Mining and hacking instructions

(1) minecraft mining and hacking mod

requires versions 1, 5, 1 or above

㈡ what are the instructions for chain mining and chain tree cutting

Mods are required for chain mining and one-click tree chopping.
In the basic version, press and hold the right button to destroy items. Except for minerals and stones, you can get cubes after destroying them, and after destroying trees, you can get wood. . .
You must use pickaxes for stones and minerals. Wooden pickaxes can only dig coal and stones. . . Stone can dig iron, lapis lazuli. . . Further up is iron, gold, diamonds. . . Iron can already mine most minerals, diamond pickaxes can mine all minerals in vanilla, including obsidian. . . Obsidian is explosion-proof and basically cannot be destroyed except for the diamond pickaxe and the withering of the first boss. . . Right-clicking can force destruction, but it takes a long time. .

㈢ How to use mc mining and hacking

Press and hold the left mouse button to mine, first dig stones and then combine with wooden sticks to synthesize a stone pickaxe before digging other mines, cutting Killing is just a quick click of the mouse. It is better to have a sword.

㈣ How to install special arrows in minecraft mining and hacking


Special arrows must be shot through a bow, just hold a bow. In Minecraft, you can’t double-wield, so you can’t attack while digging, and you can’t melee and long-range with one hand.

If it helps you, please accept it!

㈤ Mining and hacking in minecraft

Two-handed mod in minecraft, do you want to know more strategies and related information about two-handed mod in minecraft? Bringing the sharing of Minecraft Hands Mod for everyone!

Mining & Slashing: Dual Wield & Combat 2, is a popular mod that features:

Offers fun and balanced combat, including :

New Weapon

Dual Weapon

Blockable Shield

>>>>>>>>>> >Mod download>>>>>>>>>>>

Mod introduction weapon system / dual wield

Mining and hacking: dual wielding and combat readiness added new equipment System. This system provides 3 weapon holding forms, which can be switched by the ‘R’ key. The system allows players to equip weapons in both their main and off-hand hands (so dual wielding is possible).

All weapons can be equipped by default, and all weapons without the right-click special function can be dual wielded. Weapons from other mods are also supported. (API support may be required)

New equipment interface

When dual wielding, the left mouse button controls the main hand weapon (right hand), The right mouse button controls the off-hand weapon (left hand), or raises the shield to block.


Mining and Slashing: Dual Wield and Combat Readiness includes a different shield system than parrying with a sword. Use a shield to block all damage that can be blocked. After the shield is equipped, there will be a small reading bar on the screen. Different shields read the bar at different speeds. When the reading bar ends, it means that the block cannot be blocked. Of course, the progress bar will jump back as time changes.

The shield is synthesized as follows

The shield can resist the attack of arrows, so we can recover the arrows by putting the shield back in the backpack! After the shield is put back into the backpack, the arrows will automatically be added to your backpack.

Press the ‘Z’ key to launch a shield attack, which will knock back the monsters in front of you. But Shield Bash reduces your stamina and you cannot attack for half a second.

Shields can be dyed like feather armor. To remove the stain you just put the bucket and the shield together to get rid of the previous color.

Weapons & Armored Battleaxes

Although battleaxes do not deal as much damage to unarmored enemies as swords, they can pierce armored enemies. , causing more damage.


Can stun enemies


Javelin is suitable for those who prefer to shoot enemies from a distance.


Daggers attack faster, but do less damage

Chain Armor

Combined as follows

Quiver and Bow Quiver

Quiver can stack up to 4 stacks of arrows, which can be emptied by pressing the right button.

The quiver can also be dyed, and the decolorization is also synthesized with a bucket.

Once you have a quiver in your inventory, you will use quiver arrows in preference to random bows. When you have a quiver equipped, a 4 will appear at the top of your screen. The interface of the grid, which is the number of your remaining arrows, you can freely switch the type of arrows currently in use, but this button is also “Z”, you can change the quiver at the same time, and the quiver will be displayed on the back of the player

Bow and arrow

Mining and Slashing: Dual Wielding and Combat Readiness 2 adds several bows and arrows, which can only be fired when equipped in a quiver.

The first bow and arrow, the Flaming Arrow.


Bursting arrow, causes items to explode.

Ender arrow teleports items.

Poison arrow, poisons.

Piercing arrow, ignores Armored and Pierced Glass

Arcane Arrow, Strange AbilityEffective.

Leech Arrows: Drain the blood of the enemy to heal themselves.

Skeletons may have special arrows, but they are too stupid to switch bow types.

Not compatible

Currently not compatible:

Not compatible with using RenderPlayerAPI (mods like flexible actions)

Not compatible with mcpc+ Compatible

Incompatible with stand-alone command mods, etc., it will crash

㈥ How to modify the configuration file for Minecraft mining and hacking mod2

Open the modifier, then Choose to select Mod, it will open a window for you to choose, then you open the moles folder in your Mount and Blade game folder, and then select the Mod you want to modify, for example, if you want to change the mod, open native, and then select the inside mole.ini that file, and then confirm, select read txt on it. .

In addition, it should be said that the beautiful legs are Mod modifications, not archive modifications, so after the modification, you need to reopen a file to modify the new game to be effective.

Hope it helps you. Happy gaming!

㈦ Minecraft Mining and Hack and Slash Mod Introduction

After installing the Mining and Hack and Slash mod, open E and two new buttons will appear:

It will destroy terrain. The chance of skeletons spawning explosive arrows can be changed in Minecraft→.Minecraft→config→battlegear2 (open with Notepad).

“Skeletons”{customarrowspawning rate

D:Ande= 0

D:explosive= 0.1000000014901161

D:flame= 0.1000000014901161

D:leech= 0.1000000014901161

D: the mysterious= 0

D:a =0.1000000014901161

D:poison= 0.1000000014901161

Translated as follows:

“Skull Special Arrow Yield”








D: Poison = 0.1000000014901161

Change the explosion to 0 and it’s ok!

㈧ How to use minecraft mining and hacking adventure map

I don’t know what this is, but it seems to be a mod, if it is a Java version, it is in “.minecraft” ” folder to find/create a “mods” folder and put the mod in it; if it is a map, also find the “saves” folder in the “.minecraft” folder and put the map in it

㈨ minecraft minecraft mining and hacking mod key translation

zoom zoom in alt key shift key boost key accelerator key mode switch mode switch side inventory side inventory
Second picture No. One does not know the battle inventory battle inventory? draw weapon draw weapon special special


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