Mini World Mining Season 1

❶ Mini World, how to mine iron ore

Go underground, and other ores

❷ “Mini World” new version ore distribution layers

There are a total of 7 kinds of minerals in the mini world: coal mine – iron concentrate – gold ore – aquamarine – malachite – calcium carbide – blue diamond.

Mineral distribution layers: coal and iron below 63 layers, kyanite/malachite and amphibole below 31 layers, and calcium carbide/blue diamond below 16 layers.

Game Introduction

“Mini World” is a highly free casual 3D sandbox game with a convenient and fast multiplayer online mode. You can play with friends from all over the world with internet access. There are no level and rule restrictions here, no prescribed gameplay, only arbitrary destruction and unrestrained creation. Players can become the best architect in the game and create houses, castles and cities.

You can also live a happy pastoral life, grow flowers and crops, and raise a group of lovely animals.

❸ Mini World Mining Brothers Mini Number

Polar bears can breed but need two polar bears, and polar bears breed with ham

❹ “Mini World” new What is the distribution of all ores in the version?

The distribution of all ores in the new version of the mini world is coal and iron below 63 layers, kyanite, malachite and gold ore below 31 layers, calcium carbide ore, blue diamond ore Below the 16th floor. Each ore has a different purpose and requires different harvesting tools.

Mini World is a highly free casual 3D sandbox game operated by Shenzhen Miniwan Technology Co., Ltd.

Mini World Game History

In January 2017, the PC version landed in the QQ hall, in March 2017, the mini workshop was launched, and new plug-ins were added in the same month library functions. In April 2017, interactive functions such as the personal center were further optimized. In July 2017, the evolved friend system and community system were launched. In August 2017, the overseas version was launched.

Since 2017, Mini World has started to hold the annual creative and cultural event National Creation Festival. In November 2017, the creature editing function was revised, players can make various animals and monsters have incredible characteristics, December 2017 , listed on the WeGame platform. In December 2017, Mini World won the most popular independent game award at the 3rd Blackstone Awards of the Hardcore League.

In 2018, Mini World launched the World Guardian Program, an environmental protection dream builder activity, using games as a medium to spread environmental protection public welfare, and guide players to pay attention to public welfare topics such as protecting the oasis.

❺ How to mine the diamond mine in the mini world.

First of all, by switching the angle of view, it is found that there is a diamond in the magma! ! !
First lay a walkable path on the magma around the diamond, then find the corresponding position, take out the prepared push-pull mechanical arm and switch and place it on the top of the hole directly above the diamond mine (as shown in the picture)
/>ps: Use the “wrench” to light up the five-pointed star on the robotic arm (as shown in the picture)
Then turn on the switch, and push and pull the robotic arm to catch the diamond mine! This step is a bit difficult, because the location of the diamond mine is not so good for me, and I usually have to fish several times to fish up the diamond in this way of survival. Be patient~
Turn off the switch, and the diamond mine will be fished. Get up! Collect it with a drill!
It can not only save the beloved diamond, but also experience the feeling of a “monopoly” in the mine, isn’t it cool~ From now on, mining is no longer boring~

❻ 《Mini World》

The following picture shows the most basic 7 kinds of ores in the mini world, as shown in the picture below, from left to right are coal → iron → gold → aquamarine → malachite → Calcium carbide→Diamond

❼ How to mine in the mini world

There are many important minerals in the mini world, so how to mine quickly? Iron Bone Net brings you fast mining in the mini world, let’s take a look~

How to mine fast in the mini world

First prepare the tools: a bucket of water, A mining tool, torch

Find where you want to dig, dig a block first, then fill it with water.

Continue to dig down. When the digging is almost out of oxygen, dig two squares in any direction forward, backward, left, right, and replenish the oxygen.

If it is dark, you can also place a torch above the two squares for lighting.

until you reach the bottom, or until you reach the destination (for example, to find a dungeon). When the water encounters the mine, it will continue to flow down, and the water column will flow and spread around the place where the water contacts.

If you want to go up, just swim up, but the process may be a little slow, but when you want to go down next time, you are not afraid of falling to your death.

❽ Where to watch Mini World Mining Brothers 2

Mini World Mining Brothers 2 can be viewed on the computer or. Watch on mobile client. Go to the website, enter the browser, and then the network will know. Do you want to watch the video of this game? Still look at the game guide. landlordTo be more specific, if I have the resources, I will share the link with the landlord. This game is still fun. I wish the landlord to play the mini world and the mining brothers two well.

❾ “Mini World” how to quickly mine and increase the mining speed at a glance

We all know that the best posture for mining is to dig a trapezoid, which is convenient for going up and down, and when digging At the same time, you may encounter magma. If you accidentally fall into the magma, it will be oufe. Now we will introduce another faster way.

First prepare the tools: a bucket of water, a digger Mining tools, torches. Mini World Quick Mining Details

Find the place you want to dig, first dig a block, and then fill with water.

❿ How to mine fast in the mini world How to mine fast for beginners

1. Use more advanced collection tools
The higher the collection tool, the faster the collection speed, for example The diamond pickaxe is faster than the iron pickaxe, which is the most basic method.
2. The collection tool is enchanted with the speed attribute
The higher the speed attribute, the faster the collection speed.
3. Use the character “Nini”
Use “Nini” and activate the specialties, after activating the specialties, Nini can also increase the collection speed.
4. Edible biscuits and fragrant biscuits


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