Mining Cave in Mini World

❶ There are map seeds for diamond mines in the mini world

Mini world
Diamond mine map seeds

❷ How to use the hopper to transfer the things in the mini world mine to Ground

Mini world mines are teleported to the ground with a funnel. After the funnel is placed, it can be automatically connected to the surface of the container you clicked when placing it. It will suck the things you throw to the bottom of the funnel. If the funnel is placed At the bottom is the case, and stuff sucks into the case.

❸ Mini World: Mengxin hollows out stone mountains, builds top caves, what is the most valuable thing

Mengxin hollows out stones in the mini world Mountain, to build top-level caves, I think the most valuable thing is ore. And coal. These things have a lot of great use in this game.

This is what I think is the most valuable thing, and the way to build a house, you can use it slowly, or if you have any other suggestions, you can tell me .

❹ Mini World Diamond Mine Seed.

1. The seed code of the diamond map: erflqycwnz (note that it is case sensitive)

Seed introduction: The birth point is far from the mountains, red jungle wood, green oak is a beautiful word , not far away there are many flowers (roses, tulips), cattle, sheep and chickens. It is said that there are also many diamonds.

Diamonds are generally below the height of 13, and generally appear randomly, there is no fixed point, only To explore by ourselves, we can first find a place to dig down.

2. Map code: -ttgm (note: it is the symbol of digital addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

Map introduction: In the boundless sea, except for water, it is sand.

3. Map code: RL9GYJ76XG2DV1 (note that it is case sensitive)

Map introduction: an oasis in the desert, or a very beautiful red jungle tree… There are watermelons… There are many chickens .

4. Map code: erflqycwnz (note that it is case sensitive)

Map introduction: The birth point is far from the mountains, red jungle wood, green oak is a beautiful word, no There are many flowers (roses, tulips) far away…there are cattle, sheep and chickens…and it is said that there are many diamonds.

5. Map code: 111474

Map introduction: Born at the junction of grassland, snow, and mountains, there are many cattle and sheep, and many mines, including pumpkins, watermelons, penguins, There is magma on the ground.

6. Map code: 774CMK9AO

Map introduction: The terrain is very rich… There are deserts, oak forests, and grasslands near the birth point, and there are snow fields and icebergs to the south. In the distance, you will see the Ice Maiden (coordinates: 17, -139), and there are many animals.

(4) Extended reading of the mining hole in the mini world

How to go to heaven in the mini world

1. Switch to survival mode first and start the game.

2. Make a 4*5 hell gate with obsidian and flint, and dig some fluorite inside.

3. Use an iron block to make a bucket, hold some water, and turn it into a bucket. (Iron block: dig underground, use a stone pickaxe to dig the ore after seeing the iron ore, and then use the stone to make a furnace [the method of making the stone is the same as the method of digging the iron ore, but the stone should be dug with a wooden pickaxe]. Put the iron block into the furnace and bake it, and it’s done after baking.)

4. Make a gate of heaven with fluorite and a bucket and you’re done. (Heaven’s Gate and Hell’s Gate do the same thing. They use fluorite/obsidian to build a 4*5 rectangular frame, and then click on the rectangular frame with a bucket/flint.)

❺ Mini World, how to mine iron ore

Go underground to dig, and other ores

❻ Mini World Mine

No monsters will steal chests, I have been playing for a long time Never heard of it. There may be a problem with the archive, and there is magma next to it, which has been ignited.

❼ How to mine in “Mini World”

The picture below shows the 7 most basic ores in the mini world, as shown in the picture below, from left to right: Coal→Iron→Gold→Aquamarine→Malachite→Carbide→Diamond

❽ How to use the Mini World Perspective_How to find the mine in the Mini World Perspective

How to use the mini world perspective, I believe many friends want to know how to use the mini world perspective, let’s take a look~

How to use the mini world perspective

In the place where we were born, or other places, dig down 3 to 5 squares, not less than 2, and then dig 4 more sand, not too much, must be greater than or equal to 2. After digging the hole, put sand on the top of the head, but you must put sand on the third grid or above. After placing two pieces of sand, you can see the perspective. In perspective, the black place is the mine. , keep digging to that place, and you will find the mine. Note: In Survival Mode, using Perspective will result in half a grid of blood, and half a grid of blood will be lost, so generally don’t stay in Perspective for too long, otherwise you will die.

❾ How long does it take to dig a mining hole for survival in the mini world

Want to dig?As long as you dig for a long time, as long as you don’t starve to death, don’t enter the magma, and remember the way home, otherwise there will be no supply. . .

❿ How to open a prospecting hole in the mini world

Isn’t this simple? I happen to know that there is a link here, 12.8, 41.62, 14.2, in him You can download a perspective here


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