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(1) What does the mining boom mean

The mining boom means that the price of graphics cards that can mine virtual currency has skyrocketed due to the rise in the price of virtual currency. And mining virtual currency, also known as mining, has formed a trend.

Virtual currency refers to non-real currency. Well-known virtual currencies such as Internet coins of Internet companies, Q coins of Tencent companies, Q points, coupons of Shanda companies, micro coins launched by Sina (used in micro games, Sina reading, etc.), chivalrous ingots (used in chivalrous Taoist games, etc.) ), silver pattern (for Bixue Qingtian game).

The popular digital currencies in 2013 include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Unlimited Coin, Quark Coin, Zeta Coin, BBQ Coin, Penny Coin (external network), Invisible Gold Bar, Red Coin, Prime Coin. There are hundreds of digital currencies issued around the world. The legend of “bit gold, Wright silver, infinite copper, penny aluminum” is popular in the circle.


According to the notices and announcements issued by the People’s Bank of China and other departments, virtual currency is not issued by the monetary authority, and is not legally compensable or compulsory. The property of currency is not currency in the true sense, and does not have the same legal status as currency. It cannot and should not be used as currency in the market. Citizens investing in and trading virtual currency are not protected by law.

(ii) Out of stock, prices soaring, the main reason for the crazy graphics card is just lack of production capacity? The main reason for the madness is not only the lack of capacity, but also other reasons.

The graphics card is one of the basic components of a personal computer. It converts the display information required by the computer system to drive the display, and provides the display with progressive scan or interlace scan signals to control the correct display of the display. It is an important component to connect the monitor and the motherboard of the personal computer. As an important part of the computer host, the graphics card undertakes the task of outputting and displaying graphics, which is very important for people who are engaged in professional graphic design.

The market blindness caused by Bitcoin price fluctuations also makes a large number of people have the idea of ​​joining Bitcoin mining. So even if we missed the good opportunity of “mining” in previous years, it is still profitable to join now. Also, Bitcoin mining is only a matter of speed, not risk. Recovery can sometimes occur within a few months. Due to the blindness of the market, new and old “miners” will also buy a lot of high-end graphics cards because of the increase in the value of Bitcoin. The price of graphics cards will go up over time.

(iii) The price of graphics card has skyrocketed by 150% and it is still out of stock. It is hard to find a single card in offline stores. What is the reason? So why is it soaring all the way, and the graphics card is still not available, let’s talk about it today, why is the graphics card so hard to buy?

In the current graphics card market, the situation that a card is hard to find is generally everywhere. Some high-end graphics cards are out of stock at all, and even if they are, you’ll need to buy them at a premium. In fact, the reason for this is because of the explosion of virtual currency and the coming of the mining tide. Mining is now happening almost all over the world, and the computing power of Ethereum has reached 410p. We all know that virtual currency is obtained by mining machines, and the most important part of the mining machine for mining virtual currency is the graphics card.

Secondly, due to the global epidemic, the number of people at home has increased. Children are studying online on home electronic products, and adults are also using electronic products to work from home, which has led to an increase in the demand for graphics cards in families, which is also a small part of it. reason.

㈣ Has the mining boom passed, is it suitable to buy a graphics card now? I want to buy a graphics card to eat chicken, but I am very worried about buying a mining card, what should I do now?

Now Although the price of Bitcoin has dropped, there are new ones such as Monero, and the price of graphics cards is still high, so it is not the best time to buy graphics cards. Don’t think about the graphics cards commonly used by miners. You can look at some less popular brands and models, such as Yeston GTX 1050Ti God of the Earth. In addition, if you start with regular channels and are not greedy for small and cheap, you will basically not buy them. mine card.

(v) Which brand of graphics card, 1060 and 1070, is the most cost-effective now? Is the mining boom not over yet? Is the price of graphics cards now? The material king is better. If you look at the evaluation in the computer bar, if you are not overloaded all the time, but you are just playing normal games, the beggar version is more cost-effective.
The mining boom is much better because the country has banned bitcoin, you can see that now a card can be bought at a relatively normal price.
There is no false high. Now the demand for video memory is large, and the output cannot keep up. It is normal for the price to be 10% higher than that in June.

㈥ From ignoring to high climbing Sorry, the graphics card and mining things

before.�We also said that the price increase of SSD and memory is too exaggerated. I didn’t expect that just a few months later, a crazier wave of price increases will come, but this time the object of price increase is graphics cards! Over the years, it is not uncommon for the price of graphics cards to increase, but the reason is almost the same: mining! I still remember when mining became popular a few years ago, many A-cards were hard to come by. As a miner back then, A-Ka also had a deep understanding of it!

Second, in terms of second-hand use, try not to choose A-cards. At present, Xianyu’s A-cards are not only expensive, but many A-cards are the remnants of long-term mining. It is hard to say for normal work. If you want to buy a second-hand card, it is better to consider the flagship card of the previous generation. It is still recommended to use the N card. GTX980 or GTX970 can still be bought at around 1500 yuan! Gaming performance will not be much different than the RX580!

Of course, the better way is to pray for a huge mine disaster to come every day! Then all problems are solved!

㈦ Why should the “coin speculation” fever cool down?

Following the release of risk warnings to prevent disguised ICO (token issuance financing) activities in early January, recently, The China Internet Finance Association once again reminded that investors should recognize the risks of overseas ICOs and “virtual currency” trading platforms. Not only that, it is understood that my country will take regulatory measures against the websites of overseas virtual currency trading platforms, and the supervision of virtual currencies is still increasing.

On the one hand, Bitcoin’s “hot” has its objective reasons. Since Satoshi Nakamoto dug the first block of Bitcoin in 2009, Bitcoin has gradually entered the public eye, and it ushered in its “spring” in 2017. The characteristics of difficulty and limited acquisition make Bitcoin have exchange value among participants, and this scarcity also makes it a favored object of special groups and capital. However, due to the constraints of policy supervision, technological innovation and other uncertain factors, the phenomenon of Bitcoin price plummeting and soaring is very common. There has been a stage where the price soared more than 10,000 US dollars, and there was a time when it lost more than 1/4 of its market value in one day. It is these characteristics that make Bitcoin the “new favorite” of speculators.

㈧ Breaking the news: Jingdong graphics card refuses to be repaired and replaced after sale, is the graphics card considered as a futures?

It can be said that the price of graphics card has been rising rapidly recently. Because the graphics card has been targeted by many mine bosses to buy a graphics card, it doesn’t matter whether the graphics card is really perfect or not, it doesn’t matter, as long as it is a graphics card and it can be used normally, it doesn’t matter if there are some flaws, because after he buys it, there is no Intended for long term use.

It means that this graphics card has been mined for so long, and its performance will not be damaged. That is not the concern of other mine owners. The graphics card you can buy in the second-hand market is 80% of the total. The mine boss was eliminated, otherwise why such a good card is sold so cheaply mining is because the price of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin is rising all the way, mining is a method of brute force, but it requires a high-performance graphics card. Support, so many mine owners are now specializing in the acquisition of graphics cards in large quantities.

㈨ What does the mining boom mean

The mining boom means that the price of graphics cards that can mine virtual currency has skyrocketed due to the rise in the price of virtual currency. This kind of long-term full load, short life, non-stop operation at high load throughout the day. Moreover, using a mining card is easy to blur the screen, and because it has been overloaded, there is a hidden danger of burning.
Mining virtual currency is also called “mining”, mainly to obtain virtual currency such as Bitcoin or ETH. Since the mining efficiency of graphics card is much higher than that of CPU, mining mainly relies on graphics card for computing. The stronger it is, the higher the relative mining efficiency. Mining requires high computing power on graphics cards, and many mining machines require a large number of graphics cards in order to mine mines.

㈩ What is a mining boom? Why is the price of the graphics card going up when the mining boom comes?

Digital encryption tokens represented by bitcoin are calculated by computers. Force “calculation (decryption)”, commonly known as “mining”, where “mining” mainly relies on graphics cards, and of course there are special mining machines.

The mining tide is the trend of mining, which is essentially a period of digital currency price increase (or expected digital currency bull market), everyone will increase mining investment, buy more mining equipment, including graphics cards, The price of the graphics card will increase when the supply exceeds the supply. A few years ago, graphics cards were sold out of stock, and the mine owners stopped at the gate of the card manufacturers to collect graphics cards. Ordinary players could not buy graphics cards or buy graphics cards at twice the normal price.


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