mining graphics card pair

(1) Is the biggest impact of the graphics card on mining related to the video memory?

Mining requires the double-precision computing power of the graphics card.
It has nothing to do with video memory.
AMD’s card tradition is to retain the ability to double-precision computing. No castration.
N card has been greatly castrated. Therefore, the computing power is not as good as that of the A card.

㈡ Does mining have high requirements for graphics cards? Is it possible for low-end graphics cards to be pulled for mining?

Mining has high requirements for computer graphics cards, and low-end graphics cards cannot be used , so it is impossible for low-end graphics cards to be used for mining.

㈢ Regarding the issue of mining, will mining damage the graphics card?

It is definitely harmful. First of all, only A card can be used for mining, and N card mining is automatic. Finding boring
Secondly, mining requires the computer to be running all the time to do calculations and cannot be turned off, which requires a lot of computers. It is harmful for each component to do a lot of calculations for a long time, and it also requires high power supply for the computer.
Mining cannot be powered off, and needs to be recalculated after power off. Doing a lot of calculations on the graphics card for a long time will greatly shorten the life of the graphics card, so it is not recommended to do mining at home. h2>

It will accelerate the aging of the graphics card.

In order to make money from mining, basically the graphics card is 7×24 hours of uninterrupted full-load operation. Some people will overclock the graphics card in order to make more money. Generally, the home game graphics card is not for this kind of work. It is designed for the use environment. Long-term full-load operation will cause the graphics card to accelerate aging. Generally, the lifespan of the graphics card used for mining for half a year is greater than that of the average player who uses it for 3 years. Therefore, major brands generally do not guarantee the quality of the mining card. strict restrictions.

(4) Extended reading of mining graphics cards:

The principle of computer mining:

From the essence of Bitcoin, the essence of Bitcoin is actually a special solution generated by a bunch of complex algorithms. A particular solution is a set of finite solutions to a system of equations. Each particular solution solves the equation and is unique. In the analogy of banknotes, Bitcoin is the serial number of a banknote. If you know the serial number on a banknote, you will have the banknote.

The process of mining is to continuously seek the special solution of this equation system through a huge amount of calculation. This equation system is designed to have only 21 million special solutions, so the upper limit of Bitcoin is 2100 Thousands.

To mine bitcoins, you can download a special bitcoin computing tool, then register with various cooperative websites, fill in the registered user name and password into the calculation program, and then click the calculation to officially start. After completing the installation of the Bitcoin client, you can directly obtain a Bitcoin address. When someone pays, you only need to paste the address to others, and you can pay through the same client.

After the Bitcoin client is installed, it will be assigned a private key and a public key. You need to back up your wallet data containing the private key to ensure that your property is not lost. In the unfortunate event that the hard drive is completely formatted, personal bitcoins will be completely lost.

㈤ Does the graphics card have any impact on future use?

Mining is hard work, mining is 24 hours of non-stop full-load high-temperature work, and graphics cards are heavy Using it, it is easy to die from overwork, that is, after taking over, the graphics card is heavily used in the early stage, and the electronic components are prone to aging and premature aging, and their lifespan is shortened.
After taking over, do not use overclocking, pay attention to the temperature, check whether the fan speed is normal, if the full load is too high, replace the fan or radiator, and the rated power of the power supply is sufficient, these can improve the life of the mining graphics card

㈥How to mine to reduce the loss of the graphics card

1 Do not fully load, it can lower the working power consumption of the graphics card, while reducing the performance appropriately, reduce the power consumption and heat generation, generally it can be pulled to the rated power 80-85% of consumption

2 Enhance heat dissipation, change silicone grease in time to clean up dust, in summer the room temperature exceeds 30 degrees, it is best to turn on the air conditioner

3 Take proper rest

4 Choose a high-quality power supply to ensure a stable power supply

㈦ Does mining damage the graphics card?

It can be said that the damage is very large. has also issued graphics cards that are not included in the 7-day unreasonable return policy, because the graphics card will generate more heat under long-term, continuous high-load/full-load load conditions when mining, plus the restrictions on heat dissipation conditions. This results in a higher working temperature environment than [normal use], which in turn leads to a shortened working life of the equipment.

㈧ Damage to graphics card caused by mining

Factors to pay attention to:

1. Price

You may know that encryption Mining is quite expensive because it requires a lot of resources. The consumption of electricity is huge, and as everyone joins, the difficulty of mining will also rise, which means that a lot of computing is required.force.

As the cost increases, you should keep in mind that the GPU price for mining should be one of your first considerations.

Nowadays, most mining rigs are created with several GPUs to be able to make more (network) contributions and earn more money (tokens). The cost per GPU can vary, depending on how much you’re willing and able to spend, but you can expect anywhere from $150 to $1,300 per GPU.

Your best bet is to buy those moderately priced graphics cards. This way, you won’t pay too much, but still get a decent product that’s worth your time mining.

2. Power consumption

As mentioned earlier, power consumption is a big problem. The greater the power consumption, the greater the heat generated during the mining process. But both of these issues are manageable as long as high wattage GPUs are not used.

If you don’t want to deal with these issues, opt for a low- or medium-wattage GPU, or spend the extra money for advanced cooling technology. However, you should keep in mind that this will mean that your hash rate will be lower and therefore your profits will not be as high.

3. Hash rate

When we are talking about hash rate, this is also an important factor, it is the execution speed of GPU, or mining determined by speed. The type of GPU you are using, and the algorithm the token utilizes are also important factors.

So, if you don’t have a specific coin, probably the best thing to do is to buy a GPU with a more comprehensive hash rate, so that it can play a role in a wider range of hashing algorithms.

In this way, you are not limited to mining one coin, but have the opportunity to mine another coin.

4. Warranty

Warranty is also something you should pay attention to. To be clear, though, mining doesn’t hurt your GPU any more than gaming or some other high-performance task.

However, as long as you choose to mine, your GPU must perform under constant load, so to be safe, it is recommended to buy a warranty of about 2 years. After all, if something goes wrong, the money is wasted.

5. Overclocking performance

Overclocking is also something you need to look into, as many GPUs can be tuned to perform faster, sometimes 20-30% faster.

This can make the graphics card more efficient and help you make more contributions when solving each block, thereby ensuring more loot. With this in mind, it depends on the overclocking performance of the GPU, and when pushed to the limit, it is necessary to choose the one that can do better.

Of course, there are other smaller factors that can affect your performance as a miner, but these are the main ones to be aware of.

㈨ That kind of mining requires low graphics card

If you mine Bitcoin, I suggest adding four HIS HD7970 black hole overclocking version to X79 motherboard

First of all HIS7970 adopts innovative black hole cooling technology, which is especially suitable for multi-card firefighting.
Another point is that N card is not recommended. The mining efficiency of A card is much greater than that of N card.
I suggest you use I7 3970 for the CPU and 1500W for the power supply.
According to this efficiency, you probably need to dig for two and a half years before you can make a return.


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