Mining is starting

⑴My bitcoin mining machine is always connecting. Why is it

I try to change the mining pool. It should be that there is a problem with the mining pool you are in, and I don’t know your machine’s status now. Computing power, the current calculation difficulty is more than 900 million. If your machine’s computing power is lower than 20G, it is normal that you cannot enter the mining pool. If it is a graphics card machine, it is even more normal.

2 How to solve GUIminer “cannot start mining due to incorrect application configuration”

Cause analysis:
Combining the information on the Internet, most of them are the following three Reason:
One of the reasons for this problem: the guiminer program is incomplete, please download the green and pure version again.
The second reason for this problem: Your computer’s Windows Installer service is not turned on.
The solution is to open the Control Panel→Administration→Services, open the Windows Installer service, set it to automatic, and then restart the computer.
The third reason for this problem: The runtime library of Visual Studio is not installed on your computer.
This application is developed with Visual Studio 2005 and above, and it depends on the corresponding runtime library, which is not installed on your computer. (For the application developed by VC6 or VS2003, if the library file is missing, it will prompt the lack of “**.dll”, but for VS2005 or VS2008, it will only prompt “Because the application configuration is incorrect…”.)
The solution is not to reinstall the application, let alone reinstall the system, but to install the corresponding runtime library (Microsoft Visual C++ 20** Redistributable Package, namely vcredist_x86.exe.
★ Distinguish which VS program your program is. Version development is indeed a bit difficult, and even some software is developed in multiple versions, then install various vcredist_x86.exe, they are compatible with each other, and can solve similar problems of most software on your computer. (2005 and 2008 “Add/Remove Programs” will be displayed as shown in Figure 5).
★In the following, “20**” represents “2005” or “2008” or “2009” or “2010”.
The required installation package
Only one file – vcredist_x86.exe downloaded from the Microsoft official website download center
Open the Control Panel→Administrative Tools→Services, if the Windows Installer service is not enabled, then Set it to automatic, then restart the computer. If the problem is not solved, continue.
You can preliminarily determine which version of VS your program is developed.
(Open the directory where the application is located, and search for mfc or If there is a file starting with msvc, please check its file version to know the VC version. Please see the figure below, 8 means developed by VC8.0, 9 means developed by VC9.0)
The VC version of VS2003 is VC. 1. The VC version of
VS2005 is vc8.0, and the VC version of VS2008 is vC9.0.
Check whether Microsoft Visual is installed on the machine in “Add/Remove Programs” in the control panel C++ 20** Redistributable Package.
If you do not have the Microsoft Visual C++ 20** Redistributable in the image above, continue.
Download the Microsoft Visual C++ 20** Redistributable Package from the Microsoft Download Center. The file has 32 There are also 64-bit (X86) and 64-bit (X64). The download address is as follows.
Double-click to run the downloaded vcredist_x86.exe, which will automatically install Microsoft Visual C++ 20** Redistributable P ackage
Check whether there is this item in “Add/Remove Programs”
If there is this item, it means the installation is successful. Then open your application, if no error is reported, the problem is solved.
If it has not been resolved, there is still a lot of information available on the Internet.

⑶ Why does the Bitcoin mining machine GUIminer keep showing “starting” when logging in, how to solve it, thank you

⑷ Bitcoin mining Question

Need to download the appropriate graphics card driver and subsidy plug-in

⑸ Why is the mining software closed when you open it?

First of all, only A card can be used for mining, N-card mining is self-inflicted and boring.
Secondly, mining requires the computer to run all the time to do calculations and cannot be turned off, which requires a lot of computers. It is harmful for each component to do a lot of calculations for a long time, and it also requires high power supply for the computer.
Mining cannot be powered off, and needs to be recalculated after power off. If the graphics card does a lot of calculations for a long time, the life of the graphics card will be greatly shortened. Therefore, it is not recommended to do mining at home. The mining is not as expensive as the electricity bill.

⑹ Bitcoin mining, why does it always display “connecting” It is certain that the user name and password are no problem, and the graphics card is ATI HD4330.

If you see the above server, don’t choose the wrong one. Even if some servers are selected correctly, there are too few servers facing Asia.

⑺ Why does BTD computer mining keep showing in startup

Why does computer mining keep showing up in startup?
This situation may be caused by poor network.
You can try to restoreFactory settings or reboot the device.
See if it can be resolved.

⑻ What’s the matter with the computer mining being started all the time

The computer mining has been started all the time, which means his network is restricted, you haven’t opened the software of that ladder, you If you can’t log in normally, it will show that it is always starting

⑼ What if the kernel of “Easy Mining” keeps restarting repeatedly

The reason why the kernel of Easy Miner keeps restarting is because your graphics card capacity is not enough , you need to increase the graphics card.

The kernel keeps restarting after starting mining Reason: maybe the additional parameters of advanced settings are wrong; maybe the graphics card does not support the currency; maybe the virtual memory is not enough; maybe the kernel selection is wrong; maybe the kernel file Deleted as a virus.

Usually, mining can start after setting enough virtual memory. New users don’t need to care too much about advanced parameters, so as not to get dizzy.

Restart the computer regularly, and restart the computer at the set time. 0 means restart the computer from time to time, unit: hour.

If the total computing power is lower than the set value for more than 3 minutes, restart the computer, 0 means no restart (this parameter is objectionable, and the setting should be cautious).

Easy Miner

Easy Miner is a very powerful computer mining software. In mining, users can use the software to select the currency they want to mine for depth calculation, and users can choose single mining or establish a mining farm.

This software can release 100% of the mining performance of the user’s hardware, greatly improving the user’s mining efficiency, and this software has a very low percentage of water pumping, which can greatly protect the user’s mining income.

⑽ Why can’t mine bitcoins? Today at noon, it’s ok. The mining program has been running since ten o’clock. After retrying many times, only one of the fish ponds shows me

It may be that the computing power is not as good as others, and they have been poached by others. Bitcoin has gone through several stages of computer CPU mining -> computer graphics card mining -> professional mining machine mining. Now ordinary computer mining is more difficult, unless you invest in special mining equipment. But it doesn’t come. Nowadays, mining is relatively specialized, as is the flow of ore. Professional mining machines are definitely better. However, if there is a cache, ordinary mining machines with flow ores can still dig.


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