html
“Minecraft” Automatic Railroad Track Mining Machine Making Graphical Tutorial”

㈤ How to use redstone to realize minecart walking and stopping on the rails in minecraft ( It’s better to have a screenshot)

In order to achieve this, it must be a slope. A normal minecart is on a powered rail, even if the rail is activated, the ground is still flat, so it must be pushed. If it is a slope, this can be solved Question

㈥ I beg that “Minecraft”, also known as “Minecraft”, has a game installation package with an automatic mining machine. If it is the latest version, it will be a terrifying bonus!

This is a mod, I suggest you go to mcbbs to have a look, this is an industrial mod that is not explained, come and play with our server, the group number is 52546568, which is an industrial server with the above-mentioned mining machine

㈦ “Minecraft” automatic mining machine making tutorial How to do automatic mining machine

The gameplay of command blocks is also more fun, and you can create the world through commands.

Put a command block first, and put a button on the command block

Command block code:

/summon MinecartCommandBlock ~-1 ~ ~ {Riding :{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Command:”/setblock ~-1 ~1 ~ 0 0 destroy”},Command:”/setblock ~- 1 ~ ~ 0 0 destroy”},Command:”/setblock ~-1 ~-2 ~ 152 0 replace”},Command:”/setblock ~-1 ~-1 ~ 157 0 replace”}

Place a redstone in the W direction of the command block, place an activation rail on top of the redstone

Right clickButton to activate the command block

After activation, the command minecart will appear, push the command minecart to try

4 codes in different directions (whichever direction you dig in) code):

W direction:

/summon MinecartCommandBlock ~-1 ~ ~ {Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”, Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Command:”/setblock ~-1 ~1 ~ 0 0 destroy”},Command:”/setblock ~-1 ~ ~ 0 0 destroy”},Command:”/setblock ~-1 ~-2 ~ 152 0 replace”},Command:”/setblock ~-1 ~-1 ~ 157 0 replace”}

S direction:

/summon MinecartCommandBlock ~ ~ ~1 {Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Command:”/setblock ~ ~1 ~1 0 0 destroy”},Command:” /setblock ~ ~ ~1 0 0 destroy”},Command:”/setblock ~ ~-2 ~1 152 0 replace”},Command:”/setblock ~ ~-1 ~1 157 0 replace”}

E direction:

/summon MinecartCommandBlock ~1 ~ ~ {Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Command :”/setblock ~1 ~1 ~ 0 0 destroy”},Command:”/setblock ~1 ~ ~ 0 0 destroy” },Command:”/setblock ~1 ~-2 ~ 152 0 replace”},Command:”/setblock ~1 ~-1 ~ 157 0 replace”}

N direction:

/summon MinecartCommandBlock ~ ~ ~-1 {Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Riding:{id:”MinecartCommandBlock”,Command:”/setblock ~ ~1 ~- 1 0 0 destroy”},Command:”/setblock ~ ~ ~-1 0 0 destroy”},Command:”/setblock ~ ~-2 ~-1 152 0 replace”},Command:”/setblock ~ ~-1 ~-1 157 0 replace”}

㈧ How to do the automatic mine burning machine in my world, the kind of rail and hopper minecart, solve

㈨ What are minecart rails used for in minecraft? Is it possible to mine automatically?

It is used to activate minecarts, the mobile version has 2 rails, one is used when the minecart turns a corner , one is used to accelerate the forward path and speed of the minecart. In addition to these 2, the computer version also has a detection rail [excite redstone signal]


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